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Viha Digital Commerce

VDC is a full-service ECommerce and Web development agency(Over 8+ years of excellence with 1800+ projects) that provides value-added services at affordable rates for Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify & WordPress development. We are known as one of the pioneering ECommerce solutions as well as digital marketing service provider in India. We provide online marketing services including SEO, PPC & SMM in the worldwide. Our client base is spread across multiple regions including Europe, North America and Australia. We provide highly-demanded, performance-oriented Magento extensions and many other software products to different industries.

How to Hire a Magento Developer from an Agency? Magento is equipped with powerful features that enable merchants to create profitable and personalized online stores.

How to Hire a Magento Developer from an Agency?

It is popular because it is open-source and highly flexible in terms of functionalities, features, plans, and architecture. Magento merchants can benefit from specialized agencies’ assistance in developing and managing their Magento eCommerce store. How to hire a Magento Certified developer? Magento is an open-source platform for building online stores that have larger SKU numbers and expect huge traffic.

How to hire a Magento Certified developer?

Magento platform is the one-stop solution for eCommerce websites. But Magento store is quite difficult to manage without experts help. How to Hire a Dedicated Magento Developer? Magento is a complex platform and so if it is not managed efficiently, then it can result in a disaster.

How to Hire a Dedicated Magento Developer?

So highly skilled Magento developers are required to manage the platform in an efficient manner. Dedicated Magento 2 developers are highly skilled, and when you hire them, they take complete responsibility for the development process. This will allow you to focus on other important business activities such as branding, promotions, marketing, and so on. How to improve Magento Performance with Cloudways? If managed properly, the Magento platform is the best eCommerce platform.

How to improve Magento Performance with Cloudways?

To Speed Up the Magento store, you will need to choose good hosting services for your Magento store.Decisions on hosting solutions can make or break your Magento eCommerce store. As a result, it is critical to proceed with caution when selecting hosting solutions. Your e-commerce store’s success or failure is determined by the hosting services you choose. Due to inadequate hosting services, many eCommerce websites are unable to meet the demands of their visitors. As a result, the store’s revenue and brand reputation suffer.

How to improve your Magento 2 store performance by using Fastly? Fastly is a content delivery network (CDN).

How to improve your Magento 2 store performance by using Fastly?

It assists you in the transmission of your content to your end-users in an efficient manner by automatically storing copies at intermediate locations on a temporary basis. “Fastly delivers its CDN service from key access points to the internet called “points of presence” (POPs). When end users request your content objects, Fastly delivers them from whichever of the cache locations are closest to each end-user. Key Features of Fastly: Fast Content DeliveryReverse ProxyingReliable & Fast CDN30 POP( Point Of Presence) Around the worldProgrammatic ControlReal-Time ObservabilityBuild-in Security.

Best CDN Providers For Magento 2 Store. The Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a solution that improves website performance by bringing content closer to users.

Best CDN Providers For Magento 2 Store

This way, it reduces stress on the site’s server and thereby reduces the bounce rate of the Magento store. The global server system also aids in up-surging the SEO rankings by increasing the page load speed of the e-commerce website. CDN is responsible for backing up the copy of the static content of the website, such as CSS, Javascript, images, font text, and so on, and then distributing it to the servers (called POP-Points of presence). Despite the fact that the on-premises version of Magento does not include CDN integration, you can use any CDN of your choice. A content delivery network (CDN) is an efficient way to speed up your Magento Store. Creative marketing ideas for November, 2021.

Do you aspire to connect with your customers this November?

Creative marketing ideas for November, 2021

If yes, then here are some creative marketing ideas to increase the brand loyalty of your business. Get the creative spark to connect with your customers in meaningful ways this November.Show Gratitude to shoppersContent MarketingStart marketing your business beforehand:Offer Free rewardsEmbrace Email MarketingSocial Media Marketing Show Gratitude To your Customers: Speed Up Magento 2 with ImageEngine CDN. An image CDN reduces image payload, delivers images tailored specifically to each requesting device, and sends images instantly from the network’s edge.

Speed Up Magento 2 with ImageEngine CDN

The three most important advantages of Image Engine are as follows:Speed Up Magento website by reducing WebPageloading timeImproved SEO RankingsEnhanced User Experience Global Image Content Delivery Network(CDN) ImageEngine has transformed the CDN industry by developing a smarter image CDN. ImageEngine operates a global image content delivery network (CDN) that extends to 18 different regions. ImageEngine’s containerized device-aware edge servers from a network within these regions rapidly expand to meet the needs of the Magento Merchants. How to Speed Up Magento Store with Sucuri CDN. Almost all Magento store owners are concerned about their store’s performance.

How to Speed Up Magento Store with Sucuri CDN

According to Akamai research, 64% of dissatisfied online customers are less likely to buy from or return to a slow eCommerce store. As a result, every Magento store owner must optimize their Magento store. Using sucuri CDN is one of the most important ways to improve Magento store speed and performance. Sucuri CDN is configured using several techniques that will assist you in developing a Fast Magento Store. It allows you to provide a better user experience to your visitors by loading the content in the blink of an eye. How Viha Digital Commerce Leads Amongst the Top-Notch Ecommerce Development Firms: GoodFirms. Viha Digital Commerce is a leading Indian information and communication technology company that offers a full range of e-commerce products, store development, and online solutions.

How Viha Digital Commerce Leads Amongst the Top-Notch Ecommerce Development Firms: GoodFirms

The team has more than 25 consultants in customer support in more than 25 countries. The company uses their experience and years of data collected to shape the future of retail medium and enterprise business by helping them adopt ICT and sell more. Due to their excellent services, more than 75% of their clients have repeatedly hired them for ongoing work and dedicated development. How does AWS CloudFront help in Speed Optimization of Magento Store? AWS CloudFront is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) that accelerates the delivery of dynamic and static web content such as.html,.css,.js, and image files to Magento 2 Store users. CloudFront makes use of edge locations to deliver content to the users with lower latency (time delay). As content is delivered with the best possible performance by utilizing AWS Cloud front, this may help you with the Speed and Performance Optimization of your store.

How Cloudflare CDN helps in Speed Optimization of Magento store? Cloudflare is a content service provider that speeds up the Magento 2 store. It protects your store from a variety of harmful bots by preventing them from “hitting” the server. This prevents traffic and resource loss on the server, resulting in improved performance. CDN technology is used by Cloudflare, which is a geographically distributed network infrastructure that allows you to distribute content to Internet users. When a website uses Cloudflare, its traffic is redirected through the intelligent global service network, where the delivery time is optimized so that visitors can quickly reach the desired web page. Check out the diagram below to see how the website works with and without Cloudflare: How to Speed Up a Magento 2 Store with KeyCDN? What is KeyCDN? KeyCDN is a high-performance content delivery network built-in with efficient features.

It takes a few minutes to start delivering content to your users at breakneck speed. How to Choose the Best Payment Gateway for your Magento Store? What is a payment gateway? An e-commerce payment gateway is a merchant service that accepts credit card payments using an online store’s existing software. It assists in the direct processing of transactions from e-commerce enterprises or online storefronts to payment processors, who then receive money from clients.

The payment gateway can be given by the bank to its customers, or it can be provided independently by certified financial service providers. How are eCommerce SEO Services Important for your Magento Store? Your website in order to increase organic visibility for specific search queries. SEO strives to boost the quality and quantity of visitors to your website by implementing onsite improvements. According to experts, good optimization is as much about meeting the demands of customers as it is about following the guidelines and best practices of search engines like Google and Bing. The essence of good eCommerce SEO Services is anticipating client intent, recognizing the type of content they want to view, and offering the best solutions. The ability to combine technical and strategic factors is crucial for any eCommerce store. SEO Is A Long-term Marketing Strategy. Magento 2.4.3 Release & Magento Latest Version updates.

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