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VDC is a full-service ECommerce and Web development agency(Over 8+ years of excellence with 1800+ projects) that provides value-added services at affordable rates for Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify & WordPress development. We are known as one of the pioneering ECommerce solutions as well as digital marketing service provider in India. We provide online marketing services including SEO, PPC & SMM in the worldwide. Our client base is spread across multiple regions including Europe, North America and Australia. We provide highly-demanded, performance-oriented Magento extensions and many other software products to different industries.

Everything on Magento Multiple Language Store, Commerce Cloud and Pricing. Having a multiple language online store is inevitable for international companies and domestic companies who don’t want to limit themselves.

Everything on Magento Multiple Language Store, Commerce Cloud and Pricing

Are you planning to create a multilingual store? Resort to Magento store for advance and easy to maintain the multi-language website.The most common barrier in communication is the language barrier. Humans have evolved and developed languages to transfer ideas, thoughts, information, emotions with each other. The primary means of communication is a language that can be verbal or non-verbal. Just imagine a world without languages- How will you even try to communicate? In this article, a complete step-by-step guide for developing multiple language stores on Magento with images is provided. Let us plunge into the tips, methods, steps, and procedures to develop multiple languages in Magento. Do You Run a Small Magento Store? Must Think For SEO Marketing. Choosing out of the available Magento Checklist is a brainstorming task that needs smart decision-making attributes.

Do You Run a Small Magento Store? Must Think For SEO Marketing

Inclusions and features available in the Magento eCommerce packages of your online store widely impact the user experience of your customer and conversion rates. While selecting Magento development packages, one needs to consider the requirements of the eCommerce website. User-experience is one of the fundamental factors that impact the success of any business. To provide an extraordinary online shopping experience to the customers, the store owner needs to customize the website with customer-friendly tools, features, and content. In this age of cutthroat business competition, customers have multiple options and choices at a fingertip or single click.

For having an admirable SEO ranking, online store owners need to have an effective SEO marketing strategy and implementation. Magento packages are drafted, keeping the requirements of the business size and model. Grow Business with Magento Enterprise Customer Segmentation Tool. Thousands of customers visit an online store to buy, to check out the products or offers available, or may visit the eCommerce website for any other reason.

Grow Business with Magento Enterprise Customer Segmentation Tool

Understanding the customer shopping behaviour and shopping psychology of customers is very much crucial for any business whether it’s B2C or B2B or any other business model. Customer segmentation divides the customer base into groups based on similarities among them and enables merchants to target specific segments of products to specific audiences.

Magento Enterprise : 2021 Credit Investment For eCommerce Industries. The e-commerce business is flourishing and flowering all over the globe day by day at an unprecedented pace.

Magento Enterprise : 2021 Credit Investment For eCommerce Industries

Business operations that were taking place before this covid-19 pandemic and the business amid and after a covid-19 pandemic are different and we can assume more drastic changes. The business strategy for the eCommerce industry for 2021 will need some or many technical and marketing modifications for business operations, marketing, and customer’s approach.As more and more eCommerce platforms are resorting to Magento enterprise for developing their online stores to maximize their conversations, revenue generations and leveraging exclusive technological aspects and functionality of Magento enterprise edition to enhance the online shopping experience of the users.

The question that needs to get addressed here is how Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento cloud hosting can play a significant role in planning and blueprinting eCommerce industry strategies for 2021. Full Page Caching. Magento Packages for ECommerce Development □ Easy Pricing □ If you are looking out for affordable Magento packages for you ecommerce store, then look no-where other than Viha Digital Commerce.

Magento Packages for ECommerce Development □ Easy Pricing □

We not only offer packages at affordable Magento pricing but also ensure that it helps your business grow and sustain. We use relevant keywords to help you target your audience. We create best SEO strategies that let your brand gain online visibility and increase sales. We carry out a quality check on each and every section of your website before we handover you the enhanced and SEO friendly website so that it is found on measure search engines. We utilize latest techniques that are tried and tested by our expert team of developers. Email Discount Offer to Customer for Abandoned Cart in Magento 2. There is a famous quote about the prospects in business that says, “sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman-not the attitude of the prospect”.

Email Discount Offer to Customer for Abandoned Cart in Magento 2

E-commerce platforms are becoming a favorite shopping destination for customers. Online stores are providing a very impressive shopping experience to the customers with their wide range of products, discounts, and many other aspects to lure customers. In Case of Add to Cart Button not working we have previously share some solution and note for – How to fix not working Add To Cart Button in Magento 2? As per the statistics and research, customers that tend to do shopping on an e-commerce platform often add products to the cart, they are willing to buy but don’t place an order. 3 out of 4 customers exit the online store without making payment after adding items to the cart. The cart with such added products is called an abandoned cart. Extensive guide to build Responsive Magento Website. Learning Magento Coding Standard in Detail. Here you need to allot HTML helper classes in your JavaScript to change the presentation layer It needs an underscore symbol to be used in the beginning and should be included in the lowercase.

Learning Magento Coding Standard in Detail

Also, to include repeatedly appearing markup into the DOM structure, you need to utilize jQuery templates – Reduces long-term maintenance efforts by having styles stored in one place.– Makes debugging easy thereby reducing the count of files that needs modification.– It makes the styles extensible and simpler to override when required. In PHP classes, avoid using hard-code inline JavaScript – Decreases the efforts needed for long term maintenance by keeping frontend business logic saved simply at one place.– Decreases the count of files that needs modification. You must not hard-code HTML markup (used in the tag) in PHP classes – Reduces long-term maintenance efforts by having markup stored in one place.– Reduces the number of files to be modified.

The standard for PHP coding. What is the Right Time for Magento Migration? Is your website operating on Magento 1 or it is operating on Magento 2?

What is the Right Time for Magento Migration?

In case your website is still running on Magento 1 then you may plan to migrate to Magento 2. Remember, according to the official announcement of Adobe, it is going to discontinue Magento 1 support by June 2020. Once this happens your online store will be at risk for the following – Performance issues– Security violations– Module updates because you maintain it individually. How to fix not working Add To Cart button in Magento 2. Customers are the king of the business.

How to fix not working Add To Cart button in Magento 2

Kings should be treated with the utmost care. If you are in the eCommerce industry selling your products at effective rates in this competitive market, you are going to fetch the customers. Online shopping trend has been increased nowadays. People have become smart with technology and even smarter with shopping. Experience Amazing New Features. Magento 2.3.3: Dive deep to know more!! Magento is rolling out updates frequently and the latest from the frequently innovating eCommerce platform is its Magento 2.3.3. On Oct 8th, Magento announced the new version, Magento 2.3.3 with full release notes being published on the same day and bringing with its numerous significant platform upgrades and functional fixes.

With the release of Magento 2.3.3, Magento allowed its users for the new changes in security as well as performance. New and best updates are introduced. Increase Your Business for Online Stores This Halloween. Halloween is the festival that is celebrated each year on October 31st.

Increase Your Business for Online Stores This Halloween

It originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. The evening before was known as All Hallows Eve, and later is known as Halloween. Halloween began as the festival of Samhain. It was part of the ancient Celtic religion in Britain and other parts of Europe. Best Localization Practices for Magento Multi-Language Websites.

A multi-country E-commerce portal enables the customers to make their site with different languages as well as acceptable in different countries. It leads to an increase in reach and revenue. Magento store for different countries is highly recommended as it is been observed that the buyers are 4 times more likely to buy a product from a site that they can understand in their own language. Magento store for USA, UK, Canada, Australia is made to increase the market growth as well as boosting the sales which require a large database of customers.

The website shows different products, services as well as different content, a customer will likely to stay if the website is easier to understand. Different groups of people have different database, different choices, different preferences as well as different payment methods. Understand How Shopify Works and its Different Features. According to Wikipedia, Shopify was founded in 2004 by Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake. Deciding to build your own online store? Shopify is the best eCommerce platform with all the needed functionalities which allow you to start and grow your business. With the Shopify store development, you can sell anything at your desired cost. Detail Guide to What exactly is Magento. Magento is the most scalable, flexible as well as highly-customizable eCommerce platform. It is an open-source PHP based eCommerce platform. There are a lot of eCommerce platforms available to build an online store, but Magento is at the top.

It allows its users with all the needed new features as well as functionalities. Magento Community or Enterprise Edition - Which is Best? E-commerce owners have to decide a lot of things when it comes to creating an online store for their business. From start to end they have to select the best from the available alternatives. Magento is the most scalable as well as highly customizable platform available nowadays. It is a feature-rich platform. Magento eCommerce development requires a lot of features as well as functionalities. Magento also offers solutions to B2B and B2C businesses of all sizes. The Perfect Strategies for Magento Webshop Development. Experience Magento for Automotive Industry – Ecommerce Store Development & SEO Marketing Agency.

Experience Magento for Automotive Industry. Be Aware of Cybercrime And Make Your ECommerce Website Secure. Most of the trusted E-commerce websites are using Magento platforms. This is a widely used platform and so the cheaters, as well as hackers, are having a keen eye on the websites using Magento. Setting up a website is very easy while maintaining the same by keeping it safe is difficult. Which One Should You Choose? Magento or Shopify? One Stop eCommerce Store Success & Marketing Solution.

Magento is Best Platform for Fashion Clothing Store Development. In this growing world, everything is getting a new form. Magento is Best Platform for Fashion Clothing Store Development. How to Manage Remote Team to Work on Magento Store Development Project? Earlier it was really difficult to hire and co-ordinate with a remote team with no timely interaction.Earlier the only medium for communication was through emails and calls. Nowadays, there is a variety of communication ways to co-ordinate and you can easily get in touch with anyone.You can connect through chat, video calls, social media, WhatsApp, emails, etc which help you interact with the remote team you hire to work on your Magento store development project.

With the help of cloud medium, you can easily share the project-related files with the remote development team and they too can share their files with you. Best Magento Themes for your Ecommerce Store. Boost the Performance of your Ecommerce store by Magento Web Hosting. Magento Pricing for Successful eCommerce Store - How Much Cost? After you plan to start your new eCommerce business online, there are different cost factors that you need to take care of. For example, establishing a perfect supply chain, picking genuine contractors, partners, planning product array, setting up excellent delivery service, etc. Adobe Launches Amazon and Google integrations to Magento. Should I hire a Magento Freelancer or a Development Company? Magento the Perfect eCommerce Platform for all Companies.

How SEO Services Can Help Your Online E-Commerce Business? Why Do You Need to Upgrade Your Magento online Store to The Higher Version? Fast Magento 2 Cloud Hosting Setup. Why Magento Cloud Commerce is a Good Option for eCommerce Business? Pay Per Click(PPC) Management Services Company. Magento Packages for ECommerce Development. How to create a Magento eCommerce Store at an Affordable Rate? Magento Order Management System. Magento Speed Optimization. Using Shopify for Wholesale can help you Sell Products. Crucial eCommerce Trends a Marketing Solution for Growth. Shopify App Development Company. What are the best SEO Practices for Leads & Conversions? 2020 End of Magento 1 Support. Enhance Speed of your Magento 2 Store on Mobile Devices. WordPress 5.0 a Power Packed CMS Editor, Theme & Features.

Experience Amazing New Features. Why We are Favoured Ecommerce Web Development Service Provider? Grab Market for Your Online Business Store with PrestaShop. What to Expect From Custom WordPress Plugin Development Company. Hire Dedicated Shopify Developers for E-Commerce Website. Best PrestaShop E-Commerce Store Development. How to Increase eCommerce Revenue with Affordable SEO? WordPress Development Company. Top 2018 E-Commerce Treands. WordPress Woocommerce Store for Designer Outfits Boutique. Magento 2 Theme Development Company - Cutomization Service. Magento Store Migration Company. Magento Extension Development Company. Shopify eCommerce Store for Beauty & Personal Care Products. PSD to Magento Conversion Services. Explore PrestaShop 1.7 Latest Version for eCommerce Store. Magento Customization Services to Customize Your Store. Dedicated PrestaShop Experts. Why hype over Gutenberg a WordPress Editor? Shopify Web Developers for Ecommerce. Magento 2 Web Development Company.

Updated and Upgraded Magento 2.1.14 Features for Commerce & OpenSource. GDPR Considerations for Keeping or Sharing Customer Data.

5 Ways To Handle Wholesale Store using Shopify eCommerce Website

7 SEO Tips to Increase Guests Booking and Revenue for Hotel/Resort Business. Importance of website for health and medical wellness business. Hire WordPress Developers India. Google Employs Engineering Team to Speed Up the Development of WordPress Ecosystem. Hire Dedicated Magento Developers India. Professional eCommerce, CMS Web Development Company. How to Update Your Store in Magento 2 Latest Version.

Magento Speed Optimization to improve Website Loading Performance.