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Parenting Workshops in Mumbai India| Parents workshops in Thane Vashi Parenting Skills Workshops for Parents in Mumbai Thane Vashi. Workshops for Parents in Malad Kandivali Borivali Andheri Dadar Mulund Ghatkopar Bhayendar Dahisar Vasai.

Advertising Agencies Mumbai Thane. Parenting Education Classes Mumbai. More than often we may hear parents around us, saying to their children, “Why don’t you ever listen to me?”

Parenting Education Classes Mumbai

“Don’t talk to me that way!” “How many times do I have to tell you to…” “Do exactly as I say, right now. No excuses and no arguments!” “I am fed up with you!” Or we may often hear parents complaining about their children, I always have to be behind my child to make him do things on time. As parents we shower our children with all our love, care and affection. Rearing and caring for children can be tough because most of the times parents, teachers or caregivers are unprepared or untrained. You may also be one such parent, having your share of complaints and despairs. Wondering about what else to do? Look no further, as we can provide immense help! We, at Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES), with our years of experience in child care and education, realized that parenting and teaching children is a little more than just loving, caring, protecting and providing for them.

Come, join VES! Positive Parenting Courses Mumbai India. Parenting Skills Workshops Mumbai India. Parenting Workhop Contents: The parenting workshop ‘How to make your children listen to you?’

Parenting Skills Workshops Mumbai India

From Vidhyanidhi Education Society consists of 2 separate exhaustive sessions. Each session will train parents, teachers and caregivers in ‘skills’ on different relevant aspects concerned with effective parenting, teaching and caregiving. Here’s a snapshot of the aspects that will be covered in each of the sessions: Session 1 TOPIC I - Helping children identify and cope with their emotions. Find out how to help children identify and deal with their negative feelings like unhappiness, jealousy, frustration, dislike, anger etc., restrict unacceptable behaviour while preserving goodwill.TOPIC II - Getting children to cooperate willingly Find out how to avoid threatening, warning, ordering, name-calling, mocking, lecturing etc. Get children to cooperate willingly while leaving them and yourself feeling good about each other. Session 2 TOPIC I - Ways to substitute punishment. Child Parenting Skills Classes Mumbai. About Us Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES) is a Govt.

Child Parenting Skills Classes Mumbai

Regd. Institute under the Societies' Registration Act, 1860 and Public Trust Act, 1950. It is one of the most renowned institutions in the field of education and training. We have been successfully conducting various Teacher's Training Diploma Programmes for almost two decades. Parenting workshop 'How to make your children listen to you? ' Here are a few features about us which will make it evident as to why we are the best to train with: We are proud to possess the most committed team of experienced psychologist, educationalists, trainers and counsellors as our course content compilers and faculty members.

Our Belief. Parenting Skills Courses Vashi Thane. Salient Features Of The Workshop We all know that there are lots of parenting tips, techniques and suggestions readily available these days from different sources.

Parenting Skills Courses Vashi Thane

Many a time we as parents and teachers get confused, and may not be able to decide the difference between parenting advice that may be helpful and that may not be helpful.How do we know and understand what parenting techniques would be best for our children and us? Which tips or suggestions should we follow?

What do we take into account before we decide to join a parenting programme or workshop? We, at Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES), understand the confusion that you may be facing. We may wonder as to why one should choose to join the parenting workshop from Vidhyanidhi Education Society over everything else. The parenting workshop ‘How to make your children listen to you?’ Here we take an opportunity to spell out all the salient features of this one-of-its-kind parenting workshop.

Positive Parenting Program Mumbai India. Reema Raut says, “Excellent content, superbly conducted, thoroughly enjoyable workshop.

Positive Parenting Program Mumbai India

Not just lecture, it is far more interactive and participative than what I had thought. I have already recommended this workshop to the parents of my daughter’s classmates during the recent meet in her school. Thank you for everything.” Yash and Avanti Agnihotri parents of 5-year-old Aayush, tell us, “We had a great time.

Parenting Skills Workshops Mumbai India| Parent Workshop Thane V

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