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VidyaGuru- Top Government Exams Coaching Center. The banking sector in India has grown rapidly in a few decades and has become a major job provider sector.

VidyaGuru- Top Government Exams Coaching Center

It is also expected to see a major growth in the years to come. The State Bank of India itself provides jobs to about 2.22 lakh people in India. Apart from that there are numerous other public and private sector banks that employ a large number of people. To recruit the people, different banks conduct different examinations out of which SBI PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS SO, IBPS RRB, and RBI are the major ones. In order to get a job in a bank you need to qualify the test. Know about the nature of the exams:Knowing about the nature of the exams is quite essential. Choose the right materials to study from:The right materials are a necessity to choose to study. Practice a lot:Bank examinations require you to have a proper knowledge of the topics as accuracy matters the most in these cases.

Like this: Like Loading... Govt Job Exam Coaching Center» Blog Archive » Amazing Perks to Consider as an SBI PO. Who doesn’t want a job that assured not only a decent pay but also security.

Govt Job Exam Coaching Center» Blog Archive » Amazing Perks to Consider as an SBI PO

Choosing to work with a public sector is a great option as it not only ticks both these boxes, but offers a whole lot more. A very lucrative position in a bank is that of a probationary officer(PO).The State Bank of India(SBI) is one such prestigious bank that hires people on the post of Probationary Officer every year. How to Get Hired as an SBI Bank PO? To be hired for this role it is mandatory to first pass the Common Written Exam(CWE) which is held under the supervision of the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection(IBPS) in India. After clearing this exam, a candidate has to be successful in the PO interview. The position of a PO is also bolstered by the chances of promotion being high. . • Decent Salary The starting salary is a handsome with 4 advance increments.

Highest Paying Bank Jobs in India: vidyaguru111. In India bank jobs come with a lot of security.

Highest Paying Bank Jobs in India: vidyaguru111

To add to this anyone who holds a bank job is looked upon favourably. Moreover, bank jobs come with an attractive pay package and many perks. To become a banker in India one has to pass the Common Entrance Exam (CWE) conducted by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection(IBPS). Bankers start out as a probationary officer; therefore it is advisable to go for bank PO coaching classes.

Bank Exams Coaching: Awesome Tips for Acing your SBI PO Job Interview. Interviews scare everybody.

Bank Exams Coaching: Awesome Tips for Acing your SBI PO Job Interview

Sweaty palms and speech impediments are normal in an interview, especially a job interview. In fact it is perfectly normal to be nervous to be at a job interview that ha thousands of candidates competing for a single post. The nervousness, however, should not get the better of you. You have may an excellent CV and the qualifications for the job, you have cleared the competitive entrance exam, but an impressive performance in the interview is what will get you the job. In India, bank interviews are said to be among the toughest, but bank jobs are also lucrative. Interviews of other professions can be gruelling too but the objective is to get the job. . • Do Some Research As a jobseeker it is essential to know about the company you are applying to.

Stay Up to Date with the New SSC CHSL Syllabu... Time and again one hears that a government job provides one security and a good pay.

Stay Up to Date with the New SSC CHSL Syllabu...

Two very essential elements of any job. It is no surprise, therefore, to see hordes of applicants for government jobs. To be eligible for a government job one has to clear the Staff Selection Exam(SSC). The SSC is divided in many parts. Common Mistakes Bank Exam Candidates Make in Questions that Test English Grammar. Common Mistakes Bank Exam Candidates Make in Questions that Test English Grammar Your English section is something you cannot afford to overlook when preparing for the IBPS Bank PO exam.

Common Mistakes Bank Exam Candidates Make in Questions that Test English Grammar

Candidates who take this section for granted are cut for failure especially because the IBPS exam also has section cut-offs, compelling students to qualify in each and every section. That said, with the right IBPS bank exam coaching, you will be able to easily get a strong hold on some of the basic fundamentals in English grammar while also achieving the right reading speed.

Mastering the English Language Many of us tend to learn the English language through play in school and still cannot be as proficient in it. Profit and Loss Tricks by SBI Coaching in Delhi. State Bank of India recruitment examinations are highly competitive.

Profit and Loss Tricks by SBI Coaching in Delhi

In fact, the level of competition in SBI PO is even higher than that in IBPS PO. Without exception, the number of candidates per seat is greater in case of SBI recruitment exams. However, no matter which banking exam you appear in, one thing is certain and that is the importance of arithmetic in quantitative aptitude section. With in arithmetic, profit and loss is a topic that has considerable importance. You can easily expect 2 to 3 questions from this topic, if not more. Basic Concepts & Formulae. Understanding the Pattern Change Announced for the SBI PO Main Exam this Year. While many graduates around the country are eagerly waiting for some updates on the SBI PO recruitment process, a big announcement was recently made with regards to the main exam’s structure.

Understanding the Pattern Change Announced for the SBI PO Main Exam this Year

The SBI PO pattern has now been changed and will be implemented for the next PO recruitment process. The details of the next recruitment cycle are expected to be announced within the next 2 months’ time. Candidates from across the nation who wish to venture into the Indian public banking sector dream of getting a job with the State Bank of India. Excellent SI and CI Tricks by Bank Coaching Experts. Any candidate who aspires to become a public sector banker understands the importance of quantitative aptitude section in banking exams conducted by SBI & IBPS.

Excellent SI and CI Tricks by Bank Coaching Experts

Within this section, questions on simple interest and compound interest are a regular feature in the exam. However, it is sometimes seen that candidates experience difficulty in solving these questions and end up losing important marks. Top Reasons Giving Mock Tests Will Help You Ace your Government Entrance Exams. Your Bank PO, SSC CGL and CTET exams among many others are organized for aspiring bankers, teachers and other candidates who want to do jobs in government banks, schools and ministries.

Top Reasons Giving Mock Tests Will Help You Ace your Government Entrance Exams

These test are typically merit-based. It helps to recruit the right candidates for jobs that are extremely sought after for the growth and security that they offer. These tests are taken by millions of candidates every year, out of which only few manage to get through. That’s why candidates join bank coaching institutes and other classes for proper training. During preparatory period, institutes encourage students to give mock tests and experts also suggest the same. The importance of giving mock tests while preparing for your exam Identify your weak and strong areas Practice tests help you spot your weaknesses and strengths so that you know which subjects need your immediate attention and where you are doing fine.

Bank Exams Coaching: Acing the Quantitative Section in your Bank PO Exam. The Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation section in your Bank PO exam puts to test your calculation skills and your knowledge in school level math. Most aspirants find that even though they have learnt all these concepts in the past, the associated formulae, properties, etc., have been forgotten due to lack of practice over the years. Here are a few concepts that your Bank PO Coaching in South Delhi will help you revise and master for your quantitative section – • BODMAS, Calculations and Approximations. Govt. Job Exams Coaching — Your Guide to Preparing for your SSC CGL in One... Geometry Tricks by SSC & Bank Coaching Center. When it comes to Govt. job exams, it is a known fact that many candidates who wish to become Bank PO or Clerk also appear in SSC CGL exam. However, the syllabus of Banking and SSC exams happens to be somewhat different.

Geometry is one significant area which gets added in the quantitative aptitude section of SSC exams. Hence, the experts from Top Bank PO Coaching Institute in Delhi suggest that candidates preparing for banking must also focus on Geometry, if they wish to appear in SSC exams. If you are also one such candidate, then the geometry tricks explained below will be of great benefit to you. Inradius (r) As you can see in the figure above, Inradius is the radius of the circle which is inscribed inside the triangle. Circumradius (R) Circumradius is defined as the radius of that circle which circumscribes (surrounds) the triangle.

NOTE: The ratio of circumradius to inradius in an equilateral triangle is 2:1 or (R = 2r). A.12 b. 11.5 c. 2 d. 12.5 Solution: (C) VidyaGuru- Top Government Exams Coaching Center. State Bank of India (SBI) is one of the leading banking organizations in India. The bank posts various vacancies including clerk positions (Junior Agricultural Associates and Junior Associates for customer support and sales) to keep up with its branch expansion and growth plans. There are various bank exam coaching centres across India that train aspiring candidates for these types of competitive examinations. If you have also taken bank clerk coaching, then you are fairly prepared to apply for this. Things to know about your SSC CGL Application. Things to know about your SSC CGL Application The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) CGL exam is held each year for the purpose of filling a number of government jobs in India.

The combined Graduate Level (CGL) examination is a part of the recruitment process for filling up a number of Group B and Group C posts across ministries, government departments and offices across the nation. Am I Eligible to Appear for the SSC CGL Examination? SBI Clerk 2016 Pattern Explained by Bank Coaching Center. Getting a job in the State Bank of India is like a dream coming true for almost all banking exam aspirants. With the release of SBI Clerk notification for this year, everybody is geared up to participate in the recruitment process. However, this process for clerical (junior associate) vacancies has undergone considerable change from the last time. Two rounds of aptitude exam will be conducted as opposed to a single round previously. Moreover, as of now, it is not certain whether the interview will be conducted. Interview will be conducted only if there is an approval from the Govt. of India. Considering these changes, the Institute for Best SBI Coaching in Delhi has explained below the details of the revised exam pattern that you must know.

Bank Exams Coaching: Top Banking and Government Jobs to Apply in 2016. LCM and HCF Tricks by IBPS Coaching in Delhi. When it comes to quantitative aptitude section of the Bank PO exam, arithmetic is considered by many exam aspirants to be the most scoring area. Within arithmetic, LCM & HCF is a topic which can help you score at least a couple of sure shot marks. But, this can happen only when you know the shortcuts for solving the tricky questions asked from this topic. Keeping this in mind, the institute providing the Best Bank PO Coaching in South Delhi has covered below all the concepts and time saving methods related to LCM & HCF. Perks of Applying to a Public Sector Bank over a Private Bank for a Job. Trigonometry Tricks from SSC CGL Coaching in Delhi. Solving Blood Relation Type Questions in the Reasoning Section.

Solving Blood Relation Type Questions in the Reasoning Section Blood Relation type questions are a common feature in the reasoning section of your IBPS PO exam. In this type of question, you are expected to showcase your ability to analyse information provided about blood relationships within the members if a family. Concepts to Focus on When Preparing for your Computer Awareness Section. If you are appearing for the IBPS Clerk exam this year, you already know that to be able to make it to the next round you need to make the minimum cut-off in every section of your paper.

One of the most neglected section among candidates tends to be Computer Awareness. Bank Exams Coaching: Great Tips for Faster Mental Multiplication. Govt. Job Exams Coaching — How to Improve your Vocabulary for Bank PO Exam. Current Affairs - February 2016. Top 6 Tips for Cracking Para-completion in Bank PO Exams. Boat & Stream Tricks by Top Bank PO Coaching Classes.

Quantitative aptitude section of any Banking recruitment exam conducted by IBPS or SBI definitely has questions based on the topic: boat and stream. The topic is considered an extension of time, speed and distance questions that are a part of school level mathematics. Bank Exams Coaching: Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid in IBPS PO 2016. Why Should you take Coaching for Bank PO Preparation. How to Answer Statement & Assumption Questions in IBPS Exams: vidyaguru111. Clarification Needed to fill SSC CGL Exam Online Application. Reasoning Tricks for Clock Questions by Bank Coaching Center. Learning to use Idioms from SSC CGL Coaching Institute. Top Subject-Verb Agreement Rules by Bank Exams Coaching. Your Guide to the Stenographer Grade ‘C’ and Grade ‘D’ Examination. Things to Know While Waiting for an Update on the SBI Bank PO Exams. Superb Algebra Tricks by Best Bank Coaching Centre. Are You Prepared for SSC Exam Calendar 2016.

Number System Tricks by SSC CGL Coaching in Delhi. Seven Useful Preparation Tips for IBPS Clerk Exam. VidyaGuru- Top Government Exams Coaching Center. Govt. Job Exams Coaching — Four Mistakes to Avoid During IBPS PO Interview. How to Crack English Section in IBPS PO 2016?: vidyaguru111. What you Must Know about CTET 2016 Exam Syllabus? Best Government Exams Coaching. 5 Mistakes to Avoid in your IBPS PO Bank Interview. Govt. Job Exams Coaching — Insurance AO versus Bank PO – What is the Right... Alternative Options for Applicants who couldn't Clear the SBI PO Exam.

Tenses Fully Explained by the Best Bank Coaching Institute. Tips for cracking Cloze Test by SBI Coaching Experts. Time & Work Shortcuts by SSC LDC Coaching in Delhi. Why Attend Demo Classes before joining a Bank Coaching Institute. Govt. Job Exams Coaching — Understanding the IBPS PO 2015 Main Exam Pattern. IBPS PO Guidelines you Need to be Aware of. Reading Comprehension Tips from Best Bank Coaching Center.

Useful Tips to keep in Mind for your IBPS PO Prelims 2015. How to Fill your IBPS Bank PO Preferences: vidyaguru111. What to Expect as an SSC LDC / CHSL Applicant 2015. Calendar Tricks Taught at Best Bank PO Coaching Classes. Which is a Better Career Choice SSC CGL or IBPS PO. What’s next in IBPS Bank Exam Application Process. Govt. Job Exams Coaching — Understanding Computer Awareness for Bank PO /... Learning Active & Passive Voice from Bank Coaching Institute. Top 5 Differences between SBI PO and IBPS PO Jobs. Sample Math Questions for SSC and Bank Exams.

Sentence Error Spotting Tips by Bank Exam Coaching Experts. How to Make Online Payment for IBPS Clerk 2015. Verbal Reasoning Tips & Tricks by Best Bank Coaching. 6 Sure Shot Tips for Faster Reading in Bank PO Exams. Everything you must know about IBPS Clerk 2015 Exam. VidyaGuru- Top Government Exams Coaching Center. 7 Amazing Sentence Rearrangement Clues by SSC CGL Coaching. Govt. Job Exams Coaching — Banking Terms you Must Know for IBPS & SBI PO.

Understanding the IBPS Bank PO Recruitment Process 2015. How to prepare for SBI PO Descriptive Test. Vidyaguru111: Top Nine Tips for Effective Bank PO Preparation. VidyaGuru- Top Government Exams Coaching Center. Top 7 Reasons to Pursue Manipal Bank PO Program. How to study effectively for SSC Exam Preparation. Understanding Bank of Baroda PO Selection Process. Govt. Job Exams Coaching — The Best Bank & SSC Exam Preparation with Vidya... Have you understood the revised IBPS PO Exam Pattern. Vidyaguru111: Finding out the Best Public Sector Banks to Work with. Understanding SBI PO Reasoning Syllabus, Questions & Tricks. Career Options after Passing SSC CGL Exam. Excellent tips on how to crack SSC CGL Interview. What are the Career Prospects after Clearing Bank Clerk Exam. How to Prepare for SBI PO Marketing Questions. What to study for Bank PO Computer Awareness.

Practice Paper for IBPS PO Maths. Vidyaguru111: The Stepping Stones to Cracking a Banking Exam. Five Crucial Aspects of SBI PO Group Discussion. What to Study for Bank PO Current Affairs. FAQs on SBI Exams Answered by SBI Coaching Institute. VidyaGuru- Top Government Exams Coaching Center. 100 Most Important Words for SSC Exams. Govt. Job Exams Coaching — How to Survive an SSC Exam. Sample IBPS PO & Clerk Computer Awareness Questions Answers by vidyaguru. IBPS Clerk Math Tips: From Best Bank Coaching Centre. Career in Public Sector vs. Private Sector Banking.