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We at Vidhyashram International School empower learners to gain value, exhibit skills and attitudes to establish themselves in the modern world and contribute positively to society for mutual growth. For more, visit @

How Important are Fun Learning Activities In School? Preschool is that the most enjoyable time of childhood.

How Important are Fun Learning Activities In School?

You won’t understand much but you'll treasure the memories forever! Does one remember your first bench partner? Or your friend whom you shared your lunch with? Okay, how about your class teacher! Ways To Deal With Your Kid's Homework Challenges. Ways to Encourage Students for Active Participation. This struggle is common.

Ways to Encourage Students for Active Participation

One of the most goals of any teacher is to urge every student’s engagement. Communication is that the key to true learning. When the scholars are feeling comfortable, they pay more attention to curriculum, projects, or handicrafts. Their ideas add insight, interest, and inspiration to the entire concept of a classroom. Guide for Choosing Right School For Your Child. Importance of Arts and Craft in School Curriculum. Arts and crafts should be an important a part of any school curriculum, especially in sight of the academics-oriented performance parameters prioritised by parents and academic institutions.In today’s academic scenario, the creative arts have about entirely disappeared from the Indian education system.

Importance of Arts and Craft in School Curriculum

There was a time when creative classes were compulsory for college kids , and got their due importance by parents, teachers, and youngsters alike. However, the present atmosphere of mounting academic pressure and curriculum goals has pushed Arts and Crafts to the sidelines. The burdensome emphasis placed on academics and therefore the growing neglect of extra-curricular activities is never unprecedented . However, unfortunately in most cases, the concerned parties are still unaware of the contribution of these very subjects to a child’s academic and private growth. Imbibing a healthy interest in Arts and Crafts, early on, during a child, can give him or her several key advantages, like… How to Make Online Teaching More Efficient. As we enter a replacement world where social isolation has become the norm, the disruption to our lives has been sudden and drastic.

How to Make Online Teaching More Efficient

Education has seen a dramatic change too, moving from world classrooms to a virtual setting. As schools rapidly scramble to regulate the digital classroom, we best school in Jodhpur, Vidhyashram International School explore how online learning is often made truly effective. The Introduction of Computers to Primary Students. We live in a society where a baby is thrust with a smartphone to observe a cartoon to keep it busy.

The Introduction of Computers to Primary Students

In a way, little kids are introduced to the screen: desktop or smartphone at a comparatively early age. However, we still got to know the proper time to permit primary children to use it for education. How To Prepare Students For Exams. Strategies For Engaging Students In Learning. Healthy Eating Habits And Snacks for Students. Mental Health Awareness in School PowerPoint Presentation, free download - ID:10859731. Mental Health Awareness in SchoolWhat is Mental Health?

Mental Health Awareness in School PowerPoint Presentation, free download - ID:10859731

Is it a state of mind? What is Mental Health Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Mental Health Awareness in School. Undrestanding The Importance Of Healthy Eating Habits. When children are growing up, it is very important for the parents to check on their eating habits.

Undrestanding The Importance Of Healthy Eating Habits

For the wise men have said and proved the popular proverb, ‘what you eat, you become‘. Eating healthy food would definitely lead to a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. Unhealthy food, on the other hand, would affect their health negatively and open doors for various potential health risks for them. Often, parents find themselves treating children with unhealthy food or sugar treats as a form of reward or out of sheer love. However, what most parents don’t realise is that they are, unknowingly, damaging their children’s health and eating habits. Importance of Curiosity in Preschools. Learning helps an individual grow, and humans are the best learners.

Importance of Curiosity in Preschools

We learn throughout our lives by exploring, observing and experiencing new things. Human nature is quite curious, and that’s why we have great scientists and mathematicians. The curiosity to know more, understand and try different things has made us evolve so much in years. Kids are the most curious of all; their curiosity is almost endless. Vidhyashram International School. Word games help to build your child’s literacy skills and creative thinking and help in boosting their language skills.

Vidhyashram International School

These games will open up their minds and understand the world around them. Also, some simple and fun games can allow a break from the monotony. You can play these games when there’s nothing to do, on long rides, when you and your child are bored at night, or even while running errands. It’s an entertaining way to spend time with your kids and family during the weekends or vacations while teaching them how amazing word games can be. Hangman. 6 Impactful Tips to Boost Your Child’s Memory. Memory holds a significant role in creating a solid foundation for learning.

6 Impactful Tips to Boost Your Child’s Memory

When kids have great memory power, they become quick learners. It helps them to score high in school, perform better in exams, and secure high ranks. International Award for Young People. At Vidhyashram, we have taken education beyond the conventional chalk and talk model. To pave the way for the young minds for a bright future, we have the IAYP program in place. This program is one of the factors making Vidhyashram the best English medium school in Jodhpur.

IAYP or International Award for Young People is a global self-development program for students that aims to foster innovation, open doors to other nations and cultures, as well as bring new and international opportunities for the students. Let’s learn more about the IAYP program, its benefits for students, and why we are promoting it. What is International Award for Young People (IAYP) program? Why Is School Education Important For Child Development? Importance of School Library to Students. The importance of school library can not be over emphasized. A library is an important source of knowledge to young minds in schools. It develops the important habit of reading among the students. Effective Ways to help a Struggling Child. Although you may be understanding of your child’s struggling nature, you cannot afford its consequences to settle in. Neither can you let your child be and see him/her struggle as it may soon become demotivating and taxing.

Of course, the teachers of the best CBSE school in Jodhpur will step in to help your child in their own ways, but you can offer your equal assistance at home as well to enable the student to see through the struggling phase. As parents, you really do not have to apply the technical aspects of learning to guide your struggling child. More often than not, helping him/her to plan the lessons or a few encouraging words can be enough. Here are 6 effective ways for you.