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Vidhyarthi Darpan

VIDHYARTHI DARPAN ,is a single educational platform that brings school , colleges , coaching, universities etc. under one roof to fulfill all the requirements of an educational organization and student both in urban and rural area. A platform that can be used online and offline exam ranged from school level to competitive level and includes counseling , preparation, admission , queries etc. Latest technology combined with a multi channel for institutes has a modular way of providing learning and guidance with comprehension and excellence to be achieved by the students in guaranteed way.

Courses After 12th PCM - Vidhyarthi Darpan. Class 12th is the stage in a student’s life where ‘What you want to pursue in life?’

Courses After 12th PCM - Vidhyarthi Darpan

Becomes a serious question apart from being asked casually by relatives and friends in everyday life. It is like the junction where many paths diverge and once you delve into one, there is no looking back. So, it becomes the first step to a future worth all the struggle to choose the course one actually would like to pursue. So here we’ve a list of some courses which promise a bright future and higher chances of growth in the time ahead : Engineering The one couse that is profoundly chosen by students with physics, maths, and chemistry as their majors during high school. Architecture Every thing we see around, ranging from small 1-BHKs to astonishing and eye feasting malls, old monuments to international trade centers, is a blend of creativity and technique. Aviation Ethical Hacking. How to Prepare a good resume for freshers - Vidhyarthi Darpan. How to Prepare a good resume for freshers Basics of a Resume: It is a 1-2-page summary of your work experience, skills, achievements, background, and credentials.

How to Prepare a good resume for freshers - Vidhyarthi Darpan

The main purpose of a resume is for job application, to share all credentials for employment, admission in universities or other professional purposes. Sections: A good resume includes following sections: – Header/Personal Details- Your information and contact details like name, email id, address, and phone number. Guidelines for Resume header: only give basic information that you want to share like name, current address, email id, phone number etc. Guidelines to the Objectives: The main purpose is to convey what your goal is. For e.g # If you are a job seeker: – Use trainee as a position or a beginner in a company. # If you are seeking an internship: – Use ‘intern’ in which role you’ve applied. Guidelines to the Education: The main purpose of the education section is to provide all the basic qualification for the job or internship.

Top 10 women’s college in India - Vidhyarthi Darpan. Top 10 women’s college in India Short Summary [hide] Top Colleges for Women’s: Since ancient time, we all are known that there was no such awareness in the Indian society regarding the women’s education and the women were facing very vulnerable position in the society but with the development of time, this point was kept in view and a stand had been taken for this.

Top 10 women’s college in India - Vidhyarthi Darpan

Now – a – days, the concept of equality can be seen in respect of social, economic & political aspects. The concept of women empowerment is achieving its height so as to maintain a status of equality in the society. In India, there is still a conservative thinking because of which somewhere parents do not let their daughters or sisters to step out of their cities but the facilities of women’s educational institutions, they can go & raise themselves in their better version as it criteria of security assures by these institution to the parents. Lady Shri Ram women’s College, Delhi: Ethiraj Women’s College, Chennai: Dr. VIDHYARTHIDARPAN PROVIDES STUDY MATERIAL FOR EVERY EXAM. Courses In MNIT Jaipur - Vidhyarthi Darpan. Malaviya National Institute of Technology is one of the leading national engineering colleges in India, affiliated by Ministry of Human Resource Department(MHRD) enlist about 3,872 students pursuing different undergraduate and postgraduate courses in about 15 departments.

Courses In MNIT Jaipur - Vidhyarthi Darpan

Here we enlist you different courses and degree offered by the institute, The institute offers 8 different undergraduate courses out of which 7 are B.Tech. (Bachelors of Technology) courses with 4 years of duration and 1 is B.Arch. (Bachelors of Architecture) which is a five years course. Admission under these course are done through scores obtained in JEE(Joint Entrance Exam) whereas for students from outside India SAT scores are taken into consideration. There are 15 departments offering post graduation courses in MNIT with about 27 degrees of specialization. Searching for the perfect schools ??Vidhyarthidarpan helps you to find perfect school according to your preferences and qualifications.

How to get admission in HR college of commerce and economics - Vidhyarthi Darpan. HR college of commerce and economics is a college of commerce, management and junior college based in the city of Mumbai.

How to get admission in HR college of commerce and economics - Vidhyarthi Darpan

It is an A level college accredited by NAAC( National Assessment and Accreditation Council). The college offers courses for four different study groups. Junior College (For 10th passed students who want to join college, it is equivalent to 10+2 degree from any board).Undergraduate(For 10+2 passed students from any recognised University/board).Postgraduate (For degree holder students)PhD Lets talk about admission in each one of them in detail 1.Junior College The Junior college is a two year programme which provides with you Higher Secondary Certificate by Maharashtra Board. The following four grades are provided to the pass-out candidates Grade I (With distinction) 75% and above Grade I 60% – Less than 75% Grade II 45 %- Less than 60% Grade Pass 35 % – Less than 45% There is no eligibility criteria for admission, you should just submit the required documents that are A.

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