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Video and Sound Service, Inc. brings over 45 years of experience and the latest technology to each customer’s security needs. Our customer list is testimony to our goal to provide the best service, price and solutions available.

The Utility of Audio in Video Surveillance. October 25, 2021 Audio surveillance is a useful option when designing a home surveillance and security system.

The Utility of Audio in Video Surveillance

While most systems focus on video surveillance, audio provides additional information that can help you protect your home. Fortunately, there is an increasing number of surveillance cameras with audio built-in on the market, making it easy to integrate into your system. Biometric Security Systems: A Guide To Devices, Fingerprint Scanners. Biometric security systems are an important step forward for home and commercial security systems.

Biometric Security Systems: A Guide To Devices, Fingerprint Scanners

They provide a higher level of security and are harder for criminals to take advantage of. Because of this, people are integrating devices like fingerprint scanners and biometric fingerprint access control systems into their existing security systems. Benefits of Video Surveillance and Security Cameras for Business. September 25, 2021 Video surveillance provides many benefits to the business owner.

Benefits of Video Surveillance and Security Cameras for Business

It can help keep employees and customers safe, aid in identifying shoplifters, cut down on theft, reduce vandalism of property and curb illegal activities. Having security cameras installed in your business will provide you with peace of mind while making sure your property is constantly monitored. 7 Reasons Why Biometric Security Systems Are Better. 7 Reasons Why Biometric Security Systems Are Better – Video. October 1, 2021 Biometric security systems are a new field where biometrics take a leading role in security for locations.

7 Reasons Why Biometric Security Systems Are Better – Video

These sensors use bio data that is unique to each person to identify users instead of traditional means. Many believe that these systems are more effective. Best Home Security System. At Video and Sound Service, Inc., building long-lasting and dependable systems is one of our focus points for anything that we design, install, or upgrade.

Best Home Security System

You can have the best system in the world, but it will not be useful to you if it will not work when you need it. Even worse, it can be an expensive problem if your security equipment will not last long without repairs. We pride ourselves on building systems that are dependable, reliable, and durable so that you do not have to worry about the quality of your system when it matters most.

The Pros and Cons of Indoor Security Cameras. DO SECURITY SYSTEMS DETER BURGLARS. Do Security Systems Deter Burglars? November 10, 2020 In the security industry, prevention is the best method of improving security. While security systems play an important role in addressing crime when it happens, they play a more important part in trying to prevent crime as well. Research shows that under the right conditions, having a security system can effectively persuade burglars to look in other places. Home Security Equipment You Should Know. December 2, 2020 Home security is on the minds of everyone that has a home or family to protect. Security and alarm system installation is becoming easier to install and use, making it a widely-available way to enhance your home security. If you want to develop an effective home security system, you need to understand the different types of equipment that you can use. Low Voltage Landscape Lighting. Establishing a security system for your company can seem overwhelming.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

There is a lot to consider when planning the system. Acquiring all of the individual components can be expensive. Rather than trying to take on the task alone, partner with a security company to plan, install, and maintain a security system specifically designed for your company’s security needs. We have the resources you need to help you purchase, lease, and maintain your security system. Our team of security experts can plan and install a system that covers all of your security weaknesses. Security Alarm System. The design of your security system is an important part of how effective it is at protecting your home or business.

Security Alarm System

You can design a system yourself, but it may not provide the quality of protection that you want. There are many factors that go into the design of the security system, and doing it all yourself will not yield the results you are looking for unless you are trained and experienced in security system design. Fortunately, we can help you design a system that meets all of your security needs.

Best Home Security System. Home Security Equipment You Should Know - Video. Home Security Equipment You Should Know - Video. Do Security Systems Deter Burglars? - Video. Facial Recognition System’s Impact on Security - Video. October 15, 2020 Face recognition systems are changing how companies and governments implement security around the world.

Facial Recognition System’s Impact on Security - Video

Thanks to the addition of AI systems, cloud-based data processing resources, and tech advancements in computing power, it is possible to quickly identify someone with a high degree of accuracy. It is proving to be an effective tool in fighting crime, and the technology continues to improve at a steady rate. How Security Camera Live Feeds Work - Video.

October 5, 2020 If you have a wireless security system or a system with a connection to an outside signal, then you can probably view your security cameras’ live feed from your phone.

How Security Camera Live Feeds Work - Video

Many people enjoy this ability because it lets them check on their house from wherever they are as long as they can get a signal. The Pros and Cons of Indoor Security Cameras - Video. September 10, 2020 It is easier than ever to install a security camera in your home.

The Pros and Cons of Indoor Security Cameras - Video

However, many people are choosing not to for a variety of reasons. While it may seem like a poor decision at first, it may be the better choice for some people. Here is a look at the pros and cons of indoor security cameras. The Pros and Cons of Indoor Security Cameras - Video. Intercom Systems: How They Improve Home Security - Video. September 3, 2020 When trying to improve home security, any way that you can improve communication is a benefit.

Intercom systems that make it easy to communicate can provide a variety of security benefits in your home. A Deeper Look at How Biometrics are Used - Video. August 25, 2020 The addition of biometric security devices changes how we think about security devices. Biometrics are fundamentally different from other device types in how they work. While they provide significant advantages in terms of security, there are certain things that are relatively unknown about how they function by most of the people that use them on a regular basis. Here are several things that you probably didn’t know about how biometric scanners work. Biometric Fingerprints are Not Full Fingerprints. Secure Your Technology with Biometric Fingerprint Reader. August 3, 2020 Biometric fingerprint readers are becoming a standardized feature on business-grade mobile devices and for good reasons.

Laptops, tablets, and cellphones with access to your network pose the biggest risk for intrusions and data theft. Traditional vs. Fingerprint Based Security System - Video. How to Detect Hidden Cameras Within Minutes? Read These Steps. How Long Does Business Security Camera Installation Usually Take? - Video. 4 Amazing Ways to Use Facial Recognition Software for Business - Video. 5 Key Benefits of Security with the Addition of Biometrics - Video Sound. How to Effectively Place Motion Sensors in Your Home - Video Sound Inc. 5 Reasons to Buy A Wireless Security Camera - Video. Where to Install Hidden Surveillance Cameras for Your Home Security. The Future of Home Security is Wireless Home Intercom Systems - Video.

Where to Install Hidden Surveillance Cameras for Your Home Security. How Wireless Security Cameras Work - Video. 8 Tips on How to Choose the Right Video Surveillance for You. Benefits of Biometric Security System Service - Video Sound Inc. Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Security Camera Installation. Advantages of Digital Video Surveillance Systems for Businesses. 7 Pros and Cons of Surveillance Cameras in Public Places - Video Sound. Hidden Cameras: When Are they Illegal to Use? - Video Sound Inc. Avoid These Mistakes When Installing Wireless Security Camera. Here’s What You Should Know About Home Security System. Biometric Face Recognition is Improving Security - Video Sound Inc. 6 Reasons Why Home Alarm Systems Are Worth Investment. Biometric Face Recognition is Improving Security - Video Sound Inc. The Top 5 Reasons Security Systems are Important for Business. 7 Reason You Need a Home Security System - Video Sound.

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