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Choosing the Right Tent for Your Outdoor Party – by Rida Zaidi – Meadowvale Party Rentals. A party of any type is always a fun time. When it comes to arranging an outdoor event for a party, it is even more exciting and enjoyable. A cool breeze at sunset, with the guests mingling, talking, and laughing, can make it a memorable experience. While arranging an outdoor party, you have to take several different factors into consideration to make sure the event turns out to be a really successful one. Besides all other considerable factors, the top priority is what kind of tents you are going to use to provide a full shelter to your guests so that they are comfortable – feeling covered and protected in case the weather conditions turn uncomfortable.

Versatility of tents makes outdoor events more enjoyable and a part of nature but protects the event from its whims. Here are some things to consider before choosing a party tent for your special occasion: Available Space: If you are not sure that a tent would fit perfectly into your space, you may take advice from a tent rental company. PREPARING AND MONITORING THE BUDGET FOR YOUR EVENT- By Asif Zaidi. “Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.” Benjamin Franklin It is imperative that you draw up a sensible budget for your event and then manage it meticulously. It does take some investment of time upfront but plays a very helpful part in your event’s organization and financial administration going forward. Of course there will be a few variances along the way but the better researched and more realistic your original budget, the closer it will come out to the final costs.

BE PRUDENT: Money is a finite resource in any business and all spending decisions must be guided by the end in mind. The amount of money, from within your means, that needs to be spent on an event depends on the value you want to get out of the event. ETSIMATE THE BUDGET: Events are a balancing act between the budget and the objectives. Venue: Where an event will be hosted is often the most important part of its planning. Lights, Acoustics, and Staging: Hosting A Graduation Party – by Rida Zaidi – Meadowvale Party Rentals. Graduation Day is a symbolic event in a person’s life that represents all of the hard work that students have been a part of to earn their status as graduates.

This landmark in a graduate’s lifetime is the moment that is definitely worth remembering, cherishing, and celebrating! It’s a time to rejoice in an important milestone in a graduate’s life with all their friends, teachers, parents and all those who helped them in their student life for this successful accomplishment and made learning possible. Planning a Graduation party is something you might start doing months in advance. Once you decide that you are going to host a high school or college graduation party, you can start thinking about the possible event dates and can begin to build your guest list. Venue: High school graduation parties are different from college graduation parties.

Considering the number of guests and the venue, think about the seating arrangements and if you need to rent tables and chairs. Decorations: Food: Event Team Management | Blog | Meadowvale Party Rentals. How To Choose A Venue | Blog | Meadowvale Party Rentals. How To: Publicizing Events | Blog | Meadowvale Party Rentals. Top 9 Events Benefiting Business | Blog | Meadowvale Party Rentals. Plan Proactively For Your Event | Blog | Meadowvale Party Rentals. “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” Plato Hold a brainstorming session with your internal event-network and your external marketing advisors before you develop an event plan. Look around your company and select those people to attend who will be engaged with your event.

Keep the audience of the brainstorming session limited, it makes sense to communicate only with the decision makers who can own the ultimate result. In my personal experience I have seen that companies, especially the small and medium sized ones, are often focused on discharging wrong messages to their target market. Create an executive summary that sets the tone for your program.

Good marketing practices go a long way in deriving results from your events. Organizing great events is not just about spending money. The features that your relationship building at your events must comprise include: (For help with your event please write to us at Build Business Image With Events | Blog | Meadowvale Party Rentals.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernhard Shaw Events generate recognition for a business; they enable the business to show the market what it has to offer in terms of products and services. It is important to use events as an important tool of your marketing repertoire. Events can be of any type or nature but business events can be classified into two broad categories: One, trade shows or conferences and two, proprietary events hosted solely by you or you and your partners in a venture. Image building is not just about getting your brand out there. When your input into your event is lacking, then it is your own fault if the event does not meet your expectations. Here are some of the tips how you can use your events to communicate your image to the market: Align it with your business objectives: Create relationships with influencers: Integrate it with marketing: Engage your clients actively: Connect it with branding:

Determining Event Target Audience | Blog | Meadowvale Party Rentals. Event Management Tips | Welcoming Guests | Meadowvale Party Rentals. Pre-Arrival Plan and make sure that you are all set up before the guests start arriving. Ask each supplier how much time they will need to be ready and make sure they are allowed the time and access they each require. Some of the set ups are sequential and may involve several suppliers. For example, heavy equipment and stage need to be set up before the tables are laid out and decorated. Ascertain how much time each area requires and make sure you have enough time on your hands. Arrival Area Whether you are holding your event at a venue or on a charter ship, the first thing that creates an impression on your guests is the arrival area. Weather Concerns Also see if the entrance is covered from the drop-off point onwards, or else you may need to arrange for a canopy cover or umbrellas in the event rain is forecast.

Special Displays Cloak Room Make sure you have staff standing to direct guests to the cloak room. Guest Check-In Other Considerations. Event Planning Checklist | Plan For Success | Meadowvale Party Rentals. Select a Suitable Date: Selecting a suitable date is a major decision in planning your event. This goes a long way in ensuring the success of your event. When will the highest number of invitees be able to attend? What else is going on at the same time that might impact your event? Look at your targeted audience, the people who will make up your guest list? Keep Holidays in Focus: Are there any holidays, like Halloween, for instance, that might interfere?

Organising an event during school breaks, especially in March, is a bad idea. Suitable Time of the Week / Day: The day of the week and the time of the day also play an important role in the success of your event. Make Your Checklist: Develop a checklist, with target dates and the person responsible for each item, and continue to update it along with the costs and the payments made.Organizing a successful event requires careful planning and an attention to details.

The Event Day: Good luck! Corporate Event Planning | A How To Guide | Meadowvale Party Rentals. Whether you are planning a corporate party, a product launch, a customer reception, or any other event, careful planning is an essential prerequisite for your event’s success. Not only you have to plan your event in fine details but must also have plan B for some of the probable contingencies.

The good thing is that organizing an event is not rocket science, it only takes common sense and attention to details. Some of major aspects to consider while planning an event are as follows. Keep in mind what is the primary objective of your event. Why are you holding it in the first place? Make sure that the objective of your event justifies its cost.

The financial commitment to the event must be calibrated, first up. Once you have defined the purpose of the event and have allocated the funds needed to hold it, you are ready to make initial sense of your event. While setting up your internal event team, make sure that you match right skills with the tasks involved. Build A Team For Organizing Events | Blog | Meadowvale Party Rentals. “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” Vince Lombardi It is not easy to plan and execute a successful event unless you have a good team to rely upon. Make sure the team you select for an event has the people with right skills for fulfilling various roles involved in organizing the event. Lucid and effective communication is an imperative.

The size of the team you assemble together for an event depends on the size of the project you have on hand as well as on the resources available to you. Generally, the bigger the scale of an event, the bigger the team. Your business is the very reason for your organizing the event. Some of the key roles involved in organizing an event are summarized below. Buying Expert Your procurement people are experts in buying at professional levels and their experience should come handy while organizing an event. Project Manager Production Manager Strategy Leader Creative Leader 3D Designer Print Designer. PLANNING A BIRTHDAY PARTY: – Meadowvale Party Rentals. Celebration of one’s birthday is always a special occasion that is meant to be shared with loved ones.

A good birthday party is as joyful for adults as it is for children. It feels really nice when people share the day with you to honour your birthday. You may be celebrating the birthday party of a child to, giving a serious boost to his/her self-esteem, make them feel like a king or queen for the day or you may be celebrating a loved adult’s birthday to rejoice in the attainment of an important milestone, such as turning 20, 30, 40 or even 50; you will definitely like to celebrate it with all the fanfare. A typical birthday party usually involves a number of different activities such as games, music, dinner and much more.

Party rentals can be of critical helpful in organizing such events. Whose Birthday is it? While planning a birthday party the important thing is to know whose birthday it is. Theme: Having a theme is always a good idea for a birthday party. Guest List: Surprise Parties: Meadowvale Party Rentals – Meadowvale Party Rentals. Review: So you are going to have a party! No matter you are going to arrange a wedding, birthday, corporate function, picnic/holiday party or a graduation party; whatever sort of celebration or get together you are planning you will definitely want it to be arranged nicely and perfectly. If you are well experienced in arranging a party you must know all the party supplies you will need – like tables, tablecloths, chairs, plates, forks, knives, glasses (water, wine, beer, rocks as needed). Less universal but still relatively common items might include patio heaters, cocktails tables, table number stands, bread baskets, beverage dispensers and tubs, lounge furniture and lighting etc.

Rent or Buy: There are two ways to get all the necessary party supplies: 1) buy them 2) rent them. Is there any spacious place with you like basement/garage/spare room that you’re okay storing party/wedding stuff for a few weeks or months before the event? Meadowvale Party Rental Tent Rentals: Catering: Others: