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Victoria Gill

I write about dental problems and solutions. Topics include, among others, root canal therapy, emergency dental appointments and teeth whitening in Canberra. Visit to learn more.

Where to Find an Experienced Weston Creek Dentist. Dentist Tips for Sensitive Teeth. Canberra Dentist. FAMILY DENTIST CANBERRA: HOW TO KNOW IF YOU'VE APPROACHED THE RIGHT ONE. A family dentist is a category of dentist that provides oral health care services to an entire family - from the parents to their children.


This particular field in dentistry requires knowledge of both adult and children's dental concerns and other nuances of the practice. In Canberra, family dentists adhere to certain standards imposed by the Australian Dental Association. More reputable clinics adopt methods for ensuring cooperation among pediatric patients and efficient dental treatments.

Are you looking for the right family dentist in Canberra, ACT but not sure where to start? Here are tell-tale signs you've approached the right clinic or professionals for the job. You know you're in good hands if you approached a dentist who thoroughly checks you and your family's dental history. Your ideal family dentist always checks your medical history to prevent pre-existing medical conditions from adversely affecting dental procedures (i.e. heart diseases, high blood pressure, etc). TIPS BEFORE GOING TO YOUR DENTAL HYGIENIST CANBERRA. Scheduling an appointment with a dental inspection can be a nerve-wracking experience for some patients.


However, you can alleviate your anxiety by being prepared and meeting the basic dental health maintenance requirements such as flossing and brushing. For a quicker and easier dental hygiene examination, here's what you should consider the next time you visit your Canberra dental hygienist. 1) There is more to a toothache than meets the eye While some people pass off toothaches as no big deal, particularly if the pain recurs. The pain in itself is a signal that something is wrong. GETTING IN TOUCH WITH AN EMERGENCY DENTIST CANBERRA. Experiencing excruciating an toothache or breaking a tooth during ungodly hours?


If you ever find yourself in any dental emergency, avoid home treatments and immediately contact an emergency dentist. Canberra is home to high calibre dental clinics and oral health centres that offer 24/7 emergency dental appointments. An assigned staff and dental professional will be on stand-by to accommodate patients who require immediate treatment. 1) Extreme Pain When toothaches reach an unbearable pain threshold, the painkillers are the fastest form of relief but the person often ends up forgetting about the problem. 2) Broken Teeth Falling flat on your feet, sudden unexpected collisions, getting into fist fights - there are many ways you can break or chip your tooth. 3) Removal of Foreign Material Eating exotic food or using your teeth in lieu of a proper tool sometimes result in injury or getting a foreign object stuck in between. 4) Filling or Crown Problems 5) Infections.

Perks of Having a Family Dentist - by Victoria Gill - Canberra Dentist. Families with little kids or teens in their brood, going to a family dentist for regular teeth assessment or treatment sessions is always a good idea.

Perks of Having a Family Dentist - by Victoria Gill - Canberra Dentist

Family dentists are dental professionals who provide a wide selection of oral health care solutions to children and adults including teeth cleaning, installing crowns or fillings, extraction, teeth whitening and bleaching, and regular dental checkups among others. There are challenges to finding an experienced family dentist in Canberra - especially one you can consult with from time to time and who is able help you maintain your dental health for as long as possible. However, through referrals, careful research, enquiries and comparing services, you’ll come across a family and children’s dental clinic that suits your requirements. Preparing for a Root Canal - Ask your Canberra Dentist. When to Call an Emergency Dentist.

An emergency dentist is a licensed dental professional who provides urgent care to unexpected and possibly life-threatening teeth and gum problems.

When to Call an Emergency Dentist

There are times when patients do not realise they are actually in the midst of a serious oral health problem and may need immediate treatment. Is it Time to Send Your Kid to a Children's Dentist? - by victoriagill. As a parent, you might find yourself wondering when to approach a children's dentist in Canberra for your child's first dental session.

Is it Time to Send Your Kid to a Children's Dentist? - by victoriagill

A children's dentist is specially trained to deal with children's oral health problems. While this is not set in stone, parents should ideally head over to a dental clinic after their child's tooth emerges, usually before they turn 1. Around this time, parents should also start brushing their kids' teeth. There are long-term benefits to seeing a children's dentist early on. Here we list the reasons why: 1.

Regular dentist visits before your child turns 1 helps prevent oral health issues that may affect your child's health if not treated right away. 2. Some children grow up with in-born dental problems and monitoring their development through dental check-ups will allow dentists to fix these problems while they are easier to manage. 3. Dental visits are not only good for your child, it's good for you too. 4. 24/7 Emergency Dentists in Canberra - Australia, Other Countries. What is a Dental Hygienist and Why You Need them? Though their profession can often be misconstrued for something else, dental hygienists are not dentists.

What is a Dental Hygienist and Why You Need them?

Their primary job is to handle or carry out preventative oral care procedures under the close supervision of a licensed dentist. What they do is clean a patient’s teeth and inspect their mouth for indicators of damage, gum problems, and other oral diseases. A Canberra hygienist, for example, makes sure their patients maintain good oral health so they can enjoy clean, healthy teeth for a long, long time. Scope of a Dental Hygienist’s Work Load In summary fashion, here is a list of duties and responsibilities usually undertaken by dental hygienists: Review and Screening During the screening process, the hygienist interviews patients about their oral health history and thoroughly examines their teeth for any signs of decay, yellowing, diseases and other such problems.

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