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Follow These Tips To Develop A Superb Mobile App In 2017 | Appsted Blog – Mobile App Design & Development Tips | iOS, Android & HTML5 App Development Blog. In the year 2016, approx 65 billion app downloads were made and by end of 2018, the mobile app industry will be employing close to 5 million people. At present, there are around 107.7 million apps users in the US itself and this number is growing exponentially. Mobile apps serve as the good option for business firms to reach out to their customers spread across different geographical boundaries. Whether you want to send a document to a colleague or want to pay your bills, there’s an app for everything. Within just 7-8 years Mobile application development has grown multi-folds.

Nowadays, entrepreneurs are focused on creating user-friendly apps which not only offer great usability but are also stable. There are few points that you need to keep in mind before you before you start your app’s monetization process: Understand the user feedback & test it properly Making a perfect app is a bit hard. Efficiency is the key to Success Ensure your app is optimized in terms of data, speed and size. Business Takeaways With Android Applications | Appsted Blog – Mobile App Design & Development Tips | iOS, Android & HTML5 App Development Blog.

The Android is undeniably the most popular and scalable mobile operating system in the market today. There are over a billion android users around the world and the numbers are soaring with every passing day. The feat is astonishing and every other mobile application development platform aims for such a success. The basic reasons behind android being such a hit are quite reasonable. The technology is cheap and scalable.

The open source platform allows the developers with the freedom to craft amazing applications. The closest counterpart, which is Apple, may come with tools and SDK for the developers, but it does not match the freedom of the android platform. With android devices being the first choice of the people, thousands of people are joining the android community. Android apps have served the businesses and various corporate sectors around the globe in an unimaginable way. With the dedicated team and latest tools for app development, android apps can be created in no time. Business Takeaways With Android Applications : androidapps.

Will There Be In Rise In The Demand For App Developers in 2017 | Appsted Blog – Mobile App Design & Development Tips | iOS, Android & HTML5 App Development Blog. According to the recently conducted market survey, the year 2017 will be fruitful for the mobile app developers. It is said that by the end of this year, the demand for app developers will grow five times and lots of new places in the IT sector will be opened too. Moreover, the research also suggests that mobile device (smartphones and tablets) sales will rise to 2.1 billion by this year. This huge growth perspective will automatically increase the demand of Mobile App Developers who are capable of accomplishing all sorts of simple & complex app development tasks. The users nowadays look out for those apps which offer high performance and proper usability. So make sure your app excels in these two aspects. Most of the apps developed today are aimed for retail customers, Whatsapp & Viber being an example.

The primary difference between commercial and enterprise Mobile application development is that they are made for the users and later is created for internal functioning. Conclusion. As our valued clients, Appsted Ltd. wishing you a Christmas full of turkey and laughs and may you be blessed with a wonderful New Year! See you at the shop! Mobile Application Development Services: Essential components of Android SDK and Android Apps. The Android OS is based on the open-source tech and its source code was released under the Apache license. It is one of the widely used OS and is currently running on the mobile devices manufactured by Samsung, Sony, Blackberry, Motorola, Xiaomi, One Plus, Google etc. Built upon the Linux Kernal, the primary design goals of the Android platform is to stay fully-functional, maintain the open-source neutrality and develop rapidly. What Is Android SDK? Why Is It Needed? It is a software development kit (SDK) is used for Mobile application development process.

It contains necessary components that help in building Android applications. It comes as a part of the Android Studio and also includes several sample codes that help both amateur and professional app developer while coding an app. The Android Studio also comes with an Android Virtual Device manager that allows the developers to test run application with any version of Android. Compatible IDEs The Android SDK Manager SDK Tools SDK Samples. Hire Mobile App Developers | iPhone, Android, HTML5 Programmers. iPhone App Development | Custom iOS Application Services. Multifarious and multi-capable iPhone applications have been assailing the mobile market with a remarkable consistency. At Appstead, we ensure that the this 'consistency' makes its way into quality and feature-rich attributes as well. Developing iPhone applications that consolidate your business and hold it in good stead for the unpredictable future, we pursue advancement and steadfastness of your technology landscape.

At Appsted, we race past the archetypes to create a business value for your enterprise that is measurable, and at the same time, consistently expanding. The iPhone applications we develop comprise of the most unique and fresh features that are also made comprehensible to the end user. Mobile-app-developer.