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When Big Cars like SUVs and Crossovers have to Share the Road with Bikes - All Range Bike Center. Cars and bikes oftentimes doesn’t mix.

When Big Cars like SUVs and Crossovers have to Share the Road with Bikes - All Range Bike Center

Whenever a collision or traumatic event happens between these two, the results are often disastrous. Unfortunately, people motorists tend to forget that cars are much larger and powerful. They’ve been designed for centuries to be safe for their passengers, but little care has been paid attention to people who may collide or accidentally enter the path of this powerful machine. Cyclists are often hit or involved in fatal crashes due to being difficult to see. This frequently presents a problem whenever a bike, and a motorist share the same path.

This means that the motorist or the driver behind the wheel must accept a large responsibility whenever you decide to share a road with other cyclists. The bicycle makes it easy and rewarding to get around to places, so we won’t be seeing any shortage of bicyclists anytime soon. For Top Reviews on Cars based on their sizes and dangers to bikers go to 1. 2. 5 Things to Look For in a Bicycle Frame - All Range Bike Center. The bicycle frame is one of the most important parts of a bicycle.

5 Things to Look For in a Bicycle Frame - All Range Bike Center

Aside from looking at the materials that you will use, you also need to look for the components of a bicycle frame. This will determine how it will be able to carry your weight for the activities that you will be doing. Hence, a cyclist looking for a good bicycle should look into the things to look for in a bicycle frame. There are five things that you should look for in a bicycle frame. These include the weight, geometry, plain-gauge tubing, butting and welding. The History and Origin of the Bicycle - All Range Bike Center. The bicycle is an incredible simple work of art that is shrouded in a complicated past.

The History and Origin of the Bicycle - All Range Bike Center

This popular invention is surrounded by mystery and many misconceptions, even to this day. There are many stories available on the web today that conflict with each other on who actually invented the bike. However, one thing that is certain is the foundational concept of a bicycle was completely unlike the elegant bicycles available today. The first concept of a two wheeled vehicle that was completely reliant on human as a power source, dates back before a bicycle would become a popular way of getting around to this day. An inventor known as Giovanni de la Fontana built the first human powered device that consisted a complicated system of a rope that was connected to a group of gears.

It would be 400 years later that a Wealthy German inventor by the name of Karl Drais would be inspired and create his own concept of the bicycle. Drais’ invention was not taken as seriously as it should have been. Buying Replacement Parts for Your Bike - All Range Bike Center. Purchasing authentic and quality parts for your bicycle can be costly considering the price of a fake component and the possible destruction.

Buying Replacement Parts for Your Bike - All Range Bike Center

Purchasing a fake part for your bicycle may be especially tempting because of the low price and perceived value. Even if you’re on a minimalist budget, quality is extremely important. What’s wrong with purchasing a cheaper part? Isn’t it the same as the original factory installed part? Types of Bicycles - All Range Bike Center. Purchasing the right kind of bicycle can be a little confusing to some.

Types of Bicycles - All Range Bike Center

There really isn’t any rules dictating which bike would be best suited, but selecting the best bike for the particular individual’s interests is wise. Therefore, it’s more of a matter of purchasing the perfect bike for the consumer’s interests. The two things that the consumer needs to keep in mind the whole time when considering purchasing the perfect bike are; what the bike is going to be used for, and the kinds of activities the consumer has in mind. Considering these two factors is important because purchasing a bike to ride to work or getting around town every day, will be a lot more different than purchasing a bike that will be used for tackling trails in the mountains. Below you’ll find a list of the most common bikes available today and who and what they’re ideal for. The Roadster This is typically used by professional athlete cyclists.

As mentioned, this bike is usually used for races and speed events. Tips On Buying Bicycle Frames - All Range Bike Center. Buying and assembling your own bicycle parts in making your own personalized style bicycle may give you a lot of confusions of its functions and appearance that you wish for an output.

Tips On Buying Bicycle Frames - All Range Bike Center

Most especially with the bicycle frame that will be the biggest contributor of your bike’s appearance. First thing you must do is to plan the bicycle you wish to assemble, the factors you must consider are; the shape of your bicycle, and the area where you will mostly play or use it, the texture of the road, or the places you plan to explore with the use of it.

Bicycle frames may vary in sizes, colors, and materials used that will affect its function and performance. These are tips for you to ponder to make your bicycle project a success. The materials affect the frame and the overall performance of your bike, here are some to help you have the idea on what frame’s base material to choose Frames made with: Alloy. Choose something that you will never regret, choose quality without sacrificing your budget.