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The fair market value of the t-shirts is $7.00. Questions? 25 essential Firefox add-ons for power users. A bare copy of Firefox is a wonderful thing, but when you start stuffing it with add-ons it gets even better.

25 essential Firefox add-ons for power users

So what are the best add-ons for power users? Here's our top 25: 1. All-in-one Sidebar All-in-one Sidebar makes Firefox's Sidebar more useful by displaying pretty much anything you might want: source code, downloads, add-ons, page info, entire web pages… 2. Jealous of Safari's Porn Mode – ahem, Private Browsing? 3. The name's a clue: the Web Developer Toolbar adds a toolbar containing useful tools for web developers. 4. Install Instapaper's bookmarklet and you can store interesting things to read later. 5. FireFTP is an excellent bit of charityware – it's free, but donations are encouraged. 6. The Swiss Army Knife of the Internet, Greasemonkey enables you to bend sites to your will through the power of JavaScript. 7. Get complete control over Firefox's tab handling, from the way tabs look to the way they work, with Tab Mix Plus. 8. Browser sniffers stopping you from seeing sites? 9.