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BKWine Blog. Stuff Parisians Like. Nouvel article sur notre blog “Stuff Parisians Like” Il concerne le mot décalé!!

Stuff Parisians Like

All French people agree that Parisians are not normal people. Provinciaux deem that Parisians are below normal, usually beyond repair. Parisians on the other hand know full well that they navigate far beyond the norm. Such a striking opposition lies in the very definition each have of “the norm”. No matter how sorry the lifestyle of the Paris people may be, most will develop advanced reality-dodging strategies to convince themselves that they are not a part of the populace (“C’est tout petit mais le séjour est super lumineux“, “Le quartier est génial.

The ultimate destination of their dodging artifacts is to be found in the realm of culture. But a city of impoverished wannabes gets the cultural and intellectual life it deserves: that of followers. The adjective that epitomizes this evolution is “décalé“. Sound like a Parisian: “Non, le truc était hyper décalé, vraiment, excellent!” Prosecco wines to be the next modish wine as even Paris Hilton has jumped on the boat to promote her Rich Prosecco in a can? The Feiring Line. Twitter’s Fledging Wine : Serious About Wine. Want to take my “Wine Consumer Online” thesis survey? - Vinously Speaking. I know you do :) … So read on, the link to the survey is at the end.

Want to take my “Wine Consumer Online” thesis survey? - Vinously Speaking

You many know this already, but for those of new to VS, you might be wondering what the heck I do between VS blog posts. Well, I am a Master’s student at the Master in Wine Business program at the Burgundy School of Business in Dijon, France. I am done with the classroom time and now I am on to the “fun” part … writing my thesis and doing an internship. I have already posted about about my internship, but I haven’t said too much about what I am writing my thesis on. My thesis stems from the following topic: The wine consumer’s wine-related use of the internet and online interaction with wineries and wine media. The wine industry is buzzing with talk of the ‘how’ and ‘how not’ to use social media and internet marketing to attract new consumers/business, but in the research I have been doing for my thesis, reports on the wine consumer’s view point of it all are next to impossible to find.

But that will not stop me! Bigpinots - The ramblings of an obsessive twino. Le blog de Christian Seely. Judgement of London. The story of what I am declaring the 2010 ‘Judgement of London’, which took place in central London last week. On a recent chilly November evening in London a historic event took place. While naughty students tore up Westminster and stormed Conservative Party headquarters, a secret location tucked away behind the hustle and bustle of west-central London played host to a different type of battle. Tottenham Court Road is lined with an array of shops selling the latest electronics and technology – a hangover from the 1950s and 1960s when it was a mecca for old World War II radios and electrical equipment – so perhaps a side-street from this road was a fitting venue for a unique blind tasting with two of today’s most innovative internet wine companies, FindWine and Naked Wines .

Travel Plus Wine. Wine me up « An encyclopaedia of the beautiful, unexpected & amusing. I truly believe wine is a magnifier of friendly interactions, positive inclinations and spontaneous communication.

Wine me up « An encyclopaedia of the beautiful, unexpected & amusing

Tonight, I was lucky to be invited by Miss Vicky Wine at her latest Paris Wine Tasting. It was in a trendy bar packed with people: fashion crazies with jaw-dropping outfits for an exhibition opening, rock’n’roll groupies for a trendy gig and wine lovers for Vicky’s wine selection. Oh! And a fat bulldog called ‘Venus’ was everywhere to be seen. Everybody had headed out there – after a long day at work, despite the public transport strikes and the chilly night – so as to share one (or more) glass(es) of wine. And it felt good to be there. At a Discount No Less. Project Wine Blog. Welcome to Project Wine Blog! Want to know what it is? Read on. FoodBuzz is hosting a 12-week " Project Food Blog " contest that began on September 20th!

But what is a wine blogger supposed to do ??? Well, I am taking the 10 Challenges posed to the contestants of the " Project Food Blog " and altering them to be a bit more ... vinous ;) and I will complete the challenges on the same contest time schedule! If there are any wine bloggers out there who wanna have some fun ... leave me a blog comment or message me on my Facebook or Twitter and let me know if you want to join me!

So? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HERE ARE THE "PROJECT WINE BLOG" CHALLENGES The original "Project Food Blog" challenges are in italic font. ** Post any time in the week provided next to each challenge** Challenge #1: Ready, Set, Wine Blog! Food Blog Challenge #1: Ready, Set, Blog! Challenge #2: It's all Foreign To Me! Food Blog Challenge #5: Recipe Remix So many variations of one recipe! Food Snob. 100 Top Wine Blogs, Most Popular Wine Blogs. Wine Tonite! The Champagne Diet. Spokane Wine and Coffee. $20 Dollar Wine Blog. Jim's Loire. Love that Languedoc Wine. Arteest. The Virtual Vine.