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Geofencing vs Geotargeting vs Beacons: When Should You Use Which? Writing native iOS and Android Unity Plugins. In-App Messages & Notifications. How to Integrate Twitter in your Android App. Facebook Retargeting Use Cases. Adding Real-Time Communication in Unity3D Multiplayer Games. AppWarp has been here for quite some time now.

Adding Real-Time Communication in Unity3D Multiplayer Games

Thousands of game developers in more than 150 countries have built amazing multiplayer games on multiple platforms using AppWarp. The most consistent and popular of them all remains Unity3D. In this post, I will simply talk about how game developers can add real-time communication in their Unity3D games to make them rich and engaging. Real-time implementation is not rocket science, there is no server-side coding or socket level programming required—everything, including the real-time communication, is handled by AppWarp Cloud. Should you need to learn how to get the pieces together and set up the basic code required, here is our tutorial video that has stood against the tests of time and still assists game developers across the world with a sample project we have created.

The entire source code of this sample is available in our Git Repo, but I am mentioning some of the relevant code snippets below. Saving Additional Data and Displaying App42 Leaderboard. Increase Engagement & Retention in your App with Facebook Remarketing. How to Upload, Cache, Save and Share image in an Android App? Omni-Channel Apps – Redefining Customer Experience. Cloud based Android Multiplayer Game Development. Best Practices to Master In-App Messages. iOS(Obj-C/Swift) Push Notification Tutorial. This easy and elaborated tutorial will enable you to configure your iOS app to send and receive push notifications.

iOS(Obj-C/Swift) Push Notification Tutorial

App42 Cloud API provides push notifications using APNS (Apple Push Notification Services). The best part about using App42 Push for your iOS app is that you can schedule and target people with geo based push notifications as well. Along with these features, you can also track the response rate of your notifications using the detailed analytics.

Let’s begin with configuring your iOS project and then the quick process to start sending push: Here are the prerequisites to configure Push Notifications for iOS applications : How APIs & API Management are Changing the Banking Industry. Using APIs & API Management for Omni-Channel Retail Experience. Why Backend as a Service - BaaS cannot be ignored for developing Apps. Leveraging Web Push Notifications in Ecommerce. Integrating Push Notification in PhoneGap Android Application. Omni-Channel Digitization is Transforming Insurance Industry. Using Query Interface of App42 Storage API - ShepHertz App42 Blog. Applying Caching and Offline Storage in App42 Android SDK. Empower your App42 Unity app with Facebook Auth.

How to Schedule the Facebook Wall Post? How to Implement In-App Purchases in Your App. Not Gamifying Your Mobile App - Gear Up for a Short Run. Insurance Marketing Automation. Travel/Aviation Marketing Automation. OmniChannel Retail Experience. Banking Services Marketing Automation. 6 App Analytics & Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2017. Best Practices on Mapping a Journey of an Airlines Customer. Importance of Real-time Analysis in your Multiplayer Game. Adding Real-time Communication in Unity3D Multiplayer Games. Reminder: Parse Data Migration to ShepHertz App42. Facebook Remarketing with App42 MA [INFOGRAPHIC] How OmniChannel Apps are Transforming Hospitality. ShepHertz App42 vs Parse: A Comparison. Why Banking Industry Must Adopt an Open API Platform. Best Practices in Growth Hacking for Mobile Apps. 6 Hacks to Boost App User Retention. The Importance of Traffic Management in Your API Strategy. With great popularity . . . comes large crowd.

The Importance of Traffic Management in Your API Strategy

Be it a shopping mall, a super hit movie, a famous restaurant/café or even a tourist spot. Generally, this happens because of two reasons, either the crowd is lured in or the crowd just wants to follow the others. Similarly, it may so happen that in your app server sometimes there are so many hits or requests that it is unable to handle—the consequences being slow performance, server downtime or just a poor user experience. The worst part is, as marketers and developers we all want innumerable active users but we never prepare ourselves for such situations.

API Management solution was invented to overcome challenges like these and many others that we will know in future posts. App42 API Gateway enables you to put various kinds of restrictions on the traffic that can be configured and setup quickly: Burst Limit: This simply means that the API Gateway is configured to process a certain number of requests per second. What could it have done? 4 Updates iOS 10 Brings in Push Notifications. We all are aware how awesome push notifications are and the best practices to get the max out of them.

4 Updates iOS 10 Brings in Push Notifications

They enable app marketers to connect with their consumers and users whenever and wherever. Real-time actionable analytics empower marketers to track each and every activity of their users and target them with personalized campaigns. Adding to these, recently launched iOS 10 brings four serious updates in push notifications that changes the way marketers leverage push notifications in iOS apps. Let’s quickly glance through these updates to figure out the changes: Until now, rich media support in push notifications was limited to Android apps. iOS 10 update, for the first time, allows the marketers to add rich content in their push notifications for iPhones and iPads. What App Marketers Can Learn from Pokémon Go. I used to have this really fat friend that would just sit at home and play video games all day round.

What App Marketers Can Learn from Pokémon Go

My recent meet with him just blew me away, to my amazement, he had lost majority of his weight and seemed very active . . . always looking around with excitement. When I couldn’t wait any longer I finally asked what actually happened with him to which he was very quick to respond. ‘Pokémon Go,’ he said. That’s it. It was then I decided that it was enough and I had to rip apart the success story and share my opinion on how Pokémon Go became what it is right now and how we all contributed to its success! Automated Push Campaigns - App42 Marketing Automation. Automation of Push Campaign is essential part for any App marketing and should take minimal effort in creating it.

Automated Push Campaigns - App42 Marketing Automation

App42 Marketing Automation enables you to create these campaign with few clicks and without writing any code for automation on the client side. For example, Creating Campaign for In-Active Users who have Installed your app, but not opened it from last 5 days or in E-Commerce application, sending automated Push to users who have added item in the cart, but the purchase still pending. Your app should capture all required events on which you want to do the automation and Push Notification should also be integrated along it before you start creating Campaign. ( Please see details for Capturing Events and Integrating Push Notification before you start ) Below are the steps to create Automated Campaign. App42 API Gateway. [Tutorial] The battle tested way of implementing Push Notifications in iOS. Omni-channel retail experience. What’s a game changer? An App Remarketing Campaign on Facebook. Facebook Remarketing has always been a sure shot way of getting users converted on websites.

What’s a game changer? An App Remarketing Campaign on Facebook

What exactly has it been doing? How to Write an Effective Push Notification that Converts. Get a quick walkthrough on creating and securing REST APIs and managing their complete lifecyle. Remarketing is highly useful in Travel & Hospitality apps in many ways. This is how you can leverage Remarketing in your gaming apps. APIs for Connection Resiliency. Background Top On mobile devices, data connectivity has always been an issue.

APIs for Connection Resiliency

While users are on the go, the data source will often switch towers and or downgrade/upgrade between 2G and 3G. Why businesses need apps. The 7 Mistakes App Marketers Make & How You Should Overcome Them. Boost User Engagement in Games. 7 App Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid. When Uncle Ben said, “With great power, comes great responsibility,” little did he know about the mammoth effect his line was going to have on the world.

7 App Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Within a span of five years apps have taken control of the entire consumerism and changed the realm as we know it. People carry connected devices with them all the time and use them to watch TV & news, socialize, make purchases, and navigate . . . in short, for everything. As an app marketer you must have figured out by now how omni-channel is a very powerful medium to connect with the consumer. Of course mobile and tablets are very personal things, it will not be surprising if you end up making mistakes and consequently losing your customer for good. I will help you identify those mistakes and get rid of them before you set out on marketing your app: 1. Apps are supposed to be very quick, interactive, and a fun way of letting your customers explore your product. What should be done Stick to the point. 2. 3. 4. 5. Gamification in non gaming apps. The other day I was on this quiz app and was frivolously checking out random quizzes and topics, not that it was my first day on that app—I used to do this every day until I accidentally clicked on weekly leaderboard.

gamification in non gaming apps

I saw some of my dumb friends—they admit that they are dumb so it is really safe to mention it here—leading the board. Something triggered in me and I took it on my ego that if they were dumb and still topping the leaderboard, how could I stay behind. Immediately, I started participating in all the quizzes to increase my score and I didn’t stop until I had topped the leaderboard. The story doesn’t end here—now my friends had become more active seeing me moving past them in weekly scores, so they upped their game—so I had to take up more and more quizzes so stay on top. All of this happened within a week’s span. App Remarketing on Facebook. App Growth Hacking Toolkit. Make Real-time Multiplayer Games using Unity3D. How to enable push notification in Android on Unity platform. Enabling push notification on the Android platform while building on Unity is not straightforward, especially if you are not from Android background. App42 makes this task seamless for unity developer and this can be done with minimal effort without prior knowledge of the Android platform.

App42 uses GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) to send Push Notification on Android devices. You can send push notifications from UI console as well as can use APIs to send and schedule Push notification to your app users. App42 also gives you interesting insight about analytics of push messages too This tutorial uses a sample app to give you a walk-through of integration. Why Cassandra is an excellent choice for real-time Analytics workload ? App42 provides lots of readymade APIs for developers and each API solves different problem of App development. To solve a different problem you need a different solution.App42 architecture uses hybrid solution for each of the Services on database layer. 5 Ways LinkedIn Can Boost Your App Downloads. Restoring the Session After the App Crash. 3 Trusted Ways to Drive Revenue in Strategy Games. Today the success stories of top gaming companies keep iterating the fact that the primary focus is on 3 major aspects: Create a strategy for app monetization right at the beginningInvest heavily on good and Actionable Real-time AnalyticsFocus on Daily User Engagement for better retention and Virality Campaigns My awesome job keeps giving me the opportunity to discuss with Gaming Studios about their projects when they are still conceptualizing the game and I am amazed at the new features they try and bring to the games we play every day.

However, I most often end up noticing that the focus is heavy on frontend and less on the analytics and engagement part. Yes, user experience is of utmost importance but you can’t just ignore monetization even if your game is in the initial phases of development. Out of the thousands of apps running on ShepHertz App42 Platform, a good chunk uses AppWarp and comes under the category of strategy games. 5 Cheap and Cost Effective Ways to Market & Promote Indie Games. Gamification: The Fun and Interesting Way to Keep Your App Users Engaged. Here are Some Tips: The other day I was on this quiz app and was frivolously checking out random quizzes and topics, not that it was my first day on that app—I used to do this every day until I accidentally clicked on weekly leaderboard. I saw some of my dumb friends—they admit that they are dumb so it is really safe to mention it here—leading the board.

Why Cassandra is an Excellent Choice for Real-Time Analytics Wor

Learn How to Deploy Push Notification in App. Introducing App42 DevOps on vCloud Air. Get Backend Services to Build and Market Your App. 5 Cost Effective Ways to Market Indie Game Apps. Using RPCs in Unity and AppWarp S2. Note : The following article describes RPCs in context of AppWarp What is RPC? RPC(Remote Procedure Call) is a mechanism available in AppWarp S2 which enables developers to call methods that are defined on server directly from the clients. Hence, using RPCs developers can extend the server side by implementing his own methods. Types of RPCs? Zone RPCRoom RPC.

ShepHertz App42 vs Parse: A Comparison

Creating Multiplayer Android Games Using AndEngine. Unity Realtime Multiplayer Sample. iOS Connection Resiliency Sample Fight Ninja. In this blog post we are going to discuss how you can use our Connection resiliency feature which was announced in the previous blog post.It is a new feature of our gaming server platform AppWarp which provides support to recover from intermittent connection errors. To avail the benefits of Connection Resiliency, a developer should enable this feature just after initializing the WarpClient as follows: Above API sets the connection recovery time (in seconds) during which the session can be recovered which is by default 0.Therefore there is no connection recovery and the SDK behavior will be same as before.Recommended values are between 60 to 120 i.e. 1 minute to 2 minutes. We will be using our Fight Ninja demo project to walk you through the Connection Resiliency implementation. You can navigate to the class ConnectionListener.m of Fight Ninja to find the above callback.

Push Notification on Windows Phone. Sending Rich Push with App42 UI Console. FIFA 2014 Leaderboard using App42 Backend. The ongoing football fever of FIFA World Cup 2014 has taken a cloud toll over us as we could not resist coming up with a Leaderboad of current matches on our blog.The battle going on among the players to take their teams to top 16 has already shot up the number of sleepless nights. Well, we were just wondering about the scenario when the top teams of 2014 will put their strategic game play in semi finals & finals to win the World Cup.

Yes, it is going to get crazier. Flash is Not Dead Yet! HTML5 vs Flash. HTML5 is a term that has gone viral over the last few months. Its arrival has put a question mark on the future of Flash. Debates have been going on about the future of flash and many have already considered flash as being dead. ShepHertz Announces Support for Nokia X Platform. The Nokia X has generated a huge interest in the market, as a result of which developers have already started working on Apps targeted for this phone and are porting their existing Android Apps. Creating Multiplayer Android Games Using AndEngine. Shephertz Launches MMO Interest Management kit. Gaming is one of the most successfully growing industries across the globe and multiplayer becomes a vital organ of it. Unity Multiplayer Game Development. Unity is a popular cross-platform game engine for building sophisticated 3D games. Using the AppWarp S2 Master Server. We recently released the AppWarp S2 master server for our customers who have deployments that span multiple AppWarp S2 instances.

Push Notification on Windows Phone. Flash is Not Dead Yet! HTML5 vs Flash. Flash is Not Dead Yet! HTML5 vs Flash. Making Multiplayer Games using AppWarp in Swift. Cross Platform Push Notification Api, How to Send Push Notification Api. How to make http request in swift. Deploying Facebook App on App42 PaaS. GPaaS Service Extended to Multiple Locations for Minimum Latency. Java Multiplayer Libgdx Tutorial. How to Write and Deploy Custom Cloud Code for iOS. Creating Multiplayer Android Games Using AndEngine. Deploying Sinatra application on App42 PaaS. Unity Multiplayer Game Development.

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