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Top foods that cleanse your liver. The liver as we all know, plays a very important role in keeping us hale and hearty as it is responsible for filtering, processing and breaking down anything that passes through out body.

Top foods that cleanse your liver

In fact, it is responsible for more than 500 function in out body. It converts stored sugar to usable sugar when the levels drop below normal, it stores vitamins, iron and destroys old red blood cells and produces bile. This is how it breaks down and digest fats. However, an onslaught of processed foods, alcohol, and other such substances can damage the liver. But there are powerful natural foods that can cleanse the liver. Turmeric Every Indian household has it and we use it liberally as a spice. Garlic According to some top nutritionists in Mumbai, garlic is great to cleanse the lover naturally. Cruciferous vegetables Vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts are cruciferous in nature and they increase the level of enzymes that detoxify and protect the liver from any damage.

Green tea. How a macrobiotic diet helps combat cancer? – Telegraph. People these days are increasingly becoming health-conscious and adopting healthy diets and lifestyles.

How a macrobiotic diet helps combat cancer? – Telegraph

However, there is also a rise in deadly diseases such as cancer, especially in busy cities such as Mumbai where people tend to follow unhealthy lifestyles. Foods That Help Combat Gestational Diabetes. Diabetes can be tackled with a good diet and proper exercise…we all know that.

Foods That Help Combat Gestational Diabetes

But even gestational diabetes, which occurs only during pregnancy is best dealt with by adopting a healthy meal plan. Even in a city like Mumbai, which is fast-paced, it is important to follow a good diet, especially if one is pregnant. Read on to know how a healthy diet helps in dealing with gestational diabetes. What is gestational diabetes? In simple terms, gestational diabetes is high blood pressure that begins when one is pregnant. Eat more protein Nutrition matters, and those with this diabetes should up their intake of protein to help balance the blood sugar levels.

Regulate those carbs Regulate our intake of carbohydrates by spacing out your meals evenly through the day as it would help reduce the size of the spike in blood sugar after you’ve eaten. Fruits are good Eating fruits if going thorough gestational diabetes is good but you only have to eat in moderation. — Foods That Keep Your Arteries Unclogged. Health benefits of a Vegan Diet. Veganism is becoming a trend and it catching on as well, especially in big metros like Mumbai.

Health benefits of a Vegan Diet

But what is veganism exactly? Simply put, it is a plant-based diet that cuts all dairy products and of course, non-vegetarian foods from the meal. And, it is supposed to have great health benefits as well. Read on to know more about a vegan meal plan for good health. Dietary changes to help during perimenopause. Bodily changes, mood swings, irregular periods, hot flashes, loss of bone mass, and more, are all a part of perimenopause that hits women in their 40s.

Dietary changes to help during perimenopause

This is the phase before menopause that lasts for years; when oestrogen levels drop as ovaries produce less of it. Hence, the risk of osteoporosis and heart ailments goes up. However, a healthy perimenopausal diet helps combat all this. Increase your intake of calcium Your oestrogen levels start to drop as soon the perimenopausal phase hits. Drink loads of H2O There is truly no substitute for water, especially during perimenopause. Managing diabetes with a proper diet. Eating right and healthy is the norm today and more so for diabetics.

Managing diabetes with a proper diet

It is well-known that they have to manage and control what they eat and when they eat. However, since no single food offers all the nutrients necessary for our body, it’s important to have a healthy mix of all foods. And, since the number of diabetics is on the rise today, especially in a city like Mumbai with its lifestyle, it is vital to have a balanced meal. Here, we tell you an easy way to manage a diabetes diet. Plate Method This method devised by the American Diabetes Association is quite simple and focusses on more vegetables while also controlling the portion size of your meals.

Count those carbs Another easy way to manage a diabetes diet is to not avoid them altogether but count them. Watch your glycaemic index Protecting yourself against low blood glucose levels as physical activity lowers it. — Stay healthy with a perfect immunity boosting meal... What is a Detox Diet? Top 5 foods for hair growth. Unlike other body parts, hair is a part of our body that keeps growing almost our entire life, and they keep getting replaced at the same time.

Top 5 foods for hair growth

The importance of Sports Nutrition. If you are a person indulged in sports, you must already be aware of the benefits and importance of following a nutrition-rich diet that matches the requirements of your body.

The importance of Sports Nutrition

The amount of nutrients required by our bodies depend on the nature of our work. A sportsperson needs a different diet than someone who doesn’t play sports. Following a nutritious diet is essential for every individual; similarly, in the case of sportspersons, sports nutrition is necessary to provide them the right amount of energy. Apart from providing energy, sports nutrition helps the sportsman in maintaining their physique. It is a commonly known fact that both diet and workout are essential for building the right physique. It is not only the type of food that matters but the number of times you eat and the quantity of food you eat matters equally. The proportion of proteins and carbs one consumes through their diet varies on their body and the kind of exercise they do. — Healthy Diet For Glowing Skin.