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Easy ways to choose the best nasal aspirator for your baby. A stuffy or runny nose causes great discomfort to adults and it’s the same for babies too, or even more.

Easy ways to choose the best nasal aspirator for your baby

It’s hard to breathe you have a blocked nose and babies have a hard time as they cannot even blow their nose like adults. Hence, nasal aspirators are a great device to have in the medical kit for your baby. Read on to know more about how to use nasal aspirator on the baby. What is a nasal aspirator?

Easy ways to choose baby care products

Simple steps to swaddle your baby. For aeons, people the world over have swaddled babies in soft, comfortable cloth.

Simple steps to swaddle your baby

Through time, the simple cloth has given way to fancy blankets but the tradition of swaddling has not dwindled. That’s because, it’s the most natural way to keep the infant feeling secure, comforted and help prevent sudden infant death syndrome, commonly known as SIDS. We tell you the easy and simple ways to do this in baby swaddle blankets. Why swaddle? These days, parents question almost everything that is ancient out curiosity and look for logical answers. Nobody knows the reason but babies who sleep on their stomach, overheated babies, or any fabric blocking their face are likely to feel suffocated.

How to swaddle a new-born? Swaddling an infant is quite simple. Step 1 Spread the swaddle blanket on a flat surface in the shape of a diamond. Step 2 Now, place the baby on the blanket. Step 3. Things to keep in mind while choosing baby bibs - Buying a bib for your baby may seem a simple task but you will be surprised at the different types of bibs available in the market.

Things to keep in mind while choosing baby bibs -

And, you need bibs for everything, for, whether it is bottle feeding, easting solid foods, teething, infants need bibs almost all the time as they are making a mess all the time. So, choosing the right ones is important and we tell you how to choose the best bibs for your baby. Number of bibs This is one important aspect to remember while buying a bib for your baby. If you thought that one or two would be enough, think again. Different styles Bibs come in various styles; you can pick some small ones going on to big ones in terms of size. Look out for good fabrics This is one of the main features to keep in mind while choosing the best bibs for your baby.

Cleaning and functional Bibs should be very handy and easy to use while being easily foldable too. Comfort and convenience. Guidelines to choose the right bottle warmer for breast milk – vickyarora1888. Packed with nutritional value, no wonder breast milk is referred to as ‘liquid gold’.

Guidelines to choose the right bottle warmer for breast milk – vickyarora1888

Human breast milk scores over formular milk in nutrition as well as immunologically. It’s been proven that mother and baby both benefit from it as it aids healthy infancy and lifespan of both. Yet, expressed milk or breast milk needs to be stored and warmed wisely to avoid any contamination. Choosing the right feeding bottle warmer for breast milk is important. Here are ways to do that. Not all bottle warmers are the same First thing to keep in mind while choosing a bottle warmer for expressed milk is that not all of them are the same with regard to formula or breast milk. Avoid overheating and ensure safety Babies have their preferences when it comes to the temperature of milk with usually, they preferring it at room temperature. Easy to use always The warmer has to be simple and easy to use, where only pressing a button should warm the milk slowly (as it warms milk evenly), to 37°C. Like this: How to store breast milk in breast milk storage bags?

Breast feeding is the norm, especially in India and is also the healthiest way to feed an infant with proven long-term health benefits for the baby.

How to store breast milk in breast milk storage bags?

However, sometimes, mothers prefer storing their milk to feed the baby. This happens if the baby is pre-mature and has a problem sucking, or if the mother or the baby is in the hospital and can’t be breast fed, or due to a busy lifestyle, the mother needs to store milk to feed the baby later. Here, we talk all about breast milk storage bags. Expressed milk What is expressed milk, you may wonder. Tips to buying toys for your baby – Telegraph. Colourful, fun, entertaining…that’s what toys are and they look so appealing in a multitude of colours, shapes, sizes.

Tips to buying toys for your baby – Telegraph

Buying toys for your baby can be an exciting task but it can even be confusing. Yet, it’s important that you pick the right ones for your baby. — How to buy clothes for a newborn?