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The Perfect Recipe to Grow Your Tech Business Online. In today’s world when technology is gradually advancing, app development companies along with other organisations are looking for ways to develop and extend their businesses.

The Perfect Recipe to Grow Your Tech Business Online

However, like other trades, it’s not that easy to grow your tech business online. Apart from constant hard work and sheer dedication, it needs in-depth research and careful planning. A lot of things are needed to be kept in mind. One wrong step and your entire business will crumble like a sand castle. So, you need to follow a proper strategy, see what mistakes other startups committed and avoid them as much as you can. Some app development companies in the UK were facing the same issues while expanding their business. What Will You Require? 1. Tech business is all about new ideas. So, if you really want to expand your business – get some fresh ideas first. 2. The Ultimate Cheatsheet: 50 Ways To Market Your App.

Have you ever wondered how many different ways there are to market an app?

The Ultimate Cheatsheet: 50 Ways To Market Your App

There is actually a lot and if it’s something you have ever been curious about, Well, I’m here to help! In this article, I will be giving you 50 ways to market an app. 1. Build A Website. App Crash Statistics On The Rise With OS Updates. For App developers a problem is ensuring their apps continue to work through updates on operating systems as a lot of the time no matter how well the app is created, OS updates can be a severe problem.

App Crash Statistics On The Rise With OS Updates

As you could probably already tell, App Developers have nothing to do with OS updates as that is the manufacturer’s responsibility so they can’t just say to change a feature of the system because the developer’s app no longer works. iOS Crash Rate By Version iOS 7iOS 8iOS 9iOS 10 Sometimes it’s not just apps that suffer, iOS 9.3 literally broke some people’s phones and left it unusable.

Android Crash Rate By Version Jelly Bean 4.1:4.3KitKat 4.4Lollipop 5.0:5.1Marshmallow 6.0Nougat 7.0:7.1 Updating to the latest system is supposed to provide stability fixes, performance issues and more support for apps and features within the operating system but what happens when that doesn’t go to plan? Mobile App Development in London - Applify.

Applify is one of the top names to refer to when it comes to mobile app development based in London’s startup hub- Tech City.

Mobile App Development in London - Applify

At Applify, our iOS and Android developers take up your idea, no matter how crazy, to get your users head over heels! The Reasons Why App Reviews Are Great! – Applify. It’s no lie that App Store reviews are varied and a lot of the reviews aren’t true because you have to filter through a sea of people giving the app a rating that isn’t true because they post a review based on issues they are having instead of contacting tech support.

The Reasons Why App Reviews Are Great! – Applify

I haven’t noticed any differences between the app stores, whether it be UK, US or worldwide they seem to have similar problems with this. I don’t believe that these reviews should be approved but for some reason, they are and a lot of the time it gives a great app a negative response. I personally have a negative view towards app store reviews due to this but truly, reviews are great and I will tell you why.

After filtering out all of the not so true reviews and finding genuine ones, they can give you a feel for the app and how it works. How To Attract Customers through Mobile Ads. Mobile ads are a hit or miss kind of deal.

How To Attract Customers through Mobile Ads

You can either draw customers in and have their full attention or annoy them and drive them away from your app, there really is no in between. As a mobile app development company, it becomes essential we strategically implement app monetization strategies while delivering the products to our clients and mobile ads are one key factor that boosts ROI. I’m going to be sharing some tips and tricks on how to attract customers with mobile ads and not drive them away. 1. How To Make A Great App. Very often have I come across app development companies and stats producing organisations posting write-ups relating to what are the top apps, the best apps, “This XYZ App was the best app of the year!”

How To Make A Great App

Etc etc. But what is it that makes these apps worthy of being called the best apps? As an app developer, if you too have found yourself asking this question, think no more. Google Play Purge: Google to remove millions of apps from the Play Store. Over the past 24 hours, Google has sent out notices to developers globally with the intimation to either remove or “limit visibility” of the so-called zombie apps!

Google Play Purge: Google to remove millions of apps from the Play Store

These android mobile apps are primarily the ones that have violated Google’s User Data Policy in one or the other way. For most developers, the primary violation being the lack of a privacy policy. Google’s plan to fend off these apps, littering around the play store is likely to affect millions of apps! The App Store also cleansed by removing close to 60,000 apps by the end of last year; simply strictly maintaining quality apps on the store. Post this, the Play Store Purge is surely coming where poor performers either won’t have the motivation or the know-how of creating a privacy policy. Things to Remember while Making a Medical App – Applify. By Cherilyn Hamilton When it comes to app development, it’s a tricky business as one simple mistake can make users not want to install your app.

Things to Remember while Making a Medical App – Applify

Whatever the mistake, significant or subtle, can cause the whole user base to come crashing down and make potential new installs stray away from the app. Mobile Apps are up and coming in the medical field, connecting people to doctors easier than ever- right from the comfort of their own home. But what would stop someone from installing this type of app? App Developers in London have been pro-active in delivering some mind-blowing medical apps in the industry.

Mobile App Development

Applify (@weareapplify) Applify. Weareapplify (@weareapplify) Excellent Mobile App Development London, Uk. Mobile App Development London, Uk – Applify. Ios App Development London, Uk. Our global team is composed of the most complex designers and developers in the global world, who craft stunning iPhone programs visually.

Ios App Development London, Uk

We ensure that every pixel is at its rightful place whenever we create crisp, clean, and functional designs. The results we produce for our clients always go beyond objectives and exponentially increase brand understanding. Android App Development london, Uk. Are you one of those spectators who have been there and seen the rise of Android industry? Have you recently decided that you no more want to remain a silent spectator anymore?

Want to tap some gains into your credit along with? It’s truly mesmerizing the way Android has made strides in the recent past years! True is the observation that, Android phones are seen on every second palm. Google Play Store got into the limelight of the app world as soon as 2009, just a year after the release of Apple App Store. Well, the time has come; you embark into making some real moving apps that make their mark in the App World. Applify- Chatbots Development. Well, you heard it right in the news! Chatbots are soon going to take over the existing Apps! The future of technology is here! And might be that in the next few years, you will not see a single app in your phone!

iOs Apps (Apple) Mobile App Design & Development Company London, Doha, India - Applify.