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Medieval Europe

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An Atlas of Cyberspaces- Historical Maps. USENET in 1981.

An Atlas of Cyberspaces- Historical Maps

The topology of the BITNET in 1981 (partial map) The NSFNET infrastructure and topology in 1991. (Source : NSFNET postscript maps from | Introduction | Whats New | Conceptual | Artistic | Geographic | Cables & Satellites | Traceroutes | | Census | Topology | Info Maps | Info Landscapes | Info Spaces | ISP Maps | Weather Maps | | Wireless | Web Site Maps | Surf Maps | MUDs & Virtual Worlds | Historical | (© Copyright - Martin Dodge, 2007) Middle Ages Women. Weapons. A Glossary of European Noble, Princely, Royal and Imperial Titles. Outline. 1.

A Glossary of European Noble, Princely, Royal and Imperial Titles

Introduction. 2. Sovereigns and Sovereignty. 3. Nobles and Nobility. 4. Imperial Titles. 5. Timelines of History, Today in History, World History. Home » Retronaut. Internet Modern History Sourcebook. The Internet Modern History Sourcebook now contains thousands of sources and the previous index pages were so large that they were crashing many browsers.

See Introduction for an explanation of the Sourcebook's goals. Explanation of Sources of Material Here . See the Help! Page for all the help on research I can offer. Although I am more than happy to receive notes if you have comments on this web site, I cannot answer specific research enquiries [and - for students - I cannot, or rather will not, do your homework.] The Modern History Sourcebook now works as follows: This Main Index page has been much extended to show all sections and sub sections. To access the sub-section pages , simply browse the sections below and select the highlighted (white text with green background) section title on the left.

In addition there are now two navigation bars on the left of each page for every sub-section. Best of History Web Sites. Internet History Sourcebooks Project (mit Überblicksdarstellungen) Internet History Sourcebooks Project Paul Halsall, Editor Last Modified: Dec 11 | linked pages may have been updated more recently The Internet History Sourcebooks Project is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use. 1.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project (mit Überblicksdarstellungen)

Encycl. Medieval Studies. World History : HyperHistory. Resources, Programs, Research. Episode Two: Among Believers The Story of the Jews PBS Simon Schama’s epic series continues with the story of medieval Jews struggling to preserve their identity — and sometimes their lives — under the rule of Christianity and Islam.

Resources, Programs, Research

Internet History Sourcebooks. Full Text Sources Links to full texts of books available at this and other sites will be listed here.

Internet History Sourcebooks

The texts are also integrated within the overall structure of the Sourcebook. This listing is to aid compilers of web guides to online books, etc. The books that tend to have been put online here, or those that have been linked, tend to be those entire books that are often assigned to students in college classes to be read along with the more usual excerpted texts. Contents. People and Places of the Middle Ages - Medieval People and Places. History of the World. Illuminated Manuscripts. Manuscripts from the 8th to the 15th century Before the introduction of printing to Western Europe during the mid-15th century, all books were written by hand.

Illuminated Manuscripts

The Latin for hand, ’manus’, and for writing, ’scriptum’, give us the word manuscript. Making a manuscript was slow and demanding: sometimes routinely laborious, sometimes creatively glorious, and always expensive. Medieval Castle History, Design of Medieval Castles, Haunted Castles: Manuscript Miniatures: Database & Image Collection. Town Chronicles in the Holy Roman Empire: Legitimacy and Historical Construction. – January 10, 2009Posted in: Articles Town Chronicles in the Holy Roman Empire: Legitimacy and Historical Construction By Ernst Reigg Paper given at The Contours of Legitimacy in Central Europe: New Approaches in Graduate Studies (2002) Synopsis: Examines the historiography of the town chronicles in Germany from the Middle Ages to the 18th century, to examine their relationship with the Holy Roman Empire.

Town Chronicles in the Holy Roman Empire: Legitimacy and Historical Construction

Introduction: Within the patchwork rug called the Holy Roman Empire legitimacy was a multi-polar problem as the empire was a multi-polar organism. Click here to read this article from the University of Oxford <A HREF=" Widgets</A> Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle - Brill Reference. Medieval Manuscripts & Maps Digitized. The Medieval Review. Medieval Germany.