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FRP Grating and Stair Treads. A good rap from BHP Billiton reminds us of U-Tred's benefits - AMCO. We’ve always pushed the line that a great advantage of our U-Tred anti-slip stair nosing is the ease of installation.

A good rap from BHP Billiton reminds us of U-Tred's benefits - AMCO

A recent issue (13 January, 2017) of Nickel West Kwinana from BHP Billiton attests to this benefit and is a good reminder that simple things do count even in business. Compared to other anti-slip solutions for open grid type steps, which are common in mining, construction and agricultural industries, U-Tred is installed in seconds. The only tool required is a hammer or mallet. No need for any nuts, bolts or fasteners of any kind. No need for drilling or removal/replacement of steps. U-Tred is a tough anti-stli stair nosing, made from galvanised steel.

Unlike some stair nosings which are made of fibreglass, which tend to crack or worse, release hazardous splinters, which can cause bodily harm, U-Tred is steel tough. Going back to the great rap we got from BHP Billiton, here’s the relevant text which refers to U-Tred. Versatile office and entrance mat - Décor Plush #512 - AMCO.

Strictly speaking this mat is not new.

Versatile office and entrance mat - Décor Plush #512 - AMCO

We’ve been marketing the Décor Plush for sometime now. But, this is the first time, we’ve added this mat into our website. So, here it is, folks, for your information. We say that this mat is versatile because not only can this be used as an entrance mat but also it can be sued as a great alternative to vinyl office chair mats. As an entrance mat, Décor Plush pulls any debris and shoe grime off your feet, before walking onto nice clean carpet. Note that with the pile being very slim (only about 2 -3 mm) the mat is the next best option for using as mats to roll office chair wheels on.

We have already sold these many times as an option to the standard PVC chair mat, so we know there’s good market acceptance. The pile of Décor Plush is a slip-resistant vinyl. The poly fibres are stain resistant and easy to clean. Décor Plush 512 comes in many sizes and is also available in a number of runner lengths, to suit most requirements. How Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mats Offers Safety. Whether you're considering an anti-fatigue kitchen floor mat for a commercial or residential kitchen, opt for a product that will ensure maximum orthopedic safety and comfort.

How Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mats Offers Safety

Conserve your energy and spirit With an anti-fatigue mat, you can ease the weariness on the feet. The mat is specially designed with rubber, vinyl or wood to console tired feet that bear the brunt of standing for long periods on a hard surface. Industrial Matting - Multi Mat – Excellent for Anti Slip. Reversible Anti-slip mat for Food Production & Industrial areas with aggressive multi-directional cleats.

Industrial Matting - Multi Mat – Excellent for Anti Slip

The MultiMat – safety mat is your one-stop-shop for a slim profile and a sure-fine way to cut slippage. Built exclusively for anti-slip purposes, it’s not called the MultiMat for nothing. The pictures below show you the multitude of rubber cleats that the mat is named after, which give you the best anti-slip mat in your industry. Rubber Floor Matting Australia – Standing Desk Mats. Non Slip Stair Treads – GRIPMASTER - AMCO. Ortho Anti Fatigue Mats Australia - Orthomaster Safety Matting. Lion Plate - Non Slip Stair Treads & Platforms - AMCO. Anti Slip Stair Nosing – Metal Stair Edge Nosing.

The U-TRED® anti slip stair nosing product is an innovative new creation that installs in Seconds on to open grid type steps used in the Mining, Construction and Agricultural Industries.The U-TRED® creates Revolutionary Step Definition and features Double action anti-slip profile for a rang of stairways.

Anti Slip Stair Nosing – Metal Stair Edge Nosing

With no nuts, bolts or fasteners of any kind, your steps are upgraded instantly to proven grip and high visibility with no fuss.U-TRED® is a robust steel anti slip stair nosing product, galvanised and powder coated Safety Yellow, it will not crack or release hazardous splinters inflicting bodily harm as can occur with Fibreglass Stair nosings.

Existing anti-slip products such as Steel Stair Nosings can quickly become ineffective after clogging up… try a U-TRED sample pack today… You will be amazed! Exporting to all global destinations……………….. Proven savings set out below. 100 x Gripmaster Stairnosings – 880 x 50 x 20mm = $3200.00 800 x U-Tred’s to complete the project on hand = $1760.00.