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Life Organization. Apartment. Celebrity Fashion. Beauty and Health. Lifestyle. Love and Romance. A New Study Reveals the Type of Lingerie Men REALLY Prefer. Informative Infographics Every Classy Lady Must See ... 7 Things You Should Know about Setting Goals ... → Inspiration. You'll Love These Gorgeous Wedding Dresses from Movies and TV Shows! → Fashion. 7 Types of Friends Every Girl Needs in Her Social Circle ... → Lifestyle. The Best-Dressed Hollywood Couples ... → Celebs. How Often Should You do Home Beauty Treatments? → Beauty. How to Look Sexy in Sheer Lipstick ... → Makeup. Camping is Cheap and More Fun than You Imagine ... → Travel. What do They do? the ABCs of 19 Awesome Essential Oils ... → Health. 15 Erogenous Zones to Explore ... → □ Love. These Dances Will Totally Tone Your Body ... → Fitness. 10 Swimwear Infographics for a Fun Summer! → □ Fashion. Cheer Yourself up with These 7 Rut Ruiners ... → Inspiration.

Get More Guys with These Tricks to Appear More Approachable ... → Love. 7 Simple and Cute Sleeping Masks to Make. Now That You've Lost Weight, Here is How to Show off Your Body ... 9 Incredibly Beautiful Anthropologie Knock-off Earrings You Have to… Show 'Em What You've Got with These Graduation Style Tips ... Party, Maxi, Lace & Knitted Dress. 17 Hawaiian Words to Learn besides Aloha ... → Lifestyle. YOLO... 7 Reasons to Be a Rocking Solo Traveller and See the World ... → Travel. Tricks for Remembering Your Dreams in the Morning ... → Lifestyle.

How to Feel Sexy without Showing Any Skin at All ... → □ Fashion. She's so Boho! 29 of Selena Gomez's Streetstyle Looks to Steal ... How to Wear Floral without Looking Overly Girly ... → □ Fashion. You don't have to be girly to wear floral.

How to Wear Floral without Looking Overly Girly ... → □ Fashion

It's a design that goes well with any style, as long as you mix and match correctly. So don't pass by an entire section of the store, just because you're afraid of looking too girly. Whether you're an edgy rocker chic or a tomboy, here are a few different ways that you should feel comfortable wearing floral: Photo via Floral jeans are becoming more popular by the day. So if you wouldn't feel like yourself in a flowery dress, stick to wearing flowers on your jeans or on your leggings. How to Look like an off Duty Model ... → Fashion.

The Downside of Beauty: Fashion Problems Only Women Will Understand ... → Fashion. 20 Best Movie Quotes of All Time... → Movies. 7 Menswear Inspired Street Style Looks to Lust after ... → Streetstyle. Interior Design Ideas: French Interiors - Home Bunch - An Interior Design & Luxury Homes Blog. French interiors are always a favorite style for many of my readers and I am happy to share a new “Interior Design Ideas” today with only French interiors!

Interior Design Ideas: French Interiors - Home Bunch - An Interior Design & Luxury Homes Blog

Here you will find many different kinds of French interior styles, such as French country, rustic French and of course, classic traditional French interiors. If you love French homes like I do, you will always enjoy seeing some stunning French architecture just like the home shown above, and you can’t talk about French influences without talking about Paris and that’s why I have included some inspiring photos of the “City of Light” at the end of this post. Let’s dream we’re somewhere in Paris, seeing beautiful stores, elegant people and eating some delicious food in a charming cafe. It’s not too hard to imagine that, is it? Collect more Interior Design Ideas: Come follow me on Pinterest/HomeBunch Interior Design Ideas: French Interiors Via Sotheby’s. French Country Photo By Mikkel Vang. Fresh French Interiors Via El Mueble.

Pretty & Yummy. The Absolute Cutest Looks from the Cannes Film Festival ... → Celebs. MASH: What's Your Dream Home? → Lifestyle. What Type of Style Icon Are You? → □ Fashion. Every girl has her own style.

What Type of Style Icon Are You? → □ Fashion

And that style can be defined in a way that gives it meaning. Some girls love wearing skirts and dresses, while others are more comfortable in jeans. And while you wouldn't tell someone that your style can be described as "jeans," you would use a term that would explain to them your fashion preferences. Here are 10 examples of style terms that can be used to describe a girl's fashion sense. 7 Interesting Ways You Can Use Tea. 8 Best Lingerie Options to Wear on Valentine's Day ... → □ Love. 9 Really Simple Tips for Looking Thinner ... → □ Fashion. 7 Amazing Celebrity Apartments You Need to See ... → Celebs. 40 Home Decor Ideas from Oh Joy's Pinterest Board ... → Inspiration. I'm sure you're familiar with blogger extraordinaire Joy Cho and her blog Oh Joy.

40 Home Decor Ideas from Oh Joy's Pinterest Board ... → Inspiration

She's a super talented lady with tons of great ideas for the home, apparel, recipes and more which you can also see on her blog Oh Joy. So, I thought why not take a peek at what one of the most popular Pinners is loving and get inspired! Photo Credit Via Dimples and Tangles: KITCHEN CHALKBOARD ... This idea from the home board of Oh Joy is such a great idea! Not only do I love the chalkboard wall, but the reverse drawer pull makes a perfect chalk holder. 8 Great Interior Decorating Blogs ... → Lifestyle. 7 Ways to Reduce Work-Related Stress without Turning to Food ... → Health. 7 Advantages of Going out by Yourself ... → Inspiration.

The Great Gatsby: The Wardrobe. FollowFollowingFeather Factorfeatherfactor.comSale PSA: Woohoo – designer sale markdowns have begun!

The Great Gatsby: The Wardrobe

I’ve picked out some favorites in shoes and handbags. Shoes up first: the classic and extremely wearable “Allure” kitten pump in taupe by Jimmy Choo, now 30% off, my favorite (still, years later,...ReportNudity or PornographySpamPromotes Self-HarmAttacks a Group or IndividualsOther Subscribe to Feather Factor Get updates delivered right to your inbox! More posts from Feather Factor. And the Best Dressed Celebrities at the Cannes Film Festival 2015… Another glamorous year at the Cannes Film Festival has come to an end, and as expected our favorite ladies did not disappoint on the red carpet.

And the Best Dressed Celebrities at the Cannes Film Festival 2015…

It was insanely hard to pick the best of the lot, but we tried. Check out these beautiful #women and their beautiful looks. Until next year... Photo via Beach Bum 101: Delicious Fruity Drinks You Should Sip on the Sand ... I don't know about you, but I LOVE fruity drinks.

Beach Bum 101: Delicious Fruity Drinks You Should Sip on the Sand ...

One of my favorite parts of summer is sipping on the sweet fruity goodness of lemonade and cocktails. Are you planning a summer vacay this year? If so, you've got to try one of these fabulously fruity drinks as you soak up the sun! Photo Credit Ingredients: 1 cup fresh blueberries, plus extra for garnish 4 oz clear rum 10 fresh mint leaves 2 teaspoons sugar juice of 2 limes 6 oz club soda ice. Problems Picking a Major? Personality Tests That'll Tell You Which Career is Your Calling ... → Teen. Travel DIYS That Will Keep You Occupied until Your Trip ... → DIY. A vacation is such a special thing to #look forward to.

Travel DIYS That Will Keep You Occupied until Your Trip ... → DIY

Instead of daydreaming of lazy days on the beach or traipsing around fabulous urban sights, put those "I can't wait for my vacation to arrive" feelings to good use and get busy making some travel DIYs - some you can even take with you. Photo via Tutorial at