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Reverse Büro About I'm Loïc Dupasquier, a young 22 year old designer from Switzerland, and Reverse Büro is the space were I exhibit my past works. I have spent the last two years working on different interactive projects at Fcinq in Paris and Hello Monday in Copenhagen. Beside that, I am really passionate about all kind of fields related to design, and I love to work and experiment a lot in my spare time. I'm currently working for Bleed, in Oslo. A big thanks to Kirkas for building this website with Ascensor.js

Reverse Büro

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Who am I In 1999 Alexis Taïeb discovered graffiti. As his first works had barely dried on the walls he knew that he had found a love for life. This love for typography became a natural guide into a new profession. And soon enough, he graduated from Gobelins in 2007 with a solid knowledge of design and typography. Shortly after graduating, in 2008, Alexis became a freelancer with a focus on print and web design.
Atelier Poste 4 : graphisme & édition