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The best way to discover to Tenerife with the best price. Great excursions and great experience.

Public library - viajestiede - Diigo. Viajestiede's Journal - DeviantArt. Feedspot - User Profile Page. Viajestiede. Instapaper. Viajes Tiede on Pocket. Their Profile - viajestiede - Viajes Tiede. Viajes Tiede. VIAJES TIEDE - Home. Viajes Tiede. Tenerife, the vacation destination for 4 million tourists each year, is the largest of the Canary Islands, a chain in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of beautiful, sunny Spain.

Viajes Tiede

Its name is derived from “tene” (mountain) and “ife” (white), inspired by the snow covered volcano, Teide. Visit Viajes Tiede to see more. Tenerife is home to just under one million permanent residents, about 43% of the Canary Islands’ total population. It was explored by the Spanish in the 14th century and was referred to as the Isla del Infierno or “Island of Hell” because of the volcanic activity. However, there have only been four eruptions in the last 300 years with no human casualties. Viajes Tenerife – Adventure and Travel Tips Tenerife. Viajestiede. Tenerife. Tenerife may look serene as you approach it but it is a destination that can be anything you want it to be.


It is home to the world’s largest carnival, the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife which is set to become a World Heritage Site. The two airports bring both tourists and students; Tenerife is home to the University of San Fernando de La Laguna that was founded in 1792, the oldest university in the Canary Islands. There are pebble beaches with black sand in the north and south and lighter, finer sand on the southwest beaches. Viajes Tiede – Medium. Viajes Tiede - Adeje, Spain. - Publisher profile for Viajes Tiede. Viajes Tiede. Viajestiede, Av. V Centenario, 2, C.C. Paraiso del Sol, Local 5 Adeje Spain - Gravatar Profile.

La mayor oferta de excursiones de Tenerife.