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Official Colors - Google Sheets. Michigan Wolverines Color Codes - Team Color Codes. Ours de Villard-de-Lans. The 10 best team colors in college football of 2014. College Football Fan Index presented by Degree is a cumulative data-based ranking of America’s most engaged fan bases for the 2014 season.

The 10 best team colors in college football of 2014

Support your school by voting in the poll and see which programs index strongest each week throughout the regular season. 1. Texas (burnt orange and white) Today, burnt orange is synonymous with Texas. But it wasn’t always that way. Back in the 1880s, fans wore orange (not burnt orange) and white ribbons to support the baseball team, although at the time, Texas didn’t officially adopt those colors. Students, faculty, staff and alumni were all invited to send in their ballots.

Why Do Tennis Players Wear White? What, you think they wear it just because it's hot out?

Why Do Tennis Players Wear White?

Ha! Reuters Oh, Muffy. You've got quite a brain in that little blonde head of yours! That's like asking why the sky above us is blue, or why the water in the club pool is wet. To answer briefly, and obviously: White reflects the entire spectrum of light, which means it absorbs little heat. You see, while the uniform developed around the turn of the century, tennis is an ancient game. By the 16th century, the French and English aristocracy played a version of this jeu de paume with a rudimentary racket. Our sporty little shorts and polos did not exist then. Jeu de palme players at a country palace.

While such restrictive clothing no doubt taxed the Nadals and Federers of old, still the game spread across Europe. It's fair to say that, around the turn of the 20th century, a game very much like contemporary tennis had developed and become a sport. Nonetheless, this era saw the first tennis tournament. Library of Congress. Dr Russell Hill Research. Darwin (1876) first noticed that primate males use colouration for attracting females and displaying dominance and subsequent studies have provided support for the significance of red.

Dr Russell Hill Research

The intensity of red colouration in rhesus macaques and mandrills offers cues to male quality and status, but it is in male-male competition that the role of red is most pronounced. In mandrills, male red colouration on rump, face and genitalia depends on their testosterone-levels and male mandrills assess a rival's fighting ability and dominance rank based on their brightness of the rival's red colouration. In essense, the red colouration is a badge of status in primates, and in fact red colouration is associated with dominance and aggression in a wide range of taxa.

In humans, skin redness is not such a pronounced signal, but males tend to be redder than females and facial redness does correlate with testosterone levels and so may indicate high status and thus dominance. Data Sport. Se questo è un gioco - Nicola delez Deleonardis - Google Books. The (unofficial) NHL Uniform Database. >2012-13 English football « England: Conference North, map with 2013 champions Chester FC, and the 4 play-off clubs. 2012-13 Conference North & Conference South Play-offs – Fixtures, Results (

>2012-13 English football «

The Conference North is one of 3 leagues in the Non-League Football Conference. It is a 6th Level league, and its sister league is the Conference South. Both were instituted in 2004-05. The 22-team Conference North and the 22-team Conference South are the highest regional leagues in the English football pyramid – promotion is to the 5th level and the Conference National (which is the lowest-level national league in the English football ladder, and the highest level in the Non-League pyramid). 2 clubs each from Conference North and from Conference South are promoted each season – one automatic promotion (1st place) and the play-offs winner. Promoted to Conference National for 2013-14 – Chester FC. Young’s first year at the helm saw Colwyn Bay make the play-offs but fall short. Guiseley AFC.


Classements et historiques competitions. Rugby. Maillots Volley Clubs Pros Français. Football. Uni Watch. ColorWerx. France Galop - courses hippiques de galop. Cyclisme. 4. Gréhaigne et Poggi eJ 21. Sport Insignes. Sports Uniforms. Maillot. INFOGRAPHIES. Ligue 1 : pourquoi Angers est encore loin de la Ligue des champions. Par Pierre Godon Mis à jour le , publié le "Candidat au titre ?

INFOGRAPHIES. Ligue 1 : pourquoi Angers est encore loin de la Ligue des champions

Le fait de nous poser la question, c'est déjà incroyable, ironise Stéphane Moulin, l'entraîneur du SCO d'Angers, 2e de Ligue 1 derrière le PSG, après 10 journées. Non, pas du tout, on est toujours candidat au maintien. " Avant la réception de Guingamp, samedi 24 octobre, on va vous prouver que le coach angevin fait bien d'être prudent. Parce que la Ligue 1 n'est pas si accueillante pour les promus Un promu tient en moyenne quatre ans en Ligue 1 (statistique établie sur les 20 dernières saisons). C'est curieusement moins que dans les autres grands championnats étrangers : 60% des clubs présents en Premier League ou en Serie A, et même 70% des clubs présents en Liga espagnole sont présents depuis moins de dix ans. What does data of a million football games tell us? DATA - By digging through the basic data of one million football (soccer) games, going back to 1901, you can distill some interesting trends.

What does data of a million football games tell us?

The average goals scored per game is 2,77. But there’s a lot more to it. Courtesy of the people of, a groundhopping community, I was able to analyse the outcomes of a million football games. Quand le théorème de Pythagore explique le classement de Ligue 1. Appliquer la célèbre formule à notre championnat permet d'éclairer le possible maintien de Sochaux ou l'éventuelle non-qualification de Saint-Étienne en Ligue des champions.

Quand le théorème de Pythagore explique le classement de Ligue 1