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Recent Mass Deaths of Birds Which Seem Anomalous (I’m leaving out the “reported” but which I can’t absolutely confirm at this time and clusters for whom there are reasonable explanations). There seems to be a pattern here with what seem to be anomalous sudden mass bird deaths (based on the information I have at this time). Notice the areas? - CANADA, USA, SOUTH AMERICA Collation of Dead Birds and Fish Collation of Dead Birds and Fish
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Google Remarketing: Target je bezoekers Remarketing? Een bezoeker op je website bekijkt één of meerdere pagina’s, maar converteert (nog) niet. Deze bezoeker toont wel interesse in jouw product. Wat als je deze bezoeker met een specifieke aanbieding kunt verleiden om toch de gewenste actie te doen? Met Google Remarketing is het mogelijk om deze specifieke groep internetters op andere websites beeldadvertenties en tekstadvertenties te tonen. Google Remarketing: Target je bezoekers
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Keyword Winner - Premium SEO Wordpress Plugin Keyword Winner - Premium SEO Wordpress Plugin Being a blogger is no easy game, not only do you have to think of amazing headlines to strike your audience, you have to get this headline ranked well so that it appears in good position in Google. With good position you will get more hits, leading to more sales and make more money! "90% of rankings come from good quality titles, the keywords on the rest of the page itself is just the icing on the cake." You can edit and optimize OLD blog post titles and get them ranked higher as you can see in the Page Competition Rank Checker screenshot to the right. The idea is to edit red posts until they appear orange or even better green.
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asian_beauty: my experience with INSOLIA Ever since Insolia shoe inserts were mentioned in this community, everyone's been wanting a review on them. I finally got mine last weekend after ordering them the day they debuted on on March 30. They're supposed to be THE insole that really claims to make walking in heels, regardless of height a painless breeze by shifting the pressure from the tortured ball-of-foot area to the heels rather than cushioning them. asian_beauty: my experience with INSOLIA
Ads2G Social Create and manage ad campaigns faster and easier across multiple social networks Test and micro-target audiences and media for optimal results Analyze performance metrics, optimize campaigns and improve ROI Get more control with Ads2G's deep feature set Social media has recently emerged as a powerful way for businesses to connect with their customers, but the technology is new and few know how to use it effectively. Our team has been there since day one, when social ad platforms first opened up to advertisers. We have helped small and large businesses navigate the waters and create wildly successful ad campaigns. Ads2G Social
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Deep Linking: It Shouldn’t Be This Difficult — Deep Linking: It Shouldn’t Be This Difficult — One feature that belongs in every affiliate program is deep linking. Deep linking is the capability to link directly to any page on a merchant site, typically by appending the merchant url onto the end of an affiliate tracking link. Virtually every affiliate network supports deep linking in some manner, though not all merchants allow it. Unfortunately, the networks have generally kept this feature obscured in the interface, and some don't make any mention of it whatsoever, perhaps because it's complicated enough that affiliates can break links. Networks are infamous for saving affiliates from themselves.
How to Find Marketing Demographic Data Online | SHOCK Marketer Updated: Feb 20, 2014 If you’re big on media buys offline or online, you can find significant demographic data online for those marketing campaigns. Here are few tools that I’ll walk you through. In this tutorial, I’ll be using the example product, Rock Band – to gather our demographic data for. Online Demographic Data Quantcast How to Find Marketing Demographic Data Online | SHOCK Marketer
Any business can put up a Facebook fan page. Not every business can create a page that excites users, encourages them to share the page with friends, creates a viral buzz and adds thousands of new fans. Here are a few of the best new social media marketing campaigns on Facebook that we have seen this year: The Best New Facebook Marketing Campaigns in 2010 « Vesta Digital Blog The Best New Facebook Marketing Campaigns in 2010 « Vesta Digital Blog
Social Marketing Social Marketing BizReport : Social Marketing Thursday, April 17, 2014 Marin study reveals the effect of integrating search and social campaigns New research from Marin Software reveals that not only do search campaigns perform better when managed alongside social campaigns, but consumers that click on both search and social ads are more likely to make a purchase and spend more. >>
Women more likely to impulse buy online - Research Women more likely to impulse buy online - Research Not surprisingly, women between the ages of 45 – 54, are more likely (55 percent) to make an impulse purchase online fuelled by a limited time offer, sale or free-delivery than men (38 percent). Such are the findings of a recent survey from GSI Commerce. "There are notable differences between what compels men and women to make impulse buys, which can be a meaningful part of e-retailers' overall merchandise sales during the holidays," said Fiona Dias, executive vice president of partner strategy and marketing for GSI.
On November 2, 2010, Oracle announced that it has agreed to acquire Art Technology Group (ATG), a leading provider of eCommerce software and related on demand commerce optimization applications. ATG's solutions enable enterprises to provide a cohesive online customer experience with sophisticated merchandising, marketing, content personalization, automated recommendations, and live-help services. The transaction has closed. Driven by the convergence of online and traditional commerce and the need to increase revenue and improve customer loyalty—organizations across many industries are seeking a unified cross-channel commerce and customer relationship management platform to deliver a cohesive customer experience across all commerce channels. Together Oracle and ATG expect to help businesses grow revenue, strengthen customer loyalty, improve brand value, achieve better operating results, and increase business agility across online and traditional commerce environments. ATG Commerce: Online Commerce Software Solution
Study Reveals Online Shopping Behaviors Vary Significantly, and Often Unexpectedly, Along Demographic Lines | e-commerce blog Q: What’s your current role and what career path brought you here? J.O.: I'm currently a partner and one of the founding team members at Altimeter Group. I'm currently the Research Director, as well as wear the hat of Industry Analyst. Prior to joining Altimeter, I was an Industry Analyst at Forrester covering Social Computing, and before that, deployed and managed the social media program at Hitachi Data Systems in Santa Clara. Around that time, I started a career blog called Web Strategy which focused on how companies were using the web to connect with customers --and never looked back. Q: As an industry analyst, what are you focused on these days? Digital Storefront at Garden State Plaza Container project for Gameday Merchandising Study reveals online shopping behaviors along demographic lines
In late 2002, I published a brief article on web marketing in regards to women involved with business. At that point in time, there were many misconceptions about women as a target market for online ventures - the web was still seen by many involved with marketing b2b products as a male oriented place. So how have things progressed 2 years later? The "geek" reputation attributed to those who spend their lives online was shed long ago, and it seems that the Web is by no means a male bastion any more - both in terms of business and general consumer oriented markets. Web marketing and women
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