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Artists « Sparrow and the Nest. Click to read individual bios Staff Stephanie Lienhard: Owner, Artist, Head Idea Girl Stephanie Lienhard is head idea girl behind Sparrow and the Nest.

Artists « Sparrow and the Nest

She is also the cleaning lady, crafty grunt, visual arts department, and coat check girl. She spends as much of her day as she can in the company of her lovely and talented husband Andrew who, she is convinced, is a genius. Jo-Bird: Artist, Musician, Shopgirl Extraordinaire Jo Bird Inspired by life, death and all things fun. Artists Barbara-Ellen: Card Maker, Photographer, Crafter Barbara-Ellen (“Be”) is a creative art & fashion lover extraordinaire, has a passion for photography, is a fanatic runner, a collector of many toys and drinks her coffee black (preferably in huge amounts). Pilar Bellido-Sharpton: Origami Folder Pilar Bellido-Sharpton has been pursuing art in various traditional and experimental forms for 18 years. Jodi Bobrovsky: Artist, Set Designer Larissa Brown: Artist Anthony Butkovich: Artist Anna Cragin: Artist, Craft Instructor. Zuriick.

Buy T Shirts Graphic T-Shirts Cool Tees. Black Milk Clothing. Dawning Soul. Featured Dawning Soul: Juniper Brilliant and Beautifully Soulful…The 1st Featured Dawning Soul of 2014 is Juniper Burnett.

Dawning Soul

She is an amazing mother, wife, artist and owner of Dem Dang Doggs. I am grateful that she is also my Bestie! If you’d like to learn more about Juniper, visit her site Juniper is rockin the “My Fashion My Truth” Poetic Tee from my New Dawning Soul 2014 Collection. P.S. Photography by Dez TheGreat with the House of Greenwood DawningSoul. Here’s more about Juniper: Dem Dang Doggs wants to bring you a fast fun fresh yet nostalgic experience every time! We take pride in serving 100% All Beef Kosher franks, Turkey and even Veggie hotDoggs on steamed soft buns. We are excited to be looking for our new home in Downtown Houston. With your support now for Dem Dang Doggs, we will serve as the catalyst in the development of my greater vision, Tre’d Up. Be on the lookout for updates on our progress and our upcoming Kickstarter campaign.