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VertexPlus is a Global Technology Company delivering excellence in Consulting, IT Solutions and Digital Media Services.

Who is the most successful mobile app development company today? Quora. What is Hybrid mobile app development. IoT Solutions & Services in Singapore. 10 Best Mobile Accounting Apps for 2021 – For Android & iOS. How To Calculate ROI For Your RPA Project. How DO You Calculate ROI for Your RPA Projects? Introduction: ROI is essential and crucial to all businesses and so is RPA since its inception to all businesses and industries.

How DO You Calculate ROI for Your RPA Projects?

The fact is calculating or measuring intangible actions or contributions of RPA Solutions is hard without standard metrics and variables. However, with rule-based variables or specific metrics, this helps know the significant difference that RPA projects add to the overall business or industrial efficiency. The metrics or variables include rule-based tasks, readable data tasks, labor-intensive tasks, structured data tasks. However, what is ROI in the first place? Let’s find out below. What exactly is ROI? Return on Investment (ROI) shows the net financial accrual or benefit received from initial investment to net financial return. It is vital to note that Return on Investment (ROI) is not a static figure but keeps changing. 5 Ways Staffing Firms Can Keep their Clients Data Secure. Description: Data is crucial to all businesses and more so customer data.

5 Ways Staffing Firms Can Keep their Clients Data Secure

It’s the backbone upon which businesses and organizations strategize for further growth, progress and success. For Staffing Solutions firms and agencies, data carries with it or comes with several risks, responsibilities, and user roles covered under data protection ordinances and laws. It is evident that cybercriminals are getting better by the day and data breaches and attempts are increasing.

That’s why strict follow-up and compliance are a must. Yet we must also distinguish the basic employment or recruitment firms from staffing firms. How DO You Calculate ROI for Your RPA Projects? What is RPA? A revolution in business process automation. How Does Business Process Automation Deliver 400 % ROI? Description: The COVID-19 induced lockdowns and disruptions in every industry spell a new normal in operation.

How Does Business Process Automation Deliver 400 % ROI?

From e-commerce services, Staffing Solutions, IoT, healthcare, logistics and supply chains, banking, travel and tourism, insurance, etc. The aftershocks and effects are real and felt across all sectors impacting ROI as the recovery process tries to ‘pick the pieces’ in unprecedentedly changed working conditions. What is RPA? A Revolution in Business Process Automation. Imagine how much time a business would save if the repetitive tasks are eliminated.

What is RPA? A Revolution in Business Process Automation

Scaling a business requires time and undivided attention that can be sometimes disrupted because of the tedious tasks. Robotic Process Automation is here to save your employees from boredom. Let these tasks be done by the bots while the employees focus on creating strategies for the business. RPA can bring a revolution in the industry as it increases productivity as well as helps in ROI.

This artificial intelligence application can ease the functioning of any business simply by performing clerical tasks. 8 Ways a Staffing Agency Could Aid Applicants Land Jobs in 2021. Description: it is obvious that with the ongoing hiring and job demand due to the lockdowns and ravages caused by COVID-19, there’s a severe disconnect between job demand and availability.

8 Ways a Staffing Agency Could Aid Applicants Land Jobs in 2021

That’s where Staffing Solutions play a crucial role in boosting every sector with the right human resources and skills. Today, several businesses accept and allow different hires ranging from temporary, permanent, and contractual. After COVID-19 WFH has also become a mainstream way of engaging labor at lower cost and saving. It is great that staffing agencies have a variety of staffing solutions that helps applicants land the best jobs. Why Do all e-commerce Businesses Need Machine Learning? Description: machine learning has been adapted for a variety of uses and innovations.

Why Do all e-commerce Businesses Need Machine Learning?

As artificial intelligence (AI) today is mainstream especially when it comes to Staffing Solutions, many industries have adopted it to fulfil several requirements. When it comes to eCommerce businesses, machine learning is vital and required. Machine Learning Defined Machine learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that functions by creating computer algorithms that learn and improve with experience minus specific programming. How Artificial Intelligence will Manufacture Present and Future Reality. Description: AI has been around for quite a while refining and transforming several industries and life benchmarks.

How Artificial Intelligence will Manufacture Present and Future Reality

Across processes and machinery AI has helped change the way and pace of work significantly. Now Artificial Intelligence Services are part and parcel of running and operating productive and progressive enterprises, businesses, and organizations. With technology innovation in overdrive, there are many inspirations that AI has had over time about reality. Be it in education, healthcare, business administration, and research, there are several instances that AI adoption is framing access to the real underlying concept or aiding interpret it. For marketers today using AI bots to sample market demographics isn’t new. Salesforce Integration - The Top Salesforce Integration Tools. Introduction: with high competition, every business strives to operate at its best optimum level adapting to the best automation tools in the market.

Salesforce Integration - The Top Salesforce Integration Tools

Salesforce as a CRM tool helps businesses automate several tasks and bring seamless customer interaction. That’s why Salesforce Integration makes businesses realise the great value the CRM adds to their businesses on a consistent growth scale. Yet, even then several businesses still have to grasp the benefits and diverse potential these integration tools add to their businesses. How Machine Learning is Effective in Mobile App Development. Robotic Process Automation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services & Solutions. Cognitive technologies are enticing organizations across industries and specialties to experiment and implement AI initiative to modernize their products, services, systems, and business processes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services & Solutions

The world of AI tools and automation is evolving and the companies that are using AI have been growing rapidly. Artificial intelligence solves various problems and helps businesses to increase sales, productivity, fraud detection, enhance customer experience, automate work processes, and provide predictive analysis. Industries such as health care, automotive, banking and financial, including logistics have a lot to achieve from artificial intelligence and its implementations. Using its tools, AI can help various industries and service providers by redesigning the business processes and the way it operates in the market. The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for many years and was first introduced in 1956.

Uncovering In-Store Traffic Analytics with Intelligent Video Surveillance. Digital technology is enhancing and becoming intelligent with each passing day.

Uncovering In-Store Traffic Analytics with Intelligent Video Surveillance

Video analytics is one such example of intelligent and extensive analysis of data that understand visitor’s navigation and interaction with the pages visited to return traffic and bounce rates. Intelligent video surveillance can let businesses understand how customers interact with their sites. Furthermore, the insights gained through intelligent video analytics can help understand customer trends, interests, and demographics, retailers can make intelligent decisions about advertising and marketing for their brand.

Video Analytics solidifies your current understanding and strategies and generates extra revenue for your company. History of Video Analytics Americans were the first to instill CCTV cameras, between the 1960s and 1970s for monitoring the behavior of people within their premises. Nicole Khoo's answer to What are the best software tools for performing Video Analytics? - Quora. Nicole Khoo (nicolekhoo) on Bloglovin’ Embedded analytics is a smart tool that provides relevant information to the users for working efficiently in the application used every day. Embedded analytics projects can have data visualization through a dashboard that enables you to generate reports from new insights and actions.

The major confusion here is that people confuse embedded analytics solutions with business intelligence software. To facilitate insights and deliver meaningful data, you must embed or monetize the data into core products. Being a software provider, adding value to your services or products, enriching them with analytical capabilities to deliver a superior experience. 5 Reasons To Start Business Process Automation. By Author: Prachi GuptaTotal Articles: 4Comment this article When we look at the stats, 29% of marketers are using automation, where 44% of growth has been seen in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Mobile App Development How Business Process Automation can Aid Your Team? BPA can be used in any department to reduce the time consumed in everyday repetitive tasks.

Can Mobile apps be developed using Python? by VertexPlus Technologies. Articles by VertexPlus Technologies VertexPlus is a Global Technology Company deliveri The influx of mobile phone users has suddenly opportune companies to build applications, which also led to the use of programming languages such as Python. How Do You Prevent and Monitor Traffic Violations with Video Analytics? Description: The traffic police department and road safety organizations cannot monitor all roads, sidewalks, or intersections perfectly at the time. And even if they dispatch remotely monitored CCTV networks it’s a great task. 5 Ways of Reducing Crowds and Controlling Queues with Video Content. Description: The necessity and need to control queues is for various reasons and purposes.

Video Analytics Companies in USA, avails businesses and industries better customer services and safety. Besides, there are many benefits to reap like orderly crowd control, safe customer passage and other reasons. Usually, long queues or lines may either prove dangerous for clients and business. Embedding Analytics in Modern Applications. Embedded analytics is a smart tool that provides relevant information to the users for working efficiently in the application used every day. Embedded analytics projects can have data visualization through a dashboard that enables you to generate reports from new insights and actions.

10 Vital Tips That Make Your iPhone App Development Seamless. How to Use Video Analytics to Understand Your Audience. Most of the platforms you place your videos on offer analytics. SAS Visual Analytics in Singapore. How Deep Learning Has Revolutionized Video Analytics. As per the survey done by PWC, the value of commercialized data is expected to grow over $300 billion by the end of 2022. The combination of machine learning with deep learning based on neural networks becomes accurate as more and more data is fed to the systems. There is no doubt that deep learning is better than the traditional methods despite the time and effort needed to once train the systems. About Deep Neural Networks Training Process In the mid-2000s, industries went on adopting this technology to train their computers in order to imitate humans.

What are the Top 5 Trends in the Video Analytics Market. Video analytics solution is creating lucrative opportunities for the market players within different sectors – retail, healthcare, building & construction, and other applications. One of the examples of a safety-focused Video Analytics suite indicates the importance of this comprehensive technology. All Go Vision launched ‘All Safe’ designed post-Covid, to address the needs of the industries and public entities with advanced scanning after the facilities & offices re-open.

Top 9 Best Video Analytics Tools to run your Business. A serious deficiency in video feeds examination in real-time obtained from millions of surveillance cameras worldwide should be strictly observed to avoid accidents, crimes, or terrorism prevention and mitigation & others. How Are Businesses Adapting Artificial Intelligence? How Is Artificial Intelligence Changing Video Analytics? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the adaptation of cognitive technology to help businesses and organizations improve services, efficiency and productivity as well as and avail predictive analytics. Be it healthcare, automotive, banking and financial services, logistics and transportation all can gain from Artificial Intelligence Singapore. On the other hand, Video Analytics is the processing of digital video signals using unique algorithms to perform security-related functions.

Top 9 Best Video Analytics Tools to run your Business. When time is of the essence, so is video analytics: from reactive to proactive - VertexPlus Blog. Top 9 Best Video Analytics Tools to run your Business. Machine Intelligence in Singapore. Top 10 Flutter App Development Tools to Use in 2021. Flutter has a rendering engine that constitutes simple yet platform-specific logic that can be implemented and offer a lot of potentials to the mobile. The performance of the flutter application is incomparable to that of native app development. Unlike native, the same code can be reused on multiple platforms with flutter. Additionally, its hot features make it easier to check the compilation, IDEs, and tools that provide requisite visual assistance, code completion and debugging the code.

Benefits of Flutter App Development Other than the benefit of rediscovering the same app on a new platform, flutter Android App Development Singapore Services can beneficial your time-saving. Video Analytics and Its Scope in Solving Real World Problems. Don’t Stream Blind! Why Video Analytics & Collectors are a Must Have. Mix · Learn More. Managed Cloud Services in Singapore. How To Intelligently Apply Data Integration And Visual Analytics Tools. How AI Virtual Assistants Automate Customer Service While Lowering Costs. Mobile Application Development Top 5 Trends To Know. What Is Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager.

How AI Virtual Assistants Automate Customer Service while Lowering Cost. Five Key Security Features In The SAS Visual Analytics App. SAS Visual Analytics in Singapore. SAS Visual Analytics in USA. Top 5 catchy key security features in the SAS Visual Analytics App. Salesforce Consulting Services. Ways to Apply Data Integration and Visual Analytics Tools. 4 Key Tips to Create Effective and Successful Enterprise Software.

Hybrid app development in Singapore. Business Workflow Automation - VertexPlus. Security Operations Centre in Singapore - VertexPlus. Android App Development Company Singapore. Best Ways to Boost Your Mobile App Development. AI and RPA: Which is The Best for Your Organization? Boost Your Star-UP Cybersecurity With These Powerful Tips. Top Technology Consulting Firm in Singapore. What are the Advantages of adopting public cloud? The Benefits of RPA in Healthcare: VertexPlus. Network Operation Center in Singapore. How Cloud-Based Supply Chain Risk Management is Key to A Company’s Future. Video Analytics Company in Singapore.

SAS Visual Analytics in Singapore. The Internet of Things in Healthcare – Opportunities and Limitations. iPhone Application Development in Singapore. How Web CRM Software Has Changed The Nature Of Sales? What is Cloud Banking? Know All About it: VertexPlus Technologies. Mobile App Development and Consulting Services in Singapore. The Role of RPA in HealthCare Industry: VertexPlus. RPA Checklist: What’s Critical While Choosing the Best RPA Solution? A complete guide to estimating cost of developing an app in Singapore. Managed Cloud Services in Singapore - VertexPlus. What are the Practical Ways to Save IT Budget with Automation? Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services & Solutions. What are the tips to Improve Your Mobile Security? iPhone Application Development in Singapore. One of the Top Leading Rpa Companies in Singapore: VertexPlus. Why are Cloud Services Definitive and Appropriate for Business?

What are the Types of Mobile Application? Explain All. What are the Advantages of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development? How to Identify a Mobile App Target Audience in 5 Simple Steps? How Can Salesforce Help When Working Remotely? Outsourced SOC versus Internal SOC: What is Best? What are The Differences between BI, Data Warehousing & Data Analytics.

Top 10 Cross-Platform for App Development in 2020. React Native - Is It The Future of Hybrid Mobile App Development? The Key Benefits of AI in Mobile Application Testing. Why You Should Hire a Mobile Application Development Company? 25 Professional Types of Social Media Marketing Content. Google Penalties and How to Protect Your Site? - Sprink Digital Blog. 5 Steps to Higher Security Posture in 2020 - VertexPlus Blog. Top Ranking Cyber Security Trends 2020 - VertexPlus Blog. Cross-Platform Mobile App Development: Challenges and Opportunities.