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Versalift maintains profitable growth across North America, Europe and Latin America. With a family of dedicated service centers in the United States and around the world, we work to ensure that our customers have easy access to the people, knowledge, and service they require to keep their aerial lifts in service.

Waco Tribune features Versalift. ESG Series: Sustainability & The Supply Chain  At Time Manufacturing Company, we understand that sustainable manufacturing begins with great people.

ESG Series: Sustainability & The Supply Chain 

Our Global Growth Plan is built around supporting and growing our team, which has grown from 800 to nearly 2,100 people since 2017. Our people make the difference in workplace safety and integrity, and they are the heart of our culture of First Time Quality. At Versalift and other Time Manufacturing Company brands, we understand that first time quality leads to a lower cost of ownership. In the case of Versalift, this contributes to the lowest rate of warranty claims and recalls in the industry, as well as lower equipment maintenance costs. A Note on Sustainable Manufacturing From the EPA In a recent publication, the U.S. Why Will Sustainability and Supply Chain Transparency Continue To Be Important? Because of ballooning interest in ESG factors by consumers, regulators and investors, the largest companies in the world are working to demonstrate that their supply chains are sustainable.

Sustainability Incentive Programs, New Technologies & Hybrid Fleet Vehicles. This blog is the next installment in a series of papers on sustainability at Time Manufacturing Company.

Sustainability Incentive Programs, New Technologies & Hybrid Fleet Vehicles

In this paper, we take a closer look at how some incentive programs are driving adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles. Sustainability reporting has become a mainstream practice for some companies. At the same time, there is a growing number of regulatory policies that are designed to incentivize companies of all types to reduce their carbon footprints. One such regulatory program is the 2021 California Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Voucher Incentive Program (HVIP). Through point of sale discount programs such as this, municipal fleets are moving toward greater ratios of electric vehicles, and companies are taking advantage of tremendous discounts.

Technology & Data Analysis Hybrid & Electric Fleet Vehicles Hybrid and electrified fleet vehicles represent one of the fastest growing industries in the world according to the U.S. Infrastructure Focused Equipment at Utility Expo. Domestic & International Growth Support Environmental, Social, and Governance Goals. This blog is the first in a multipart series that highlights how our company addresses environmental, social and governance factors in the operations of Versalift and other Time Manufacturing Company brands.

Domestic & International Growth Support Environmental, Social, and Governance Goals

Domestic & International Growth Support Environmental, Social, and Governance Goals Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Risk Factors are becoming important buying decision criteria to infrastructure customers. Versalift manufactures bucket trucks, aerial devices, digger derricks, cable placers, high reach aerials, vehicle-mounted aerial lifts (VMALs), and other specialty equipment for these infrastructure customers. Versalift distributors support electric utilities, telecommunications companies, light & sign fleets, bridge inspection companies and forestry fleets.

Versalift Is A Time Manufacturing Company With a new leadership team at the helm since 2017, Time Manufacturing Company has grown in size from 700 to more than 2,000 employees. Bucket trucks for the wind energy industry - Versalift. Versalift Overcenter aerial lifts hand made Waco TX. Bucket Truck - Versalift Transmission - CTA (Formerly CONDOR) Bucket Truck - Versalift Transmission - SKY (formerly Skybird) Bucket Trucks Articulated Telescopic Aerial Lifts. Bucket Trucks for Elevator. Aerial Lifts, Digger Derricks, Cable Placer Bucket Trucks for Sale.

Bridge Inspection. Aspen Aerials is the undisputed North American market leader in bridge inspection equipment.

Bridge Inspection

Each of the six models that Aspen Aerials builds is designed to handle the highly specific set of jobs involved in safely conveying engineers and inspection technicians above, alongside and below a bridge. Recently acquired by Versalift/Time Manufacturing, Aspen Aerials continues to serve the bridge inspection industry with thoughtfully designed and versatile equipment. Aspen Aerials bridge inspection vehicles come in a number of sizes and includes a variety of capabilities. Horizontal reach, downward reach, under-bridge reach and sidewalk clearance are concerns that must be considered when purchasing bridge inspection equipment.

Bridge inspection is a required activity for every state Department of Transportation in the United States. Aspen Aerials delivers market-leading bridge inspection units to customers across the USA and around the World. Aerial Lifts - Experience a Lower True Cost of Ownership with a Smarter and More Reliable Design. Aerial lifts by Versalift offer a lower true cost of ownership to the fleets and contractors that use them in order to maintain and manage overhead infrastructure around North America and the world.

Aerial Lifts - Experience a Lower True Cost of Ownership with a Smarter and More Reliable Design

A lower true cost of ownership is far more than simply building the safest and most reliable equipment. It begins with smarter design ideas to create a more reliable and durable equipment that lasts longer and requires less maintenance. The reliability of Versalift’s design is borne out in the fact that our aerial lifts have the lowest warranty rate in the industry. Additionally, Versalift has the fewest recalls of any major manufacturer of aerial lifts. Bucket Trucks, Aerial Lifts, Digger Derricks USA made.