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JLPT Resources - Free Japanese Vocabulary lists and MP3 sound files. Manosque - Alpes de Haute Provence. The Great Japan Earthquake of 1923 2 clicks. A short History of Earthquakes in Japan. Japan is situated in the collision zone of at least four lithospheric plates: the Eurasian/Chinese Plate, the North American Plate, the Philippine Plate and the Pacific Plate.

A short History of Earthquakes in Japan

The continuous movements of these plates generate a lot of energy released from time to time in earthquakes and tsunamis of varying magnitude and effects (Geologist Callan Bentley discusses in great detail the geological setting of the Japanese Islands). Written records of strong earthquakes date back at least 1.600 years. Until 1860 however Japanese naturalists were less interested in exploring the cause of earthquakes than the effects of such an extraordinary event and mythical explanations prevailed. La décolonisation et la guerre vécues par les populations du Viêt Nam, du Laos et du Cambodge. Group/Private lessons for English speakers. I Comme Icare ( FILM COMPLET ) Dictionnaire français - Dictionnaires Larousse français monolingue et bilingues en ligne.

ORTOGRAPHE. CONJUGAISON. Assaggi di Vietnam. Nihon through my lens. Mes fiches de français.