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Roselinde Torres: What it takes to be a great leader. Roselinde Torres: What it takes to be a great leader. 12 películas sobre liderazgo para ser mejor líder - TribeScale. En este artículo vamos a ver las 12 películas sobre liderazgo que cualquier manager debería ver.

12 películas sobre liderazgo para ser mejor líder - TribeScale

Cuando hablamos de liderazgo hacemos referencia a la capacidad de influir sobre otras personas. Liderar conlleva responsabilidades, ser capaz no solo de mover a las personas sino de motivarlas para que trabajen de forma entusiasta por un objetivo común. La persona que ejerce el liderazgo es a quien se le llama líder, debe distinguirse del resto y tomar decisiones pensando en lo mejor para el grupo o equipo. Pero en sí, el liderazgo, implica a más de una persona, quien dirige y quienes apoyan al dirigente. El liderazgo empresarial puede ser aprendido, liderazgo y aprendizaje son indispensables y han de complementarse. Ciudadano Kane (Citizen Kane, 1941) Un clásico del cine, inspirada en el magnate de la prensa amarilla, William Randolph. El padrino (The Godfather, 1972) Película basada en el libro del mismo nombre, es una de las más conocidas y aclamadas de la historia del cine.

Vala Afshar sur Twitter : "So much of what we call management consists in making it difficult for people to work. —Drucker... Marca Perú Campaña de lanzamiento Internacional 2012. Managing For Disruption. Tradition embraces stability.

Managing For Disruption

Time honored principles get that way because they have strong track records of success. The tried and true, extrapolated into the future, often looks like a sure thing, while deviating from historical norms can look downright foolish. Yet the funny thing about the future is that there’s no guarantee that it will look like the past. Contexts change and when they do, old rules no longer apply. Following them blindly does not honor the past, but diminishes it by confusing fealty with wisdom. Since 1960, the average lifespan of a company on the S&P 500 has fallen from more than 60 years to less than 20. How Data Lies In the old days, it paid to be data driven.

Unfortunately, the numbers were always wrong. The new age of disruption requires a big data mindset, where we’re not trying to be right, but to become less wrong over time by collecting and analyzing real world information in real time and adjusting accordingly. Co-Opting Disruption Through Open Innovation. 13 Proven Ways to Make Your Own Luck. ¿Cómo serán los altos directivos de los próximos cinco años? El líder del futuro ha de desarrollar 'superpoderes' para gestionar el crecimiento.

¿Cómo serán los altos directivos de los próximos cinco años?

"Lo que viviremos no es una época de cambio, sino un cambio de época". Sólo un visionario como el gran Leonardo da Vinci fue capaz de anticipar lo que está ocurriendo en una sociedad como la presente. Pero este genio, a diferencia de muchos gurús actuales, lo pronosticó hace casi 600 años. Y es que si antes un cambio se producía cada cinco generaciones, ahora todo va tan rápido que en cada generación tienen lugar cinco cambios. The Hard Data on Being a Nice Boss. There’s an age-old question out there: Is it better to be a “nice” leader to get your staff to like you?

The Hard Data on Being a Nice Boss

Or to be tough as nails to inspire respect and hard work? Despite the recent enthusiasm for wellness initiatives like mindfulness and meditation at the office, and despite the movement toward more horizontal organizational charts, most people still assume the latter is best. The traditional paradigm just seems safer: be firm and a little distant from your employees.

The people who work for you should respect you, but not feel so familiar with you that they might forget who’s in charge. A little dog-eat-dog, tough-it-out, sink-or-swim culture seems to yield time-tested results and keep people hungry and on their toes. New developments in organizational research are providing some surprising answers to these questions. The Must-Have Habitudes of Effective 21st Century Leaders. “A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others.

The Must-Have Habitudes of Effective 21st Century Leaders

He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the quality of his actions and the integrity of his intent.” - General Douglas MacArthur The conversation around must-have, 21st century leadership skills has been in full swing for years. From business to education; classroom to community, the debate on what is a “new skill” or an “always skill” can be both controversial and confusing. Although it’s almost certain we will never all agree to a singular list of skills, strategies, and competencies leaders must embody for success now and in the future, we do know what effectively operating and leading in a fluid, dynamic and every changing 21st Century world requires: These abilities, however, are not developed to their full potential naturally. Imagination The ability to create unique images or ideas. Self Awareness Courage Adaptability Perseverance.