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This Morning Routine will Save You 20+ Hours Per Week – The Mission – Medium. The traditional 9–5 workday is poorly structured for high productivity.

This Morning Routine will Save You 20+ Hours Per Week – The Mission – Medium

Perhaps when most work was physical labor, but not in the knowledge working world we now live in. Although this may be obvious based on people’s mediocre performance, addiction to stimulants, lack of engagement, and the fact that most people hate their jobs — now there’s loads of scientific evidence you can’t ignore. The Myth of the 8 Hour Workday The most productive countries in the world do not work 8 hours per day. Actually, the most productive countries have the shortest workdays. People in countries like Luxembourg are working approximately 30 hours per week (approximately 6 hours per day, 5 days per week) and making more money on average than people working longer workweeks. This is the average person in those countries. Cómo mejorar la productividad de la empresa dividiendo las tareas con el método Kanban. La “lista de tareas” más productiva de la historia es de hace 100 años. La actualidad esta repleta de ejemplos, fórmulas y técnicas para sacarle partido al tiempo.

La “lista de tareas” más productiva de la historia es de hace 100 años

Aplicaciones, revistas, calendarios y agendas intentan ayudar a encontrar el camino que nos lleve a conseguir la máxima productividad. These Gamification Productivity Apps Will Boost Your Success. Gamification of work can help you achieve a lot more than you usually would, as it turns regular tasks into games.

These Gamification Productivity Apps Will Boost Your Success

The basics of gamification are simple: you apply the game mechanics to your work and then you enjoy the task at hand. This simple trick has been used to increase productivity since the Romans ruled the world, and now gamification productivity apps are taking over. Here are the top apps you can use to boost your daily life, both at home and at work. To Round To Round is a simple yet very useful app which helps you manage your work and stay on top of your tasks. Now the productivity part: the bubbles are addictive and will encourage you to tick off tasks, increasing your productivity throughout the day.

TED talks that can help you become more productive. PROCRASTINAR O EL ARTE DE BUSCAR EXCUSAS - Sandra Villapalos . com. PROCRASTINACIÓN: posponer lo pendiente, injustificadamente.


En definitiva, cuando lo que es para mañana siempre se queda en intención, en nuestro AYER… Yesterday, The Beatles:Audio Player. Cinc aplicacions per ser més productius. Si escriviu a Google “temps que malgastem a Facebook”, la majoria dels resultats us proposen accedir a una calculadora.

Cinc aplicacions per ser més productius

Aquesta calculadora la va crear la revista TIME Magazine amb motiu del desè aniversari de Facebook i els resultats -aproximats- són inquietants: un usuari mitjà porta invertits uns 190 dies, 80 hores i 35 minuts de la seva vida navegant entre fotografies de festes, macarrons de la iaia i gatets tornant-se bojos per una caixa de cartró. Les xarxes socials s’enduen més d’una quarta part del temps que invertim davant la pantalla.

The Top Ten Gamified Productivity Apps. One of the most practical uses of gamification is in helping people boost their productivity and manageably transform their challenging goals into reality.

The Top Ten Gamified Productivity Apps

Success of course, does not come from mere inspiration. It is the result of consistently achieving small goals. This is no easy feat as we often develop enormous amounts of inner resistance to these seemingly small tasks. So wouldn’t it be great if there were better ways to turn mundane or pesky tasks into fun? Thanks to gamification, these tools are now a reality. Through enjoying the overall experience of working towards your ambitious goals, we can transform activities that we normally resent into positive new habits which give us a greater sense of control over the direction of our lives. Lifestyle gamification is a very exciting field and the opportunities to design new methods for “leveling up” your life are limitless. 1. Is it actually possible for task completion to be fun? 2. 3. 4. Intellectstrengthstamina 5. Getting-things-done-diagram1.jpg (JPEG Image, 500 × 663 pixels) 20140507-FundacioFactorHuma.pdf. Nir Eyal: Stop Designing Apps And Start Designing Habits.

Aplicaciones en la nube para gestionar archivos. Un nuevo campo de batalla de las tecnológicas: el negocio de las herramientas de productividad. Los hábitos fundamentales de la productividad personal. Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work. 7-life-hacks-for-greater-career-success. Nir Eyal: Stop Designing Apps And Start Designing Habits. 10 Things Highly Successful People Do Everyday - NewsZoom. We all have trouble getting a jump start to achieving our goals, but these tips from highly successful people really will help!

10 Things Highly Successful People Do Everyday - NewsZoom

Recetas para acabar con las reuniones ineficaces. Una empresa con cien empleados y un sueldo bruto medio de 40.000 euros derrocha 700.000 euros anuales en reuniones inútiles.

Recetas para acabar con las reuniones ineficaces

Resolver este problema es el primer paso para aumentar la productividad. Si una reunión termina con frases como «le hemos dado un buen empujón, ¿qué tal si seguimos otro día?» O, peor aún, comienza con «vamos a reunirnos rápidamente para ver cuándo podríamos discutir sobre este tema», es decir, para juntarse una vez más, algo falla. El fin de una reunión es tomar decisiones, que te aportarían unas bases sobre las que trabajar y te evitarían resolver muchas dudas por tu cuenta y riesgo. Un debate relevante, asimismo, puede resultar muy enriquecedor. How To Achieve Work-Life Balance In 5 Steps. Achieving work-life balance can look impossible.

How To Achieve Work-Life Balance In 5 Steps

And, frankly, it seems like it’s getting harder. In the ten years from 1986 to 1996 work-life balance was mentioned in the media 32 times. In 2007 alone it was mentioned 1674 times. Via The ONE Thing: A LexisNexis survey of the top 100 newspapers and magazines around the world shows a dramatic rise in the number of articles on the topic, from 32 in the decade from 1986 to 1996 to a high of 1674 articles in 2007 alone. The Onion jokingly implies that the only way to achieve effective work/life balance is to not have a job: That’s hysterical — because it’s not remotely realistic. You Need To Draw A Line I’ve posted plenty of research on productivity, time management and procrastination — but that’s not the issue here.

The Daily Routines of 7 Famous Entrepreneurs and How to Design Your Own Master Routine. 4.2K Flares 4.2K Flares × Our daily routines can make a huge difference to how healthy, happy and productive we are.

The Daily Routines of 7 Famous Entrepreneurs and How to Design Your Own Master Routine

I’ve recently tried adjusting my own routine in the hopes of getting more done and wasting less time in-between tasks or activities. While it’s important to understand how your own brain works and what routine will suit your body best, I always find it interesting to see what works for others when planning something new for myself. La estrategia de los 30 minutos. Si trabajas desde casa, sabes que puede ser difícil mantener la concentración. Si no tienes un supervisor y eres tu propio jefe, no hay nadie que te meta prisa para terminar un trabajo. 5 maneras inusual para empezar trabajo más inteligente, no más duro, el respaldo de la ciencia - El Blog Buffer. 7.5K Flares 7.5K Flares × One of the things I love about the culture at Buffer is the emphasis on working smarter, not harder. Our team is all about getting plenty of sleep, exercise and recreation time so that our time spent working is as productive as it can be.

Working harder can be an easy habit to slip into, though. Sometimes it’s hard to switch off at the end of the day, or to take time out on the weekend and stop thinking about work. With a startup of my own to run, I find this even harder to manage lately. Yves Morieux: 6 reglas párr Simplificar El Trabajo, conforme del sí Vuelve Más Complejo. La puntualidad ¿cuestión de tiempo? Aprende a combatir a los ladrones de tiempo,Emprendedores&Empleo. The Rule of 52 and 17: It's Random, But it Ups Your Productivity. Everyone has that person in the office.

You know, the one who always seems to get way more done than everybody else, but who never seems stressed or frantically trying to finish an assignment. How does he or she get it done? And can you steal those secrets to improve your own productivity? Yes. Yes you can. Using time-tracking and productivity app DeskTime, we’ve been able to study the habits of the most productive employees—and pinpoint the working flow that leads to that incredible ability to get things done. And the trick might surprise you. The employees with the highest productivity ratings, in fact, don't even work eight-hour days. The reason the most productive 10% of our users are able to get the most done during the comparatively short periods of working time is that their working times are treated as sprints.

10 Things Highly Productive People Don’t Do. You can double up your productivity by avoiding things which super productive people don’t do. Avoid the mistakes below and you will be able to increase your productivity by 200%. 1.They don’t wait till they feel motivated, they just do it “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” Stephen King Your ability to do things when you don’t feel like it defines how much you get paid at the end of the week/month.