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Veronica Rao

Hi, I’m Veronica. I’m a happily married woman living out in the country in California and greatly enjoy the nature around us. I’ve always loved messing around with plants. To know more about nature please visit:

Everything that you need to know for growing a butterfly garden. Nothing in the world can beat the beauty of the nature.

Everything that you need to know for growing a butterfly garden

Being in the lap of the nature calms your nerve down, pacifies you and makes you feel one with the surroundings. Whenever you are unhappy or need to relax your mind from the fast running world, nature offers you the peace and joy that you need. In other words, there is no denying the fact that it feels good to be amidst the natural surroundings. Milkweed plants : Some remedies and fun facts. Milkweed plants are popular as the only host plant for monarch butterflies, but do you know it can also be used to treat a certain conditions.

Milkweed plants : Some remedies and fun facts

Yes! You read that right, the otherwise poisonous milky white sap of the milkweed plant has got a few great usages. In fact, the history of its use dates back to the time when the native Americans taught early European settlers how to properly cook milkweed so that it could be eaten safely. What are its usages? Well, following are some: Insect diets for Sale. Butterfly Larvae for sale at Educational Science. Entomology kits, equipment and supplies, insect collecting and rearing kits, insect nets, and rearing supplies. Silkworm eggs, larvae, kits, Pods and Mulberry diet. Silkworm eggs, (Bombyx mori), Hybrid Eggs that hatch at lower room temperatures.

Silkworm eggs, larvae, kits, Pods and Mulberry diet

Silkworm Egg Hatching Kits, Silkworm Cups and Pods, Silkworm food, mulberry leaves, Mulberry feeder kits, and rearing and breeding kits. Butterfly Net Kits for sale at Educational Science. Know the steps to raise the monarch butterflies. Have you heard about the monarch butterflies also credited as the ‘king of butterflies’?

Know the steps to raise the monarch butterflies

Yes! Well, the number of these butterflies which are said to be the most beautiful species of butterflies is significantly decreasing and are in the dire need of protection. Since they are clearly in need of our help, we should raise them and help them breed. But, like there’s a process for everything, there’s also one for raising monarch butterflies. And here, in this blog we will explain all the steps of this process in detail so that you can raise the creature you love in your own garden. Monarchs only lay eggs on Milkweed plants, because their caterpillars need it to survive. Tobacco hornworm lifecycle kits. Find Silkworm Eggs, Hatching Kits, Silkworm rearing and breeding kits and mulberry diet.

Educational Science is a USDA-Aphis inspected containment facility and importer of silkworm eggs SILKWORM KITS and Butterfly Farm live material kits can be ordered with a mail in certificate for the live material (tell us when you need the live material shipped) or with the live material shipped with kit -ASAP (designated by the letter "A" (BF200A VS BF200) after the catalog number.

Find Silkworm Eggs, Hatching Kits, Silkworm rearing and breeding kits and mulberry diet

Silkworm Egg Handling/ Hatching Instructions Keep eggs in a warm dry area. Up to 1000 silkworm eggs can be hatched in the included large 150mm Petri dish. The dark purple eggs will hatch 7-14 days after shipping when maintained at 75-82F. Gulf Fritillary and Passion Vine Growing Kits. Painted Lady Butterfly Kits. Create Habitat for Monarchs Butterflies by Growing Milkweed Plants. If you love the beautiful unique butterflies that make their way back to North America from their winter habitat in Mexico by following a fixed trail every year, then you must also be aware of them going endangered and the need to save the specie.

Create Habitat for Monarchs Butterflies by Growing Milkweed Plants

Now, the crucial point is that though monarch feed of the nectar of several different flowers, they lay their eggs solely in the places where milkweed plants are found. Whether you have a huge field, backyard area or a small urban garden in the front of your home, the flowering plants and milkweed for monarch butterflies can be grown everywhere. Butterfly Nets for Sale. Butterfly nets for igniting young minds They say that children are like clay in the potter’s hand who can be moulded as per the wish of the latter.

Butterfly Nets for Sale

You teach children something during childhood and it will stay with them for an entire life. So, if you aspire for them or they themselves wish to be an entomologist, the preparation for that will have to begin today. Yes! You read that right, you will have to start putting efforts from the very early ages.

Most of our nets come with extendable handle so that it is easier for the child to catch a butterfly, moth or any other winged insect. Is your Milkweed and butterfly cages killing your caterpillars. Educational Science has been breeding Monarch butterflies for over 20-years and has helped customers solve rearing problems.

Is your Milkweed and butterfly cages killing your caterpillars

The three main issues leading to caterpillar death are contaminated milkweed, improper butterfly rearing cages, and improper rearing methods and techniques. Contaminated Milkweed - Monarch larvae can die because wild collected milkweed is not properly washed, sanitized with a 5% bleach solution, thoroughly rinsed and completely dried prior to feeding monarch larvae.

Pesticide Contaminated Milkweed - Monarch larvae can die because the milkweed sold at most nurseries are sprayed with pesticides or are contaminated with pesticide over-spray. While most nurseries will tell you they do not spray their milkweed, most either spray or will tell you that the plants were contaminated with over-spray or mosquito control pesticides. If your plant is free of Aphids you should be concerned, as this is a red flag that plants have been treated with pesticides. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Educational Experience of Raising Painted Lady Butterfly Kits. Home school science activity: Perform dissecting an owl pellet with your kid. These days when due to COVID 19 people in countries across the world are staying at home or practicing social distancing, it is becoming difficult for the parents to keep their kids engaged.

Home school science activity: Perform dissecting an owl pellet with your kid

Kids have a very short attention span; they tend to get bored easily and hence, end up being troublemakers for the adults. In situations like these when the entire family is at home, parents can do something productive and utilize the time that they have with the kids in activities which will not just be fun for the kids but will also educate them at the same time. And one such thing is learning how to dissect an owl pellet. Owl pellets: A must-buy for growing up kids. Owl pellets: A must-buy for growing up kids Why only study the human anatomy when the world is full of other interesting species as well.

Owl pellets: A must-buy for growing up kids

We humans know our eating habits and how our digestive system works, but do we know what other animals/birds eat, can eat or how different is their digestive system from ours? No! Well, our range of products can help you understand our ecosystem better. And here, on this page, we are specifically talking about the owl pellet. Owl Pellets And Dissection Kits. Plant Milkweed To Save Monarch Butterflies. Butterflies are beautiful creatures and perhaps there will scarcely be anybody who doesn’t like having these colorful flies around. Monarch butterflies, in particular, are famous around the globe for their impressive and challenging migration that they make each year from North America to Mexico.

However, it has been observed in recent years that less of the butterflies are returning with each passing year which implies them being endangered. Subsequently, many people are making efforts by planting milkweed for monarch butterflies to ensure that this unique species of butterflies is saved from becoming extinct. There are multiple ways in which you can contribute to protecting the existing population of Monarch butterflies while also ensuring that they have a safe as well as preferable habitat for them to lay their eggs and grow the offspring. Grow Milkweed in Your Own Garden Avoid Using Pesticides Do Not Use Genetically Engineered Foods Use High-Quality Products.