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ENGLISH TESTS - FCE - Use of English - part1. I earn a living as a freelance wildlife cameraman working all over the world.

ENGLISH TESTS - FCE - Use of English - part1

It is my job to provide the (1) ….. material from which a natural history programme is (2) ….. up. If the lifestyle agrees with you, the travel and the filming can be great. There is fantastic variety: I often do not have the slightest (3) ….. where I am going or what I will see. There is also a certain pleasure in (4) ….. some of the film you take on TV, though as I am often away working, I do not always (5) ….. the programmes when they are shown.

It is unusual to get an ‘easy’ filming job. But it is an amazing job, even though there are frustrations. ENGLISH TESTS. Work on the human brain has indicated how different parts are centres of activity for different skills, feelings, perceptions and so on.


It has also been shown that the left and right halves, or hemispheres, of the brain are (1) …….. for different functions. While language is processed in the left, or analytical hemisphere, music is processed in the right, or emotional hemisphere. (2) …….. of music like tone, pitch and melody are all probably processed in different parts of the brain. Some features of musical experience are processed not just in the auditory parts of the brain, but in the visual ones. We don’t yet fully understand the (3) …….. of this.

The tempo of music seems to be (4) …….. related to its emotional impact, with fast music often (5) …….. as happier and slower music as sadder. A Great Composer - CAE - Cambridge ESOL exam tests. The classical composer Ernst Hoffsberger, who passed 0. away earlier this week, truly 1.______________ the world of contemporary classical music and was a great 2.______ of inspiration to a whole generation of 3._______ young artists in various fields.

A Great Composer - CAE - Cambridge ESOL exam tests

In many ways his three symphonies completely 4.____________ the achievements of all other composers of the late twentieth century and by 5.______ the classical genre with jazz, rock and latterly hip-hop, his work at times bore little 6.___________ to what is commonly considered to be a classical sound. Born in California just after the Second World War, Hoffsberger had a strict religious 7.__________ during which he was taught classical piano by his father. He first found work as a(n) 8._________ journalist, playing and composing music in his free time. From then on, throughout the seventies and eighties, each new work seemed to 11._______ the limits of the orchestral medium and also helped to bring classical music to a wider audience.

Angry Tennis Players - CAE - Cambridge ESOL exam tests. Charity Fund-raising - CAE - Cambridge ESOL exam tests. Every year in the spring our school has a special 0. social event on a Friday evening to 1._____ money for poor people in a 2.________ part of the world.

Charity Fund-raising - CAE - Cambridge ESOL exam tests

It all started a few years ago when two teachers, who wanted to make 3._____ a better place, decided to hold an all-night karaoke party in aid of the victims of the recent Tsunami disaster in South-East Asia. Consumer Rights - CAE - Cambridge ESOL exam tests. In the past, when people 0. handed over money for something in a shop, it used to be almost impossible to get your money back even if you immediately discovered that the product was badly scratched or 1._______ or if it fell apart in three minutes 2.____ .

Consumer Rights - CAE - Cambridge ESOL exam tests

In those days, people were forced to 3.___ up with defective or poor quality products because it was easy for shops to refuse to 4.____ them for new ones. Nowadays, with shopping becoming a popular leisure 5._______ , all that has changed. Provided you have kept the receipt as 6._____ of purchase, most shops are 7.________ to exchange a poor quality item for a better one and where this is not possible, they are happy to offer a(n) 8.____ refund. The big improvement in customer rights happened in 1979, when the UK government made a new law to protect customers. This new law has been the driving 9._____ behind the new popularity of shopping in the UK. Ecotourism - CAE - Cambridge ESOL exam tests. Many people nowadays are keen to get 0. away from it all for a couple of weeks without putting too much of a 1.______ on the environment.

Ecotourism - CAE - Cambridge ESOL exam tests

In terms of maintaining the moral 2.___________ , the benefits of an ecotourism holiday seem overwhelming. But just how environmentally-friendly can we make 3._______ up our tans? And for those who want to go a(n) 4.____ further and drastically reduce their environmental impact, how much do we really need to 5._____ it? The answer, it seems, is more complicated than you might at first think. For those who 6._____ a bit of luxury in a warm climate, there are countless resorts to choose from, aimed squarely at 7.____ rich, time poor Europeans and North Americans. Muddingfield Pop Festival - CAE - Cambridge ESOL exam tests. Every year 0. hordes of people in their teens and twenties travel from 1.___________ the country and descend on the tranquil village of Muddingfield for a three-day music festival, where they 2._____ away their time listening to their favourite rock musicians.

Muddingfield Pop Festival - CAE - Cambridge ESOL exam tests

Attracted by the spectacular rural 3._______ and an impressive line-up of performing artists, the numbers of pop fans attending has 4.________ in recent years, leaving narrow country lanes 5.______ with traffic and the local police force contending with an ever-increasing 6.______ of complaints and disturbances to deal with. Two years ago, however, things finally came to a head. The ‘Youth Of Today’ Myth - CAE - Cambridge ESOL exam tests.

I'd like to help 0. dispel a popular myth that is constantly being 1._______ into us by the media and in general, people of a certain age.

The ‘Youth Of Today’ Myth - CAE - Cambridge ESOL exam tests

We are told that people in their teens and twenties have no 2._____ manners, are constantly using 3.____ language at inappropriate times and generally display serious 4.___________ problems. In this way, we have been led to believe that our society is 5.__________ into chaos at an ever increasing rate and that everywhere you go nowadays, you will met with 6._______ behaviour that simply didn't exist thirty years ago. As far as I'm concerned, this view of the current young generation is 7._______ unfair, not least because of the appalling behaviour I can remember witnessing (and occasionally participating in) during these so-called golden decades. The Credit Crunch - CAE - Cambridge ESOL exam tests. People in Britain have really begun to notice the credit crunch now that it has become much harder to 0. borrow money from banks.

The Credit Crunch - CAE - Cambridge ESOL exam tests

Whether they are 1.______ rich, or merely struggling to pay off a modest-sized 2.________ , everybody is going to be effected in one way or another by the 3.________ downturn and the end of the housing 4.____ . For the next year, at least, we will probably have to pay over the 5.____ to get credit and more and more people will find themselves tempted by two for the 6.____________ offers in supermarkets. The Metro Newspaper - CAE - Cambridge ESOL exam tests. In most large UK city centres, 0. throughout the year, you will find a large proportion of bus and train passengers 1._________ in a newspaper that a decade earlier did not exist.

The Metro Newspaper - CAE - Cambridge ESOL exam tests

It is not 2.___________ the case to say that the Metro has been a phenomenal success. With its 3.______ , humorous stories and short opinion-free news items, it may not appeal to the traditional broadsheet reader who likes to put the 4.______ on, put their 5.____ up and spend an afternoon poring over editorials and obituaries. But the Metro is aimed at a different target 6.__________ who simply do not have the time for this approach and would find most other papers as dull as 7._________ . The average Metro reader is a media 8.________ twenty or thirty-something with a relatively high disposable income and urban lifestyle. They often 9.___________ in sporting activities, enjoy an active social life but hold few political convictions, being mostly 10.________ voters.

Visiting An Animal Shelter - CAE - Cambridge ESOL exam tests. Women’s Rights - CAE - Cambridge ESOL exam tests. CAE , USE OF ENGLISH, Part 1. Despite its 1_____ small size, the United Kingdom is one of the most culturally 2______ countries on Earth, populated by four main native nationalities, plus later arrivals from all over the world. The United Kingdom consists of Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales), plus Northern Ireland. The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands (principally Jersey and Guernsey) are also parts of the British Isles, but somewhat confusingly not officially part of the UK. Use of English - part 1. Paper 3 - part 1.