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Alpha Flag - Updates every Thursdayish Renee and I will be at APE this weekend at half of table 752 (the other half will by occupied by our friend Dani Graves/Shilanes). APE is Alternative Press Expo at CONCOURSE EXHIBITION CENTER • SAN FRANCISCO, CA • OCTOBER 12 & 13. Here’s a map of where to find us inside the center! Last year, before seeing it again after a few years away from it, I described it as a small show. It’s no longer a small show! It’s still pretty neat. Alpha Flag - Updates every Thursdayish
Yesterday, youth all across America poured into the streets in a frenzy of utter mayhem. In unison they roared, “We want sheep, we want sheep...” No doubt referring to JUST ANOTHER SHEEP, the soon-to-be world renowned webcomic . JUST ANOTHER SHEEP - Eve of Destruction- Page One JUST ANOTHER SHEEP - Eve of Destruction- Page One
Page 1 | Gingerhaze
The Last Mechanical Monster
Stand Still. Stay Silent - webcomic What the title says! First, without further ado, here's the link to the simple little store that I opened (at Storenvy) for those of you who simply want to grab a copy right naoow: Linkity-link go here! I'll keep the store open for two weeks, which means I'll close it before the month is over and go back to Finland and start shipping out the orders (first I'll ship out the books for those who needed replacements from the Crowdfunding campaign, I wrote a Indiegogo update about that on Monday). Here's a some info about the book for everyone who wasn't around for the print drive last year, and about the preorder itself: Stand Still. Stay Silent - webcomic
I'm Back from Space, and I Brought Sentient Cubes with Me
Good morning everyone! Well here we are again, ready for another fantastic in-depth 9Q9A! with the very forthcoming Robin Childs of LeyLines. LeyLines is about “A brother and sister questing for truth. Artagem Graphic Library - Shattered With Curve of Horn – An Online Graphic Novel Artagem Graphic Library - Shattered With Curve of Horn – An Online Graphic Novel
Oyster War | - A Webcomic by Ben Towle - Stories in pretty pictures
aRTD - A Redtail's Dream - webcomic
Propeller | A Superpowered Suspense Story Propeller | A Superpowered Suspense Story As part of an ill-fated attempt to promote Propeller, I commissioned artwork from some of my favourite artists. The idea was for these images to display a lighter, more humorous side to our main characters that you are unlikely to see in the pages of the usually-pretty-serious comic. In each and every case, the artists delivered above and beyond what I could reasonably have expected. I will be forever grateful to these guys. Adam Moore, better known online as Laemeur, provided two pieces for the Propeller Gallery.
Kill Six Billion Demons » Praise YISUN and raise your skinny fists to heaven
Fox & Willow |
As you may have seen in the comic post, sharing these results was delayed due to a family emergency; the comic was the furthest thing from my mind Friday and Saturday, but today things are happily resettled to where I’m able to finish writing this up. This year’s contest netted fewer submissions than last year’s — partially, I think, because a lot of would-be entrants already snagged most of these prizes via the Kickstarter (thank you!) — but it wasn’t any easier to judge, even with two runner-up slots designed to make the decision a little easier. One of the primary difficulties was the result of an oversight in rulemaking on my part: I’ll pontificate about this in greater detail later — doing so here might constitute a bit of a spoiler, honestly. Next Town Over - Weekly Western Webcomic Full of Steam, Sorcery & Secrets Next Town Over - Weekly Western Webcomic Full of Steam, Sorcery & Secrets
Monster of the Week - The Complete Cartoon X-Files Monster of the Week - The Complete Cartoon X-Files Go ahead and call this episode silly because it’s about a talking tattoo, but I dig it so much. In addition to Mulder visiting Graceland and Scully getting her groove back, there’s the opening scene where Scully points out that their latest informant clearly lifted his government-conspiracy story from a “Rocky and Bullwinkle” story arc. I know people talk about “Home,” but casting Jodie Foster as a disembodied voice that tells a man to kill people is the sickest thing this show ever did.

Axe Cop

So, that’s it. This concludes AXE COP: REVENGE ON RAINBOW GIRL. Thanks to Ethan and Malachai for letting us take a shot at our own AXE COP story. Thank you for reading. Axe Cop
ULTRASYLVANIA - ULTRASYLVANIA - Despite the fact that we launched the Kickstarter for Ultrasylvania, Vol. 3 on Monday morning, I only just now find the time to say so herein. I’ve been living and breathing this crowd-funding business since the weekend. Anyone who thinks you just put a bunch of stuff up on the site and press a button and you’re all done…. That person is a jackass. That person will also fail at Kickstarter.
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Despite everything you do not talk shit about Rex in front of Lana, you just don’t. I’m really sorry it takes me so long to draw new pages. I’m doing my best to get back into some kind of mentality that can pull me through the last miles in this ridiculous brain problem marathon, but it’s so freaking hard. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
Howdy all! Corbin here with a few quick updates. First off, I’d really like to thank everybody that donates to the hosting fund.

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New ReadersCharactersFirst StripArchiveRSSVery Last StripBeginning of Bonus Story So, yes. This is the page for my sci-fi comedy comic Spacetrawler, which ran from the beginning of 2010 through the end of 2013. The whole archive is here, and books etc are available through links above. I started a NEW comic titled “One Way” (also Science Fiction Comedy) which has been running over at, so be sure to check that out. best, -Christopher Spacetrawler - mon. & wed.
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False Positive
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