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Verdek is the leader in solutions for EV charger and CNG / LNG infrastructure for sustainable transport. Verdek's offers the best EV charging solutions for your needs. We have a full range of homes, public and DC fast charging stations, both network and non-network.

Verdek: Your Solution to Scarce Electric Car Charging Stations. Electric vehicles are starting to get popular around the world, primarily for the benefits they provide in energy conservation.

Verdek: Your Solution to Scarce Electric Car Charging Stations

Electric vehicles damage the environment less, make breathing easier while driving in crowded areas, and costs less fuel money. Unfortunately, society isn’t adapting fast enough to the rise of electric cars. Electric cars aren’t like your conventional remote control toys that require a wall charger. Special gear and items are required to properly charge an electric car. Additionally, you may find yourself needing electric car charging stations to properly fill your car up on power. There are after all safety protocols that you should be aware of when doing EV charging. A Long-Term Investment into a Difficult to Maintain Item. You’re obviously not buying an electric car for shows (at least beyond the first month of use).

Thus, you’re going to be using this car for a lot of your commutes. In such a situation, you really have 2 options. About The Author. Electric Vehicle Charging Services - Verdek. Verdek Level 3 Fast Charging Stations are the perfect solution for intercity mobility, destination sites with heavy concentration of EVs such as hotels and around large metropolitan areas to facilitate commuting.

Electric Vehicle Charging Services - Verdek

We offer DC Fast Charging Stations with power ranging from 20KW to 50 KW which will add 70 to 100 miles of range in less than 30 minutes. Our station can be delivered with both types of standard connectors: CHAdeMO for Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi I SAE Combo CCS for all US and European EVs including Chevy Bolt, BMW i3 and VW eGolf. Key Features Most fast chargers use the Chargepoint® Network for reporting and transactions. ChargePoint® Express Plus “New” Chargepoint Express Plus is a family of ultra-fast DC charging products designed to meet charging requirements of current and next-generation electric vehicles (EVs), including electric cars, buses and trucks.

We offer turn-key solutions Choose the model. Contact us at or call us at +1 (888) 336-3734. Energy Storage and EV Charging Microgrid - Verdek. FACTS Many US cities and towns lost power for several days after Hurricane Irene or Sandy.

Energy Storage and EV Charging Microgrid - Verdek

Micro-Grids can use solar panels, energy storage, and conventional generation in a unique and independent environment to provide electricity to critical buildings such as: Fire stations Police stations Emergency and Disaster Centers Hospitals Highway and Sanitation Departments Schools Our Solution Verdek has extensive experience in deploying highly efficient and integrated smart grid software solutions. We specialize in designing and deploying low-cost software solutions that result in efficient operations.

Smart Microgrid Integration & Deployment Remote Energy Monitoring & Support Service We provide turnkey solutions based on our GridScape Controller which is capable of managing the energy from the solar array, the energy storage and the generator to use the source with the lowest cost depending on the time of the day. Small-Scale LNG Liquefaction Plant - Verdek. LNG production made easy Galileo Cryobox® Nano LNG Station introduces the concept of modular capacity to an LNG world that so far has considered large capacity plants with no flexibility.

Small-Scale LNG Liquefaction Plant - Verdek

No CAPEX or technological barriers will prevent you from using LNG as a low cost and low CO2 emissions fuel substitute for diesel or fuel oil. With the Galileo Cryobox®, you can be your own LNG supplier.. You will be able to customize your own LNG production capacity as high as 10,000 gallons per day. The Galileo Cryobox® high-pressure thermodynamic cycle converts natural gas into liquid by cooling its temperature below -153 °C. This is a multi-stage compression process that includes an automatic boil-off recovery system which eliminates the vents associated with LNG storage at LNG fueling stations. this multistage process produces LNG very efficiently and in compliance with all the safety and environmental protection requirements.

Biogas Power Generation And Treatment - Verdek. CNG Fuel Stations Installing Services - Verdek. Verdek offers a full range of solutions for the natural gas industry from CNG to RNG to LNG.

CNG Fuel Stations Installing Services - Verdek

Verdek is a one-stop-shop for the natural gas industry. CNG With over 2,000 installations worldwide, Galileo is the leader in CNG fueling stations. We offer a full range of systems from time fill to fast fill. Galileo’s CNG fueling stations offer great performance on a small footprint. They are designed with an explosion proof structure and run quietly fitting well even in residential area.The Galileo stations can deliver as low as 0.5 GGE/min and as high as 13.7 GGE/min, the fastest station in the world.

For more info, please contact us at or +1 (888) 336-3734 Case Study: Natural Gas Fueling Stations Singapore – World Largest CNG Station Madrid- 180 city buses refuel every hour Galileo Riverside Project. Verdek - Supplying Electric Car Charging Stations in USA.