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Verbat is a Digital Technology Services company delivering Internet and Mobile Solutions to Enterprises, through Agile Development and Application Management methodologies. Our primary expertise is in Microsoft, Open Source, Mobile and Cloud Technologies.

Google’s SMITH Algorithm Outranks BERT. Recently Google published a research paper on a new algorithm called SMITH that claims to outdo BERT in understanding long queries and documents.

Google’s SMITH Algorithm Outranks BERT

What makes this new model excel better is that it can comprehend passages within documents in the same way that BERT interprets words and sentences, which enables the Google algorithms to read and understand longer documents. Limitations of Google’s BERT Algorithm BERT algorithm uses Transformer, an attention mechanism that understands the contextual relation between words in a text. In its simplest form, Transformer includes two separate mechanisms- an encoder that reads the text and a decoder that predict the hidden words from the context. In the past few years, such self-attention based mechanisms like Transformers… and BERT have achieved tremendous performance in text matching. Why Is It Difficult To Comprehend Long Documents? The researchers Liu Yang Mingyang, Zhang Cheng Li, Michael Bendersky, Marc Najork in the paper quotes that.

11 Probable Reasons Why Your Search Ranking Dropped. You have put in a load of hard work into your website and it finally paid off and you see your SERP rankings going up.

11 Probable Reasons Why Your Search Ranking Dropped

Then the unexpected happens. Your rankings drop. You agonize over what went wrong or if you made a mistake. You beat yourself up for not doing it right and moan that you have to start all over again. But it is not always true. You are Optimizing for the Wrong Keyword If your site has been online for several years, your keywords might have lost relevance. Do you use industry or niche terminology as keywords that might not be the same keywords your potential customers know? Over the years engineers at Google have tremendously strengthened their natural language comprehension ability. The search engines too have started off to rely on not just a few keywords, but they are ranking websites based on complete sentences and other elements of more natural language.

Also Read: The Ultimate Checklist for International SEO Lost Links. Software Development Company Dubai UAE - Verbat Technologies. The year 2020 would go down in history as the year where the world paused and changed directions.

Software Development Company Dubai UAE - Verbat Technologies

People were further pushed to take their life online. This opened up new avenues for businesses. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. A good development workflow will bring out the best in a good developer and the exceptional among the great.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

On the other hand a bad workflow will rob them of their productivity. Hence it is extremely critical for every team to put together a good development workflow. The two best practices that have received a lot of attention over the last few years are continuous integration and continuous deployment. Google’s December 2020 Core Update is Here. Every day, Google releases one or more updates designed to improve search results which aren’t so noticeable.

Google’s December 2020 Core Update is Here

There are also updates done several times a year which bring in widely notable effects. Such broad core updates are confirmed beforehand and are designed to guarantee that relevant and authoritative content is available to searchers. With each broad core updates, some websites might experience drops or gains. These updates can also have a significant impact on Google Discover.

An Introduction to Configuration Management Tools. On a larger context, configuration management (CM) deals with the process of ensuring that a system performs in a desired, consistent state as changes are made over time.

An Introduction to Configuration Management Tools

Although the idea did not originate in the IT industry, the term generally refers to server configuration management. Automation has a major role to play in server configuration management. It is used to aid the server reach a desirable state, defined earlier by provisioning scripts by utilizing a tools distinct language and features. As a matter of fact, automation is the core of configuration management of servers and therefore it is common to refer configuration management tools as Automation Tools or IT Automation Tools. How to Leverage Google My Business in the COVID World. With the pandemic throwing open an array of challenges for small businesses, having an online presence has become increasingly significant.

How to Leverage Google My Business in the COVID World

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that support business owners in managing their online presence across the Google search engine and its portfolio of applications such as Search and Maps. Creating a Business Profile on Google allows potential customers to find your business on both Search and on Maps. This includes specific information like address, business hours, category and reviews. Demystifying MongoDB. Database are at the core of almost all internet and enterprise applications.

Demystifying MongoDB

The need for scale and faster application development has brought in a new generation of databases loosely termed as NoSQL databases. These are in non-tabular format and save data in a different format compared to relational database whereas relational database saves data in rows and columns organized into tables or sheets. Often developers encounter certain conceptual and technical difficulties with relational database when it is served with an application or multiple applications written in an object-oriented programming language or style. Cloud Wars: AWS vs. Azure. Cloud computing is radically altering the way business manage data.

Cloud Wars: AWS vs. Azure

Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of IT resources over the internet, with pay per use pricing. This saves millions of dollars for companies in investment in buying, owning, and maintaining physical data centers and servers. Organizations of all type, size, and industry are using the cloud for an array of use cases such as data backup, disaster recovery, email, virtual desktops, software development and testing, big data analytics, and customer facing web applications.

Largest Contentful Paint. According to Google, the Largest Contentful Paint or LCP is the user-centric metric for measuring perceived load speed because it marks the point in the page load timeline when the page content has likely loaded.

Largest Contentful Paint

The LCP metric identifies the largest content element visible within the viewport and anything that lies beyond the screen does not count. The largest content element can vary from site to site and can be anything from images, video poster images, background images, or block-level text elements like paragraph tags. Understanding Google Core Web Vitals. For quite some time Google has been pushing user experience as an important metric in ranking websites on its search engine. But with a multitude of metrics and tools, understanding the truth behind the quality of user experience that is delivered becomes challenging. Web Vitals is a new initiative by the search giant to help sites understand the core metrics that are essential to delivering a great user experience on the web.

The core Web Vitals is being introduced in conjunction with the existing user experience signals. This new ranking signal is still in its early stages of development and is expected to be released later next year. Core Web Vitals Core web vitals are based on three aspects of user experience i.e loading speed, responsiveness, and visual stability. Azure Data Bricks: A Brief Introduction. Azure Databricks is a fast-growing and widely used AI and data service on Azure. Over two exabytes per month of data are processed, on Azure Databricks, with millions of server-hours spinning up every day. But before discussing Azure Databricks, we should mention Apache Spark- the open-source, big data framework. For many years Apache Spark has been the platform of choice for building predictive analytics, AI, and real-time applications.

It provided an extremely rapid cluster computing technology, designed for fast computation within a scalable, massively parallel, in-memory execution environment. But with advantages also came in challenges like-complex deployment, resource management, and scalability. Enter Databricks. Azure Databricks brings out the best of both Databricks and Azure.

How to Learn Top AI Technologies for Free. There has been excitement around Artificial Intelligence for quite some time. It is transforming multiple industries giving new opportunities to companies, govt, countries world over. According to Stanford researcher Andrew Ng, AI is the next electricity and it is transforming the same way as electricity transformed our industries, the way we work, and the way we carry out our lives a hundred years ago. An Introduction to Azure HDInsight. Apache Hadoop is an open-source, fast, and scalable framework that manages and processes exceptionally large volumes of data. We have already discussed Apache Hadoop and Hadoop ecosystem in detail in a previous blog. Hadoop is used by data scientists for offline or batch processing. The framework can be scaled up by adding nodes in the cluster.

Enterprises who are already into Big Data analytics and have used Hadoop face some significant challenges like Changing Data Characteristics: Every two or three years the nature and volume of data are growing exponentially. This is where Azure HDInsight comes into the picture. HDInsight offers Spark, Hadoop, Spark, Hive, LLAP, Kafka, Storm, R, and many more open-source frameworks to build big data applications.

Top 6 Linux Distro for Developers. Linux operating system unlike any other commercial operating system that is managed, distributed, and supported by a single company, is free to distribute and use. This has led to an environment where numerous companies, organizations, and individuals have built their own specific version of the Linux operating system. These distributions available in the public domain are known as distributions. Generally, distributions are built to serve a specific series of concerns. Like the versions of Linux that were to be installed on servers with heavy traffic expectations like web servers.

There are several distributions of Linux developed to be used in networks that emphasize security, where critical information should be accessed only by a select few. As a matter of fact, Linux is at the core of several advanced Firewalls. Retention Marketing: More Relevant Now Than Ever. Spark vs. Hadoop MapReduce: Which Big Data Framework to Choose. Spark vs. Hadoop MapReduce: Which Big Data Framework to Choose. Basic Attention Token and How It Will Disrupt Digital Marketing. BlockChain: Re-Imagining the Way We Trust. InterPlanetary File System(IPFS): Re-architecting the Internet. The global COVID pandemic outbreak has compelled millions to be cooped up at home and has turned to the internet for work, entertainment and other necessities. Hadoop Ecosystem: A Beginner’s Overview.

How to Apply Pareto Principle in Software Application Development. The Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule was a principle put forward by the Italian economist Vilfredo Federico Damaso Pareto. Simply put it says that 80% of results will come from just 20% of the action. Integrated Marketing Report Tracker. Integrated marketing might come across as a simple concept at first glance: it means consolidating your various marketing efforts into a single coordinated whole. All You Need To Know About Google’s BERT Algorithm Update 2019. Robotic Process Automation: Google SERP Analysis for SEO. Automatic Face Recognition Technologies Using Raspberri Pi. Software Companies in Dubai UAE. Tips for a Successful Mobile App Launch. 5 of the Most Popular Free & Open Source eCommerce Platforms in 2019.

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