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Verbat is a Digital Technology Services company delivering Internet and Mobile Solutions to Enterprises, through Agile Development and Application Management methodologies. Our primary expertise is in Microsoft, Open Source, Mobile and Cloud Technologies.

The Various Types of SSL Certificates Your Website Can Have. Digitization of consumers’ lives and enterprises may have its benefits.

The Various Types of SSL Certificates Your Website Can Have

But according to research from leading market analysts, the digitization also increased the cost of data breaches. Consequently, the financial loss due to cybercrimes is predicted to exceed $2 Trillion by 2019. Web security experts and web hosting companies have already started rolling out guidelines to web owners to educate them on fortifying their digital defenses. Tech behemoths like Google have implemented advanced firewalls to protect their web assets from cyber-attacks. The search engine giant also recommended measures to protect web properties. Understanding Microsoft’s .NET Core 1.0 - 6 Facts You Should Know.

Microsoft addressed the demand for a non-proprietary cross-platform solution last year with a new version of the .NET Framework.

Understanding Microsoft’s .NET Core 1.0 - 6 Facts You Should Know

They have been at this project for years, and the final version was made capable of running on Mac and various Linux versions in addition to Windows. Notable features include: 3 Signs For You To Begin Outsourcing Your Mobile App Development. Mobile application development is a collaborative process that generally results in products that fascinate users.

3 Signs For You To Begin Outsourcing Your Mobile App Development

4 Reasons Why Enterprises Should Use Open Source. Many enterprises seem to approve of the benefits of open source technologies in running their businesses so much that they have already adopted them.

4 Reasons Why Enterprises Should Use Open Source

However, there are enterprises that are still hesitant to use open source. Though workers and managers don’t mind deploying the technology wherever possible in IT environments, it’s still a hard sell with management, partly because that department is particularly resistant to change. Domain Registration Dubai. Managing the Chaos in Software Testing Teams. In the world of software development, change is something you have to expect occasionally.

Managing the Chaos in Software Testing Teams

It’s inevitable. Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: Preparing for 2018. Here’s an excerpt from an article published by Industry Today.

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: Preparing for 2018

“By 2018, only 30 percent of manufacturers investing in Digital Transformation will be able to maximize the outcome; the rest are held back by outdated business models and technology.” ….which makes you wonder. Are manufacturers utilizing every opportunity offered by the advancements in digital technology? Most likely they are not. Even so, many of the manufacturers that embraced the digital revolution don’t seize or use the opportunities in a coordinated way. Those companies that lead the digital transformation have embraced various operating principles.

How Digital Technology is Transforming the Travel Industry. We live in the digital era now, where technologies transform the way people interact, and even influence the decisions they make.

How Digital Technology is Transforming the Travel Industry

You get at least a glimpse of it every day in the form of customer service kiosks, self-serve check out stations etc. Retailers like Walmart have been leveraging technological advancements to change the way customers shop – by giving them more control from the moment they step foot in the store. Consumers bag and pay for the items, without the need for a store employee assisting them. So, shoppers get to control their shopping experience while the store can reduce human errors, cut down personnel costs, and enhances the experience of their customers. Now apply that logic to the travel industry. Guide to Using Twitter for Marketing Your B2B Business.

Over 320 million monthly active users… Close to half a billion tweets every single day… This is where Twitter stands now.

Guide to Using Twitter for Marketing Your B2B Business

Seven years ago, it had only about 30 million users. Unlimited Hosting - Myths & Facts. Ever heard of a hosting solution that offers unlimited add-on domain capacity, unlimited storage size, and unlimited data transfer?

Unlimited Hosting - Myths & Facts

AI and the Future of UX Design. Artificial Intelligence from what we’ve seen in movies is not exactly what we have recently started to see around us.

AI and the Future of UX Design

Fortunately, we don’t live in a dystopian world where robots look like humans, and humanity is getting wiped out. We still wash dishes ourselves, and drive to work. The AI that sees humans as anomalies that need to be exterminated, and a Terminator-ish apocalypse is quite far away. The AI, we know, is a technology that positively impacts consumers every day, and helps businesses provide a great user experience. How Enterprises Can Benefit From Hybrid Mobile Applications.

The rapid growth of mobile application development is due to several factors one of which includes the contributions of tech giants like Google and Apple. Over the years, mobile applications became vital for enterprises as the platform offered means to increase brand awareness on a much wider scale cost-effectively. Mobile applications are ideal for small-medium scale businesses (SMBs) including start-ups.

The app lets them increase brand visibility while gathering data for customer retention and decision-making. New Azure Migration Resources & Tools Announced To Harness Hybrid Cloud. Microsoft has always been reliable and consistent when it comes to delivering new cloud capabilities. They have been consistently delivering hybrid features across both on-premises and cloud environments. But apparently that wasn’t the end of it as Microsoft recently announced new Azure tools and resources that can optimize businesses by harnessing the potential of hybrid cloud.

This is a welcome change in today’s time with more businesses realizing how cloud can boost their growth, adopting the technology and leveraging it for its innovative benefits. However, it should also be mentioned that the vast majority of businesses in the world are still reluctant to fully move to public cloud citing latency concerns, customization, and even data sovereignty as reasons.

Search Engine Optimization Dubai UAE - Verbat Technologies. Verbat is a full-service SEO Company in Dubai, UAE. We provide, at an expert level, the following services, to help you grow your presence and business online: Website Audit Our fast process of any site, audit identifies all the mistakes and problems of on-page optimization as well as tracking all external factors like backlinks, anchor, references to the domain by search engines.

Software Development Skill Set - Verbat Technologies. Development Skill Set Custom Software DevelopmentInternet/intranet Developmentecommerce Software Development Off shore Development Center Verbat's Software Development Skillset involve different technlogies - Programming languages, Databases, Operating systems, Programming tools, Wireless mobile skillsets Development Frameworks CodeIgniter Laravel Express JS Magento (n)Hibernate Zend 2 CakePHP Wordpress Joomla MVC 4 Drupal Symphony Programming Languages Microsoft ASP.NET, C#.NET, VB.NET Perl Classic VB & ASP Java / VB Script, HTML5, CSS3, XML, XHTML PHP Cold Fusion Mobile Skill Set Phone Gap Android SDK Iphone SDK WAP JavaScript Frameworks Angular JS Node JS Moo Tools BackBone JQuery React JS Ember Grunt/Gulp.

Offshore Software Development Dubai UAE - Verbat Technologies. Off shore Development Center Custom Software DevelopmentInternet/intranet Developmentecommerce Software Development Development Skill Set Our Offshore Development Services ideally function as an extension to your business with the right mix of team coordination and transparency. Our team of experts follow the best standards to deliver services from application development and digitization to quality assurance and testing Key Focus of Our ODC. Essential Tips to Find the Right Software Development Company. Intranet - Internet Software Development Dubai, UAE - Verbat Technologies.

6 Tactics to Succeed in Mobile Application Testing. Testing mobile applications, unlike software testing, is not something that can be skipped. A Comparison of Project Management Methodologies: Agile vs. Waterfall. As you may know, a software project requires a company to make a lot of decisions. One of the first decisions would be about the software development approach. Traditionally, Waterfall methodology was adopted for project management. But since the introduction of Agile, things have taken a turn. Influence of Open Source on IoT & How it leads to New Business. Internet of Things is growing faster than initially expected, transforming businesses along the way. eCommerce Software Development Dubai, UAE - Verbat Technologies. Ecommerce Software Development. Android Wear 2.0 Developer Preview & What it Offers Developers. The final developer preview of Android Wear 2.0 rolled out this year, and it packs features that could positively expand android development. Custom Software Development Dubai UAE - Verbat Technologies.

Custom Software Development. 6 Trends in 2017 that Deserve a Software Tester’s Attention. One of the biggest trends we saw last year was more companies putting their faith in Agile and DevOps. Microsoft’s Programming Language Strategy & The Future of Visual Basic. Microsoft’s Program Manager Mads Torgersen recently posted about what they plan to do with their widely popular .NET languages – C#, Visual Basic, and F#. And things look uncertain for Visual Basic. VPS and Dedicated Servers to Replace Your Shared Server. A Beginner’s Guide to Online Reputation Management. What Automation Can Do In a QA Ecosystem. Technology Blogs | Software Development Company.

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