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Best SEO training institute in Noida. Why we need a responsive website design. If you are running an online business, you certainly need to have a mobile presence.

Why we need a responsive website design

It should be comfortable for people to use your site not just on the desktop but also on a Smartphone or Tablet. With more and more people making use of their mobiles, while ‘on the go’ to interact, find information and share, tapping into such an audience will be hugely beneficial for your business. It will popularize your brand and increase your site’s conversions.

Earlier online business owners had two versions of their site, one for the desktop and another for mobile devices. This is no longer necessary with the arrival of responsive website design, which changes the screen resolution according to the screen size of the device on which it is displayed. Having a responsive site will bring a lot benefit to your business. Check out Official Google Webmaster Central Blog Responsive design – harnessing the power of media queries. SEO/SMO Training Course by Industry Professionals. Veom Training Institute’s SEO training classes give insight into the latest techniques that are being used to optimize websites.

SEO/SMO Training Course by Industry Professionals

Without SEO, a site will just lie under a pile of similar sites and can never be found. SEO is crucial to assist search engines in finding a site during user searches and to display it in the first ten rankings of search results. Become an SEO Professional There is a huge demand for SEO professionals, owing to the large number of businesses that are moving online. Here is a look at what you will learn from our SEO classes: Pay Per Click(PPC) Training – Google Adwords Classes. If you are seeking an attractive and well paying job in internet advertising, you must have skills in implementing a PPC(Pay Per Click) campaign.

Pay Per Click(PPC) Training – Google Adwords Classes

PPC marketing is all about finding the right keywords and grouping the most attractive keywords together to create an advertisement that will make people click when they come across it in search engine results. PPC Advertising Training The skills of a PPC specialist lies in his or her ability to create a winning Google Adwords campaign and this is exactly what you will learn by undergoing our training course. Here is a look at what we will teach you: PPC Best Practices We have an environment that offers the latest tools and technologies, so you will gain skills that will be put to immediate use when you land in a job. By learning the best tools and techniques in PPC marketing, you will get a rewarding career that involves you in high profile marketing projects that gets the most lucrative businesses forward in the online market.

8 Important Things You Should Do After Installing WordPress. WordPress is the most favored platform for blogs and websites.

8 Important Things You Should Do After Installing WordPress

It offers so many features and makes blogging or creating an attractive site so much easy. However, once you start with it, you should check if your blog post is really secure. There are so many features in WordPress that makes it easy for hackers to retrieve vital and sensitive information. Here is a look at what you need to do to optimize your WordPress folder: 1.

Doing this will help you easily manage WordPress backups. 2. You can do this with simple action statements in HTML for removal. 3. A Guide To The Need For Responsive Website Design. Important SEO On-Page Factors for Web Developers Should Be Aware Of. Is it necessary for a site developer to know SEO?

Important SEO On-Page Factors for Web Developers Should Be Aware Of

Isn’t it enough for the developer to know just the latest designing techniques? No, SEO is not all about implementing strategies through links and content. It is also involved in the design phase, so a developer who is able to incorporate SEO elements into the site design makes it easier to implement SEO. Since SEO plays as big a role as design elements in making their client’s site popular, knowing how it should be included into the site design is the key to creating a successful site. The first thing that a developer should know is how search engine optimization is related to the site design. Search engines have a particular way of reading the URL and by following it a developer can create a proper URL that will be quickly picked during searches.

The third point to check is coding. Developers should look into building sites with a good architecture. Finally, you should use the right redirects.