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Ventallout connects you with random strangers around the world who are willing to talk to you about your problems, as well as share their stories. As a community, this platform allows you to talk about your psychological, emotional, or mental issues which is the best methods of releasing frustration, anger, stress, depression or pain.

Habits of people with multiple mental illness. Bad habits may suck the joy out of your life but when you go through multiple mental issues, there are habits that make you fall into the ditch of never recovering or acknowledging what you are going through.

Habits of people with multiple mental illness.

People say that all good things come in pair but they are certainly not considering the mental illness and the baggage that it brings with itself. All of these things come in groups too and they hit you in the middle of nowhere. You might feel irritated one minute and the other minute you are doing just fine. These are the signs of you being unstable or not being able to handle certain things. Dating tips to help the anxious you. Dating someone is not something you learn all of a sudden and master like some sort of class or worksop.

Dating tips to help the anxious you.

It needs a lot of understanding and patience to begin with. Here's Why it is Okay to Not Like Yourself for These Things. There are many instances that make people hate themselves.

Here's Why it is Okay to Not Like Yourself for These Things

While we say self-hatred is not a healthy habit to cultivate, there are some reasons that show why it is okay to not like yourself. Suppose, when you are doing things for others but not for yourself, you are taking you for granted and that is something that you shouldn’t be doing. While the world around us is filled with people we love and care about, it is also imperative to care about oneself because you are always the first person you can go to. You should always keep yourself first. What Makes a Person Suicidal and How You can Help Them. It becomes challenging to understand and think as to what lead to a friend, family or a known figure come to a point where they ended their life.

What Makes a Person Suicidal and How You can Help Them

You see someone normal in front of you, and some days down the line, you hear that they committed suicide. No one decision makes people do so. Many things pile up one after the other. Considering the statistics of people ending their lives, it is imperative to understand what makes them do so and how you can help them overcome that feeling.

Life changing decisions that always turn you into a better person. There are various goals that we have for ourself and for people around us and we always hope to attain them.

Life changing decisions that always turn you into a better person

These are the goals that make us happy and accomplished. These goals are a step closer for all of us to achieve our dreams. Being a better person is always a matter of choice. Struggles all Indian parents face but never share. Indian parents in the present scenario are typically a bridge between how they have seen life and how the generation after them wants life to be.

Struggles all Indian parents face but never share

Making ends meet, having kids that constantly complain, to being able to keep up with the growing inflation and changes in the society, they are the ones who are constantly trapped in the whole cycle. They say being a parent is a job that requires you to over 24 hrs a day for seven days with no leave and requires a lot of patience. Common Problems that Millennials Face and How They can be Handled. Teens and millennials feel real concerns when they are going through a transitional phase of their lives.

Common Problems that Millennials Face and How They can be Handled

There are various doubts, concerns and challenges that make things difficult for them. The present world too, is not as easy to them as it was some decades ago. With the changing global way of living life and doing things, so much has become a problem for them. Here, we are highlighting these problems for people to know what all issues millennials of today are going through: 1. The economic landscape has changed so much that to afford something that is more than your monthly income, you always and obviously need to take a loan or buy that thing on EMI. The debt trap that people face has no leaps and bounds. 2. With the growing concerns about climate and the changes man-made hazards are bringing in the world, there has been a lot of damage done and millennials are the eye witness of the same. 3. 4. The supply of learned individuals is much more than their demand in the current space. Traits of an Overthinker and How to Deal with Him/Her.

Signs That Show Your Best Friend is Constantly Using You. Things in Life That are Holding you Back. As we move ahead in life, there are various things that we leave behind.

Things in Life That are Holding you Back

SECRETS TO A HAPPY LIFE & SUCCESS. A well-paying job is all that you want for success?


Maybe top on your list would be that only. But it is important for you to know that success does not come from a well-paying job only, but several other factors that make it happen. A well-furnished house, luxury car, a well-payed job all are the result of success and not a success. WHY VENTING SHOULD ALWAYS BE DONE RIGHT? – Site Title. Getting negative feelings out of your body is a positive thing, isn’t it?


Venting in the form of a rant, strings of expletives or long text message is a go-to strategy to feel better. It not only provides a release but also validates the feeling and you get to hear other stories which make yours seem small. The first thing people do when they are struggling with something serious that causing stress, anxiety and concern is venting about the problem. And it’s healthier to vent than bottled up emotions but talking about woes too much can reverse the effect. Do you know why? 5 REASONS FOR MARRIED WOMEN TO VENT ANONYMOUSLY. Ventallout - Qualities of An Effective Listener. Embed Code For hosted site: Click the code to copy <div class='visually_embed'><img class='visually_embed_infographic' src=' alt='Ventallout - Qualities of An Effective Listener' /><div class='visually_embed_cycle'></div><script type='text/javascript' src=' class='visually_embed_script' id='visually_embed_script_1354894'></script><p> From <a href=' For <div class='visually_embed'><iframe width='1' height='1' style='width: 1px !

HOW TO DEAL WITH FRUSTRATION IN YOUR TEAM?  Dealing with frustration is a normal part of leadership. Organisations are complex, large and involve many different employees, so it’s no surprise that frustration is going to happen from time to time. Frustration in the workplace can get worse if left alone, and often doesn’t go away by itself. Frustrated team member rarely does their work effectively and efficiently and frustration may be a sign that your team has a problem. Frustration is an early warning sign! This Delhi social media startup is changing the business of emotions. In a world ruled by social media, posting a wrong status update has sometimes even turned out to be fatal. There have been reports where a post on something as simple as a relationship status change has resulted in suicide, especially among teenagers.

People have also faced arrest for posting offensive content on popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook in recent years. A 2018 survey by Cigna TTK Health Insurance has found that 89 percent of Indians have prolonged stress. In comparison, the global average is 86 percent. The survey also found the data to be intriguing in case of millennials than the older generation. Enter VentAllOut, a social media platform that lets you share your thoughts and feelings without indulging your friends and folks into it.

Launched in 2019 by Sumit Mittal (45), the Delhi-based startup gives people the freedom to express their feelings anonymously - be it by way of commenting or by way of posting pictures or by sharing opinion through polls. Improve your life: Become a better listener. When you’re told, “Listen!” By someone, most often you think that you need to hear. Listen to your parent’s rules, listen to your teacher’s instructions, listen to your online venting friend. But it is the fact that listening is so much more than hearing. It’s what happens when we not only open our ears but also open our minds – and sometimes our hearts – to another person. Good listening is important for everyone and not only for authority figures.

Posted : 2 d ago. ANGER ISSUE? TIPS TO TAME YOUR ANGER. How Well Are Social Media Platforms Meeting the Expectations of Millennial's Today? In the US alone, the e-commerce business surpassed a total of $504 bn in terms of its net worth August 17, 2019 6 min read. How This Delhi-based Start-up Has Created the Very Own Home Grown Social Media Platform. Ventallout - Do not Know How to Manage Anger? Check Out Strategies That Will Calm You Down! 8 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD VENT ONLINE ABOUT THE POSITIVE. WHY ANONYMOUS VENTING IS IMPORTANT FOR HUMAN BEINGS? What are the Virtues of Venting? It's very normal to get frustrated. During any given day, you may get upset at the person who didn’t do his part of work in the office or your colleague who get absent on a big day of a major meeting. IS ANONYMOUS VENTING HEALTHY?