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Male chicks. Look inside nature. Not a one. This is a sport. How real men shoot. Sad blonde monster. Weapons R for cowards. Tigers. Dangerous humans. Animal lovers. Ramboo. 05-01-2015 13:53. Matthew Scully. Only defenders. Soulless. Only kindness. Picture book. Nowhere to live. Protect & save animals. Harm the harmless. C & h. Calvin & Hobbes. Compassion. Phone booth. Go fuck yourself. Shittin on em. Coyotes. Shark. I think I see the problem. Albert Schweitzer. Kind heart. Hunter's dictionary. Inside I'm the same. IAPF. Hunt the hunters. Disgusting. Leo da Vinci. There's a place. Peta by the numbers. You’ll Love When This Chimpanzee Sees the Blue Sky for the Very First Time…

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You’ll Love When This Chimpanzee Sees the Blue Sky for the Very First Time…

M. Sullivan M. M. Sullivan The Humane Society of the United States rescued 111 chimpanzees from horrendous conditions in testing facilities, and gave them — for the first time, or for the first time in a long time — their natural right to a peaceful habitat. Rescuers brought the chimps to Chimp Haven, which is a vast stretch of land designated exclusively to rescued chimpanzees, located in northwest Louisiana. Click below to see as some apes gaze up to the sky for the first time in their lives. More about: Cute & Cuddly M. English Tweets - OpKillingBay2014. Animals fight back. End dolphin and whale captivity. Evil exists. Leo Antony Nopoulos from West Liberty Iowa. Meet Leo Antony Nopoulos, a 21 year old citizen of West Liberty, Iowa, US; Leo Antony Nopoulos was a roommate of Nate Schloss who owns the 8 week old kitten Fritz that he rescued earlier.

Leo Antony Nopoulos from West Liberty Iowa

Nate hand fed the kitten until Fritz was able to eat by himself. Just to be sure, he setup his laptop camera to monitor Fritz. The inconvenient solution to the rhino poaching crisis. Lorinda in Sabi Sands.

The inconvenient solution to the rhino poaching crisis

Daily, we read or hear of more rhino being poached to satisfy the seemingly insatiable demand from Asia for rhino horn. With countless articles and papers having been published on the subject - and the Internet abuzz with forums, including heated debates concerning possible solutions - current approaches seem to be failing. Evidence is in the numbers. Known poaching deaths in South Africa have risen sharply over the past three years: 668 rhinos in 2012, 1,004 last year, and 899 through the first nine months of 2014.

Afraid of spiders. Wanna coke motherfucker. Shark survivor. Anti-human. Call bullshit. Bee water sugar. All life is devine. A Velvet Worm Named for Totoro. Velvet worms are adorable caterpillar-y looking things, silently plodding along on stumpy legs in tropical forests around the world.

A Velvet Worm Named for Totoro

A recently discovered species was so cute, it got a name straight out of Studio Ghibli: Eoperipatus totoros. First Taste Of Freedom For 6 Overjoyed Animals Caught On Film. 1.

First Taste Of Freedom For 6 Overjoyed Animals Caught On Film

These beagles, who had lived their entire lives in cages, romp playfully in the grass for the first time ever, thanks to the Beagle Freedom Project. (YouTube: Beagle Freedom Project) 2. 97,000 tigers. Causes of wildlife decline. In US/rest of world. 52% in 40 years. Extinction/human population. Here’s Every Single Animal That Became Extinct In The Last 100 Years (PHOTOS) The number of extinct animals is difficult to calculate and always higher than the estimate.

Here’s Every Single Animal That Became Extinct In The Last 100 Years (PHOTOS)

In some cases, a species is presumed extinct — none have been seen in years — but it’s yet to receive official extinction status by the IUCN. But the important thing to remember is that extinction is not a historical problem — it’s a contemporary issue. Below, take a look at every animal (except insects, which are extremely difficult to catalogue but which you can find here) that went extinct in just the last 100 years. The list is based on research provided by the Sixth Extinction, a website created to “enhance free public access to information about recently extinct species,” and in order of their approximate date of extinction. We’ve included all the animals confirmed extinct by the IUCN, and added a few more declared extinct by other credible individuals and organizations. 2013 – Formosan Clouded Leopard, Neofelis nebulosa brachyura 2012 — Pinta Island Tortoise, Chelonoidis abingdoni.

“A young woman was restrained, force-fed and... Ace ventura 2-the animal room. Disregard for other species. Stealing animals. Tiny dick club. Half of World’s Wildlife has Been Lost Since 1970 - The Anti-Media. Justin King October 2, 2014 Barn owl (TheAntiMedia) The World Wildlife Fund released its Living Planet report for 2014.

Half of World’s Wildlife has Been Lost Since 1970 - The Anti-Media

The reports revealed that over half of all of the world’s wildlife populations have been lost, primarily to exploitation and habitat depletion. Image credit: Peter Trimming The statistics are staggering and are severe enough to send shock waves through the conservation and industrial communities alike. More of this. A Miracle Of Nature! Meet The Gorilla Who Keeps D... Pilot whales Faroe Islands. Not legal. More cunts. I feel a soul. Til every cage is empty. Raccoon. Fête des moutons Art Print Art giclée Print par FoldedLines. RESCUED: Animal Liberation (featuring Jonathan Paul) - YouTube. The hunters become the hunted. The animals will fight back. Anonymous press release ► #OpFunKill. Anonymous - Operation Fun Kill #OPFUNKILL [English]

Watch?v=dRp7Wq6v_YY&feature=youtu. Lions. Equals. Winning. Now it's fair.