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Summer Breeze Summer Breeze How still it is here in the woods. The trees Stand motionless, as if they do not dare To stir, lest it should break the spell. The air Hangs quiet as spaces in a marble frieze. Even this little brook, that runs at ease, Whispering and gurgling in its knotted bed, Seems but to deepen with its curling thread Of sound the shadowy sun-pierced silences.
Deceptive Media - a photoblog - with mainly abstract photos by Andy Bell from the UK
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This Blog Rules

This Blog Rules

4 Badass Real People Played by Leonardo DiCaprio You know Leonardo DiCaprio is this generation's blazing gun and shooting star, as since Titanic, the man proved more than once that he can play a dramatic character at the art level. There are some people who also say that basically Leo is playing the same persona over and over again, in all his movies, you know, the guy that gets seduced by the promises of rampant capitalism, and gives us a bite, … [Read More...]