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Sewing Stuff - free sewing patterns. Everything Else Nov 2005 curtains, shades, pillows, cushions, etc Waverly Curtains archived mostly extremely strange dolls Doll Maker's Journey clothing, aprons, baby things, crafts, dolls, curtains, bed spreads, toys, etc Sewing.About.

Sewing Stuff - free sewing patterns

Sewing In No Mans Land. 2008 February « my half of the brain. "We’re excited to bring you a new contest for 2008!

2008 February « my half of the brain

Chronicle Books and CRAFT Magazine are bringing you a contest for all you Amy Butler fans and sewers around the US world! For a two-month period crafters can submit pictures of their own Amy Butler inspired bag online to the flickr group called ‘Amy Butler Sew Inspiring Contest‘. At the end of the two-month period Amy Butler will pick a top winner and five runners up among the entries. Everyday beautiful: Featured Sewing Tutorial-School Bags. Having 2 kids. Twins, baby bunching, third baby, middle child.

Having 2 kids

If you have more than one rookie baby, this section is for you. How I get my preschooler to make his own breakfast August 23, 2013 This is how I attempt to both empower my child’s independence and my own rest by making self-service food prep a reality. Let’s start with breakfast. I have to say... CSS09logoSM.jpg. Totally Tutorials - A directory of free craft tutorials. Indietutes. D.png. Creative Kismet » Tutorials, how to. Hand painted thrift store purse My niece Ruby had her 4th birthday recently, and I wanted to get her a purse and fill it with tape and sticky notes because she likes to stick things on the wall.

Creative Kismet » Tutorials, how to

Like a good aunt, I thought I’d … Continue reading beaded crocheted bracelet video tutorial I love the look of these bracelets. The turquoise & brown is my favorite, of course. DIY: Little owls owl always love you Owls are a big favorite in our house. The Katie poncho My friend Katie was over recently wearing this fab little jersey knit poncho. Snow globe ornaments I’ve been seeing the cutest little snow globes all over the web and thought I’d try my hand at it. Keeping notes – make your own I’ve been asked several times for the instructions for this note keeper, which was published in Green Craft Magazine last January. Day of the Dead Planters I am completely fascinated with Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos). Chalkboard activity book Have you noticed the chalkboard paint craze? Roses and Ruffles- The T-shirt to Toddler Dress Tutorial. November 14 ~ Dress the Kids. Please feel free to share links to your favorite kids’ clothes tutorials in the comments today.

November 14 ~ Dress the Kids

Doing so will share the tutorial love and will also enter you to win one of two $25 gift certificates to Sew, Mama, Sew! This Friday! Google Afbeeldingen resultaat voor. Little elf shirt. Tutorial: easy headbands. What would you do if your child had long, wild curls that blew in their face all of the time?

tutorial: easy headbands

Some might look for the scissors...but I made head bands. Sure, you can buy them at any grocery store, but you might have all the materials tucked in a tub somewhere. Make It and Love It: Tutorials. Here is a list of tutorial categories found on Make It and Love It.

Make It and Love It: Tutorials

Click on any of the images below and you will be directed to a full list of the tutorials that fall under that specific category. Tutorials. You are the architect for this skirt.


No two skirts will be the same as you can choose any combination of fabrics to form the front panel of this skirt. For the back panel: fabric 42 inches wide by 17 inches high. Tilda, Sfeer maken, Melly & me, handwerken, stoffen, patronen, naaien. Deze vrolijke vlinders geven direct een zomers tintje aan je tuin of balkon.

Tilda, Sfeer maken, Melly & me, handwerken, stoffen, patronen, naaien

Maar ze misstaan ook niet in de woon- of slaapkamer. TUTORIAL. NOTE: I updated my pattern upload so it will print correctly!!


My 3 Little Pigs Tutorial is so long I had to break it up into two parts. You can find the instructions for the piggies' houses here. (Click here for more pictures of these guys in action!) 3pigs PatternWHAT YOU NEED FOR THE PUPPETS:~ Print out the pattern. Tutorials. Refashion-ruffle. Goody-goody. Image from How About Orange If you're like me, then you love pulling out the giant rubbermaid filled to the brim with scarves for Fall. Free Sewing Patterns. Stitches in Play: making for others = making fun. I made a basic tote bag. It's for the super cool police officer who led and taught the fifth grade D.A.R.E. program at our school. It will be filled with one hundred seven thank-you letters written by the fifth graders. And presented to her at Wednesday's D.A.R.E. graduation. Floating world. So many of the things I enjoy doing - sewing, knitting, reading, watching movies - compete for the same slivers of free time, and when I spend time doing one it means not doing the others.

There has been more sewing and a bit of reading happening over the past year and almost no knitting. But the sewing machine has been getting noisier and noisier and basically crying out for a service - it's over six years old*, has done a lot of kms and has never been oiled. I was struggling with the idea of sending it off for two weeks - even though, in reality, I quite often don't use it for a couple of weeks and there is no urgent sewing to be done, AND I could always borrow my mum's machine if there was, there's an illogical comfort in knowing that it's there. But when it started stitching independently of the foot pedal I decided that it was time.

And, on the upside, not being able to sew means that I have more time for reading. There is a pile of non-holiday related reading too, on the right***. Tutorials. Made By Lex. Tutorial List « Sew Chic and Unique. Skip to content Home shop About Meet Me Contact Press Blog. CRAFTIVISION. A Forest Frolic: Tutorials. Do you want a fun, festive and delicious little project if you don't have enough to do before Christmas next week ;) I can't believe Christmas is in 6 days, whaaaat!

Anywho, I went to a cookie party last night and had good intentions on making these really delicious and complicated cookies I found on Pinterest. Yeah...that didn't pan out, so this is what I made up... ...we'll call them, 'Bedazzled Mallows,' because that's what one of my friends named them when the best I could come up with was, 'Marshmallow dips,' bwhahahaha. To make them, gather your SUPPLIES: a bag of Jumbo Peppermint Mallows, a bar of (microwavable) white chocolate, whatever 'goodies' you want to embellish them with (I chose jimmies, oreos, red hots and old-fashioned hard candies), a few zip lock bags, parchment paper and a rolling pin or mallet.

Probleem bij het laden van de pagina. Alisaburke. - A Community for Crafts and DIY Projects with Free Craft Ideas, Inspiration, Advice and More. Cicada Daydream. The Polka Dot Chair: Tutorials. Women's clothes. ."Peek-A-Boo" Toy Sack Tutorial. Footprints » Blog Archive » Going Green. Going Green I never celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.