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Breien: Babybroekje (3md) - Breien: Babybroekje (3md) Dit is de simpelste werkbeschrijving voor een broekje voor een baby van 3 maanden.

Breien: Babybroekje (3md)

Het is een erg eenvoudig patroon, gebreid in ribbelsteek (dat is álle steken rechts breien) en boordsteek (1r 1av telkens herhalen). Ik heb lichtgroen en donkergroen willekeurig afgewisseld, let daarbij op dat je het linker-en rechterpijpje, de voor-en de achterkant telkens hetzelfde breit. Voor dit broekje heb ik ongeveer 2 bollen van 50g gebruikt (ik weet het niet precies, want het waren allerlei restjes) Voorkant: 30 steken opzetten en 4 naalden boordsteek breien. Achterkant: 30 steken opzetten en 4 naalden boordsteek breien. Bretellen: 9 steken opzetten en brei 28cm in boordsteek en zet af (of meet hoe lang ze voor jouw baby moeten zijn) . Naai de broek in elkaar en naai de bretellen vast. Clothesline Caddy. Today we made this caddy to hold the ever-growing supply of kid’s art materials.

Clothesline Caddy

Made from clothesline and recycled tin cans, it’s an easy and inexpensive solution. You could use this caddy to hold various art supplies like we did here, or you could put it in the center of the table to keep utensils handy. And I’m sure you could think of other uses. We used four cans, but you could use more or less for your project. You could also add a braided rope handle. Canspliersclothesline (I bought mine at a fabric store, but I think you could pick this up at a hardware or even the grocery store. If you make one of these, add your photo to the Make it Monday Flickr group here. Mumsee « Mumsee’s blog. Hi there, Kim Stone just shared an Instagram photo with you: view full image “{ RHS ROSEMOOR GARDENS } Devon, UK” (taken at RHS Rosemoor) Thanks, The Instagram Team Like this: Like Loading... view full image view full image “~ { SERIOUS FACE } ~ Friendly Robin at Marwood Hill Gardens” (taken at Marwood Hill Gardens) view full image.

mumsee « Mumsee’s blog

Guest Blog. Birds n blooms. Sewing Patterns and clothing patterns from Refashioned T Shirt Skirt by GreenTease. Fab Fabrics: Eco-Friendly Jersey Options – Crafting a Green World. Fabrics Published on July 13th, 2010 | by Becky Striepe I don’t know about you guys, but ever since Julie posted her amazingly helpful tips on sewing t-shirt fabric, I’ve had jersey on the brain. Jersey is a finely knit cotton fabric, and just like with any other cotton, the conventional sort is not so great for the environment. Luckily, there are some great eco-friendly options for jersey out there! Here are a few: Shopping Online Green Depot has a few sweet, organic jersey fabrics in striped patterns. If you’d rather not mess with dyes yourself, Gaia Fabrics has beautiful organic hemp jersey options in all sorts of colors.

Folks looking to buy in bulk might want to look into Jasco Fabric’s eco line. Get Thrity You know we love thrifting, and second hand t-shirts are an excellent source of low-impact jersey fabric. Need some ideas to get you going? Bonus Tip: One of the great things about jersey is that it’s pretty absorbent. [Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by breaux] About the Author.