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VeenaPani Joshi

Veenapani is the co-founder of PrimeValue Marketing Services and looks after the whole company and handles the Events section.

Pin on Marketing. Video Created By PrimeValue Marketing Services. Examples of Virtual Marketing. The wave of extended reality (virtual, augmented, and mixed) is sweeping the market like never before.

Examples of Virtual Marketing

Over the last decade, virtual reality has already captured every possible sector. This innovative technology is changing the topography of today's marketplace. Customers get to experience a mix of the real and virtual worlds, and at the same time develop a deeper brand connection. In today’s world of innovation, changing consumer preferences, and trends marketers are looking to give their customers an engaging experience. VR is being adopted in sectors such as real estate, entertainment, media, e-commerce, and others.

Predictability of VR in future markets Reports suggest that virtual reality will become a $29.8 billion market by 2020. With this kind of boom and promising market figures, virtual reality marketing is undoubtedly being tried and tested in multiple sectors. Some of the leading brands already are marketing through virtual reality technology. Concept of Virtual Reality Marketing and How does it work? The next-gen marketing reality Virtual reality offers an alluring escape from the boring, mundane real world.

Concept of Virtual Reality Marketing and How does it work?

After playing its role in video games, entertainment, science, and healthcare, it is marching to make its way in the everyday lives of consumers to create an intimate, individualistic, and engaging live experience. With virtual reality, viewers experience their presence in a completely different 2D-3D dimensional world. 5 Amazing examples of Viral marketing. Viral marketing is a kind of marketing approach that gets shared from one user to another naturally.

5 Amazing examples of Viral marketing

Contents designed by a brand get digitally shared from one person to another like a virus, while rapidly passing the brand’s message all the way. Social media plays a vital role in viral marketing content sharing. As all social media platforms are designed to connect with one other, it is a perfect platform for creative content to go viral. What is Viral Marketing? How does it work?Advantages of Viral Marketing. The word viral brings negativity but not anymore, especially when it comes to brand marketing.

What is Viral Marketing? How does it work?Advantages of Viral Marketing

Viral marketing has taken the conventional marketing strategies by a storm. How theatre ads are useful and who should be using it? Theatre ads are the jingles, one-liners and often celebrity-studded advertisements that are flashed before, after and during intervals in the multiplexes and often in the single screens too.

How theatre ads are useful and who should be using it?

With the ever-changing business scenarios, hacks, and methodologies, theatre ads are the newbies which have been on high demand because of its large extent of the impact on the general mediocrity and mostly the young adults and middle-aged corporate individuals, who often resort to movie dates and hangouts for their weekend unwinding. Step by Step Funnel Marketing Strategies. Guerrilla Marketing: The Mesmerizing Marketing Combater. What is the difference between a brochure and pamphlet? If you have ever gone through an ordered marketing or direct mail material, you will understand that there are a variety of terms used to describe each print marketing material.

What is the difference between a brochure and pamphlet?

Figuring out the difference between brochure and pamphlet, it is always hard to understand. There have been several instances where even you used both of these words interchangeably while looking out for one or the other. Apart from their names, they mostly look similar while bearing a subtle difference between them. Veenapani's Blog — Why do we need Posters? OR The Poster Impact OR... What is Curated Content? How to Create Curated Content?

There is no point in arguing to the fact that content is the king.

What is Curated Content? How to Create Curated Content?

However, to deliver quality content, that adds value to your product or services, you need a lot of time and effort. Generally, it even takes up hours to create fresh content all by yourself. This is exactly where the idea of curated content comes into play. Veenapani's Blog - What is a Brochure and How Many Types are there in them. The presence of digitalization and automation in every aspect of life and even in business has smoothened a lot of hazardous work.

Veenapani's Blog - What is a Brochure and How Many Types are there in them

In the case of companies, it is advertising. The avail of the internet and digital marketing has changed how small or even multinational companies do their business and marketing. It is evident that the results are highly superlative. However, amidst this entire tech-driven world, do conventional marketing strategies like brochures still play a vital part in branding? The answer is yes. How Event Professionals Can Manage Stress during Lockdown. The pandemic has locked down a huge population, forcing them to stay indoors.

How Event Professionals Can Manage Stress during Lockdown

Event professionals are dealing with the transition from offline and field jobs to a completely new platform of doing it virtually. This sudden turn of events has taken its toll on many industries, including the event companies. Major Problems faced while planning an Event - veenapani joshi - Medium. May it be a wedding or a corporate gathering.

Major Problems faced while planning an Event - veenapani joshi - Medium

Arranging or Hosting an event is a bigger task than what one could think about. Just like in a battle one has to prepare themselves to be ready for every upcoming move. Similarly, when it comes to planning an event several things have to be looked upon before its final execution. To safeguard oneself from upcoming event hazards, here are some issues that need to be prepared while planning an event: 1.Budget Constraints:Budget is the most important aspect of planning any event. 2.Missing out minute details:While imagining a big picture into view. Veenapani's Blog — 5 Ways Influencer Marketing Can Help You To Grow... PrimeValue Marketing Services.

Initially, IGTV received quite a lot of attention from Digital marketers and Content Creators. It was not surprising that some of them have gone so far to compare IGTV to YouTube. Currently, Youtube is the largest video sharing platform in the world that hosts almost 300 minutes of video each minute. But the matter of fact is IGTV may have fewer users as compared to the largest video sharing platform Youtube, but that doesn’t mean you can’t effectively utilize the features of IGTV for a different purpose.

Get the full energy out and let the people h… Pin on Social Media. Untitled — Primevalue Marketing Services brings the top-notch... PrimeValue Marketing Services. YouTube. Veenapani's Blog. Ok Google! How’s the weather today? Typing gets outdated as now this is the era of voice game and speech recognition technology that has successfully ease the life of netizens and gadget lovers. Voice search is a process of hunting information by speaking to a phone or computer rather than typing in the search box. It was 2002 when Google launched a voice search feature.

And in 2017 Google added eight more Indian languages to its voice search feature. Inventors and scientists have been fascinated with language and technology since the 1700s. Until the 1990s, minute errors like no background noise, slow speeches, and other things have been successfully solved that tend to be the more accurate machine in the field of voice recognition.

Later In the year 2008, the Google Voice Search app for the iPhone was launched. Google was able to combine the latest tech with cloud-based computing to improve accuracy and developed the Hummingbird algorithm. Did You Know? Voice Search Optimization.