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Epson - F187000 - STYLUS PRO 4880 PRINTHEAD - Aurora. Bi-Directional Alignment. Hi guys, Yesterday I decided to carry out a bi-Directional alignment of my NeoFlex.

Bi-Directional Alignment.

I've done this several times in the past, usually following a printhead replacement. My printhead was last changed at FESPA London and we didn't have time to carry out the alignment then. This time I decided to make some notes about the process I follow mainly as an aide memoire for me, but no doubt it will help others too. This is my process. I use the 'Epson Remote LFP Panel' utility - there are other ways but I noticed slight differences in the method.

This is the next screen to appear. The next screen you'll see is for calibration. Select Dot Size #1, this is the largest dot size and provides a more 'coarse' alignment. When you're ready, click Print. The NeoFlex will firstly print two banks of vertical black lines (P/Mk), one set on the right of the bed and the other on the left.

. , clever huh! So now we need to enter the calibration adjustments in each box presently containing the number 5 in each. Billhood.

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Digitrim 44 / 64. Printing with waterbase inks...a quick overview. Paper Prep - Page 3. IMPRESS INDIA - Lanyard printing machine, Sublimation Printing machines, cap Press. View Screen Printing Gallery. Untitled. T-Shirt Tycoon Solutions, Inc. Franz Barta GmbH - transfer print technology: sports & outdoor. Sports & outdoor products are exposed to high levels of wear and tear and our transfers must be able to withstand these.

Franz Barta GmbH - transfer print technology: sports & outdoor

Various materials from highly elastic to rigid, as well as the confrontation with constantly new and evolving surfaces, to which our labels must be permanently adhered cannot have an effect on our transfers. Excellent ink coverage, as well as a permanent application must be guaranteed on all surfaces. When all these requirements are covered, it is possible to apply logos and labels to almost all of our customers’ products, e.g. your logo or decoration on: Boats and paddles, surfboards and sailsBicycle frames and seats, balls and tennis racketsSkis and ski boots, tents and sleeping bagsAll outdoor clothing such as jackets, shoes, gloves, headgear, etc. Sports clothing from various materials such as tracksuits, t-shirts, socks, diving suits, etc. En_Amanda System.

Epson 7600

Graphiscreen Home Page. ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY. By James Ortolani Jan 1, 2002 12:00 PM Special interest groups across America stir up the topic of environmentally correct screenprinting inks from time to time.


These ecology-based groups put pressure on large sporting goods manufacturer to limit the use of PVC-based printing inks (plastisols) as well as for major printers to stop using plastisol altogether, whether for direct printing or transfers. This ongoing debate over the relative safety of PVC-based products probably won't end anytime soon. Personally, I am a big fan of plastisol transfers, but it is nice to have an alternative to plastisol, especially when customers request garments printed with waterbase or non-PVC inks. The big scare in the screenprinting industry a couple of years ago cropped up when special interest groups deemed plastisol as environmentally incorrect due to its PVC (polyvinyl chloride) ingredients, primarily phthalates. Supplies: Equipment: Print the waterbase ink onto the coated transfer paper. Quality Screen Printing, Specializing in Discharge Printing and Discharge Underbase Apparel & Shirt Printing.

Screen Printing Effects. Push your design even further Accentuate your designs with any one of our special effects inks and applications.

Screen Printing Effects

Whether it’s adding lifelike textures by utilizing a High Density Ink or giving your image a reflective quality by adding a foil transfer, these effects will add value and distinction to your next project. Natural Discharge Softest Ink Option for Black & Dark Garments. This printing special effect is simplistic, yet highly artistic. Please contact your representative if you have any questions regarding the garment color of your choice prior to placing your order.

Screen Printing With “Thin Mesh”: Higher Mesh Counts & Lower Thread Diameters. Learn How To Screen Print With Catspit Productions, LLC“Thin Mesh”: Higher Mesh Counts & Lower Thread Diameters An older way of thinking about screen printing tee shirts or other garments is to use lower mesh counts to achieve better coverage and color.

Screen Printing With “Thin Mesh”: Higher Mesh Counts & Lower Thread Diameters

While it is true that leaving more ink on a fabric will tend to make it more opaque, there are better, more efficient ways of getting the same or better results. You will have to abandon your desire to do simple spot color jobs on mesh counts like 110 or lower and adopt the use of newer mesh counts.

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Sardori - Screen Printing Company. Manitoba - The largest T-shirt printing company in Europe. Related stuff. Suppliers. DST. Sublimation. Separation. Logiciel. MUG. Challenger I. DTG. Ink suplier. Machine Manufacturer. Used machine USA. Used Machine Europe.

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