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Image Armor Pretreatment for DTG inks. Type DTG. Duplicador Estampa Fácil A2+ - Base Epson Pro 3880. IMPRESSORA TÊXTIL 4 BERÇOS. Welcome to Kothari Info-Tech Ltd. » Products » Softwares. TS1519-AMICA SYSTEMS. Comprehensive Technologies Deliver Outstanding Print Quality A high performance and long lasting AC servo motor controls the movement of the shuttle A high precision rotary encoder ensures accurate media feeding Proprietary VDS (Variable Droplet Size) control technology integrates the printhead control of multi-levels size droplets with the ColorPRINT RIP software for producing sharp images with smoother gradient.


TS1519 offers solid spot color prints for corporate logos. Print high quality images up to 1200 x 900 dpi with CMYK plus White color (Optional) Superior White Ink Printing Expands Capabilities and Business (Optional) Printing with the high density white inks, TS1519 offers bright and vivid colors on dark colored fabrics. Anajet Ink Cartridge. Tricksy USA - "Dedicated To Your Success" Digital garment printer, flatbed printers, manufactured by Tongxing. Model NO. :TXA2GDP Garment printers incorporate the latest in garment printing technology from the industry‘s undisputed leader. The printers share the highly-acclaimed engineering advantages for better ink flow, lower maintenance and higher production efficiency. Good Ink Flow, Less Banding & Lower Maintenance Garment printers have better ink flow and lower maintenance. Less maintenance and less banding mean more uptime for revenue-generating production.

Spare Parts Epson HP Canon Lexmark. ESC-Digital_engl: ESC-DTG M-Series. ESC-DTG M-Series Strike a new path with a trend-setting digital printing system for industrial textile decoration.

ESC-Digital_engl: ESC-DTG M-Series

Enhance your productivity and extend your product range by new products such as jeans, hoodies, towels, caps, etc. – all from one printer Benefits of ESC-DTG M-Series: - prints 2 – 8 shirts simultaneously by means of scalable platens. Thanks to a wide range of TucLoc™platens you can adapt your DTG M2 to growing needs of productivity.- don’t settle for low 600 dpi, try faster 1440 dpi with more ink placement- enhanced print speed through processor driven conveyor. Viper XPT-6000 clogged sprayers. [EUROPE] - Seeking partners in EU. Hello, I'm representing in this matter from Serbia.

[EUROPE] - Seeking partners in EU

Let me say a few words about us... We have about 6 years of experience in DTG printing, went trough a lot with our printers and learnt how to deal with them. Now we are probably biggest t-shirt printing company in Serbia and South East European region, we have 4 DTG printers, about 60k different prints and about 150k prints total (counting only orders came trough our site). But We have problem that is Serbia small market area, and we still have a lots of free time for additional printing, so we decided to seek for a EU partners. We have two proposals for you: 1. 2. Graphic Art Downloads : Latest Trend Graphics for printing on Apparel & Fashion Forward Products : Browse Graphics. Document - WO/PCT - Patent No. 2007035509 - "FABRIC PRETREATMENT FOR INKJET PRINTING" - Description. CROSS-REFERENCE TO RELATED APPLICATION This application claims priority under 35 U.S.C. [section]119 from U.S. Provisional Application Serial No. 60/717,439, filed September 15,2005.

This invention pertains to inkjet printing on a pretreated fabric with pigmented inkjet inks, and to a pretreatment solution for the fabric that allows high quality printing thereon. Digital printing methods such as inkjet printing are becoming increasingly important for the printing of textiles and offer a number of potential benefits over conventional printing methods such as screen printing. Digital printing eliminates the set up expense associated with screen preparation and can potentially enable cost effective short run production. While digital printing provides a breadth of available printing conditions for almost any fabric, there is often a need for achieving a higher color on the fabric. The PAS Store - Your One Stop Shop & One Stop Solution. 博易创万能打印机. Pelauts.Com. Printer DTG - DTG Direct to Garment Printer SHOP. Direct-to-Garment Printing - Wasatch RIP Software. [Inks for DTG Printing] Resolute Ink Reviews? - Page 9.

Ok here we go, this is exactly how the test print for Mark was produced and in most cases the default settings.

[Inks for DTG Printing] Resolute Ink Reviews? - Page 9

Just a few comments first from Marks previous post. The T-Jet used to print your sample runs a standard profile supplied with Fastrip 9. However, Resolute CMYK is far punchier that brand x so the colours are backed off by 10% to stop them looking to bright in a side by side comparison test when an underbase is used. Inks for Digital Textile Printing - Shop Cheap Inks for Digital Textile Printing from China Inks for Digital Textile Printing Suppliers at Hongsam Digital Science & Technology Co., Ltd. on Aliexpress.

Heat Press Machines,Sublimation Blanks,CISS,Refillable Cartridge,INK. T-shirt printer A2+ Size - Flatbed Printer - Product Catalog - Professional flatbed printer, t-shirt printer manufacturer. Rainbow Rainbow Textil-Direktdrucker - Textil-/Direktdruck- Karl Gröner GmbH. Epson™ 4880. ProPrint - Digital Textile Printer. Forno a cassetti Jolly. Specifiche. White Rip. La stampante con le ali, pensata appositamente per la stampa su oggetti. DPI DG Printing. “Eagle TX” è una stampante di tipo direct to garment a getto d'inchiostro che è stata progettata specificamente per applicazioni nel campo del tessile.

DPI DG Printing

Con il suo Design innovativo ad ala permette un rapido set-up sia per campionature sia per la produzione. Rispetto ai normali plotter (a due punti di motorizzazione) Eagle è dotata di un solo punto di motorizzazione, questo le consente di non avere vincoli legati alle dimensioni e di poter quindi inserire anche materiali molto voluminosi per la stampa. Progettato e realizzato in Italia, è provvisto di ricircolo del bianco con colori in pressione, sensori di altezza, motori brushless con lettori encoder assoluto. Il plotter “Eagle TX” è VELOCE, permette un output maggiore senza diminuire la qualità di stampa - chi lavora nella serigrafia, nel ricamo, nella fotografia, chi ha un negozio stampa o un negozio online, chi fa design e chi vende al dettaglio: tutti avete finalmente una soluzione a livello industriale che sia anche flessibile!

Eagle 610 TX - Test print on black t-shirt. White Ink PreTreatment.indd - DTG_6_09.pdf. DiDO_dep_EN.pdf. HASHIMA. Tシャツのプリントのプレス作業. [Pictures of DTG Printed Garments] Printing over zipper on a zip hoodie. We do other printing canvas's etc and I recently looking into converting a large format printer into a dye sub printer, you can get some really huge heat presses now I had many issues with DTG for over a year and still get the odd ones, but I now know the printer and its become second nature, which is why a laugh when I get competitors just setting up and quoting silly prices, they will go through the big learning curve as we all do and waste shirts, replace heads, shred cogs, get clogs, dripping ink, ink starvation, etc etc lol you have to allow for this when quoting especially for low number runs, it could end up costing you more than you have charged ...

[Pictures of DTG Printed Garments] Printing over zipper on a zip hoodie

I try to be fair with our pricing but we pretreat everything, I have found even on lights you get a much richer image and no bleeding. Thanks again guys I will post my results, I have some acrylic I use for images I will cut down and see what I come up with. Device for direct print on T-shirts TexJet Plus. The TexjetPLUS will offer the same well known high quality and long term reliability plus a number of new improved characteristics, such as increased printing speed by 20%, improved White ink performance due to pressurized ink cartridge system, while maintaining the same big printable size (42x60cm).

Device for direct print on T-shirts TexJet Plus

Another plus is the reduced printer’s price which now makes it even more affordable to custom t-shirt printers. The specialized textile inks can be used to print directly on cotton and other textile fabrics. After printing, the ink is fixed using a simple heat press or a drying tunnel. For standard production the TexJet comes equipped with a large 42cmx60cm plate for T-Shirts. Other plates for different sizes and products are available as an option. Depending on your application, the machine can be equipped with different ink configurations.

Air bubbles in the tubes of my GJet printer. Impression Textile directe. Imprimez directement sur textile, en toute simplicité et instantanément !

Impression Textile directe

Haiwn-T501 Direct to Garment Digital Inkjet Printing Machine - China Garment Digital Inkjet Printer,Apparel Digital Inkjet Printer. HEFEI HAIWN ROBOTICS DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. [ Polyprint ~ digital textile printing solutions Texjet. Visita a fabrica de Azon en Zagreb , Croacia. Azonprinter. Direct to Substrate Printer - DTSP / W Printer (Direct To Substrate Printer), VX DTGP / W (Direct To Garment Printer), Vaanix Twin Tex and Vaanix UV Printers Importer & Supplier from Gurgaon, India. Vaanix DTS is direct to substrate inkjet printer.

Direct to Substrate Printer - DTSP / W Printer (Direct To Substrate Printer), VX DTGP / W (Direct To Garment Printer), Vaanix Twin Tex and Vaanix UV Printers Importer & Supplier from Gurgaon, India

It prints directly on: glass, metal, stone, wood, plastics and all others… with superb adhesion of ink. You can print beautiful full-color prints on any surface faster and cheaper than on any other printer, or with other technologies like: thermo transfer or screen printing. It is very easy to use and has a high profit return. Vaanix DTS is 3D Digital all-purpose flat-bed printer. It prints direct on most final plastic products like: Pencils, Lighters, Mobile Phones, and Plastic ID Cards etc. On all other products like wood, stone, steel, glass, leather, etc and finished products (drawer, wallet, bag, tag, signboard) it is possible to print as well. 3D DIGITAL FLATBED PRINTERS - BLACK LINE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS / heat press, button machines, vinyl cutters, garment printers. PROFIJET t-shirt digital printer (model BL-6000) Perfect machine for promotional product resellers, embroiderers, screen printers, specialty retail stores, manufacturers and more… With 8 colour bulk ink canisters, you can now print light and dark coloured garments with our specialty formulated BLACK LINE INKS.

3D DIGITAL FLATBED PRINTERS - BLACK LINE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS / heat press, button machines, vinyl cutters, garment printers

Also our BLACK LINE RIP makes the garment decorating process easy. With PROFIJET garment printer you can print full colour t-shirts, caps, bags, polos, sweats and more from 20 to 40 pieces per hour on light coloured garments (production less on darker garments). Maximum print size is 40x60cm and our piezo print heads can print on media thickness up to 10cm.

Mexar completes development of t-shirt printing market - Textile News United Kingdom. Mexar Ltd have announced the release of their latest generation of water based pigment inks for inkjet printing direct to textiles. This is the latest development from the UK based independent inkjet ink manufacturer. Technical Director Dr. Andy Hancock explains the new technology: “At Mexar we have been working hard on delivering an inkjet ink which is water based, pigmented and has great wash fastness to a variety of fabrics. We feel we have achieved this with the textile inks we offer the market. Complete Kit, Base Part, DIY Unit, DTG flat bed garment printer for Epson 1400, 2000, 2880. World first industrial direct to garment printer with 2 or 4 epson print head Focus Aladdin-Jet.mpg.

Overview-AMICA SYSTEMS. Direct to Garment Printers – DTG – Large Format & Digital Fabric Printing Equipment. The FreeJet700TX is the industry’s highest quality, low maintenance direct to garment printer! Featuring our industry exclusive Wet Cap maintenance system, designed to maintain and preserve the life of the print head. This exclusive feature creates an air tight protective enclosure for the print head, shielding it from the elements and safeguarding against clogging. Even when not in use, FreeJet 330TX can stand for weeks without the need for daily maintenance. Nexus DTG800TX Direct To Garment Printer. The Nexus DTG800TX DTG Printer is probably the best garment printer in the world at its incredible price point and it prints amazing color images with great wash fastness on both light and dark garments on a large scale.

Read below about all the great features! Click Here for Financing Technical features:1. Unique designThe Nexus DTG800TX direct to garment printer is not the same as other modified direct to garment printers, it is built from the ground up DTG printer that is built by Nexus except for the world class Epson print heads. Creating and Importing a Custom White Layer - Mod1.

DTG Print Solutions. Color management is a very important part of the DTG printing process. In fact, next to selecting the proper garments for printing (which you can read more about here), proper artwork adjustment (color manipulation, etc) is the most important factor in determining how well (or how poorly) an image will print. For starters, always make sure you are using the most accurate, up-to-date color profiles available for your particular printer to ensure that every printed image looks as amazing as possible; keep in mind, however, that even the best color profiles and RIP software will not do anything to “enhance” the existing colors in a custom design, so it is up to you to make the necessary artwork adjustments prior to printing your file(s). The final print will ONLY look as good as the original artwork that is input for printing – if the input file is low resolution, blurry or dull, then the final print will be grainy, blurry or dull.

Click the image above to zoom in a bit for more detail. Instruction Manual - English. Dtg101.pdf (Objet application/pdf) [DTG Pretreatment] Pretreat on blue. Pretreat Hell. Question/rant. Sorry to hear about your woes! I understand that there is a definitive learning curve when it comes to the pre-treatment process, but it is definitely something that can be controlled (even when doing it manually). DTG Pretreat - Light Garment CMYK Direct-to-Garment Pretreat for Polyester, Blends and Natural Fabrics. Below you will find some pictures and videos of products produced using the DTG Pretreat fluid. If you would like to submit a picture or video of the product made using the DTG Pretreat fluid, click here. CHAMPION DOUBLE DRY 100% POLYESTER SHIRT Below is a video showing the Champion 100% polyester shirt being pretreated, printed, cured and screen shots of the wash tests done by an actual dtg owner.

[DTG Brand] DTG Pre Treatment Shirt Discoloration. [DTG Pretreatment] problem with orange shirts on DTG. [Brother GT-782] Discoloration Problem with Pretreat. Are you using a belt dryer to cure the pretreatment. If so, I'm of no use to you. If you are using a heat press for curing the pretreat are you using silicone coated paper/parchment paper for pretreat curing? DTG Pretreat - Light Garment CMYK Direct-to-Garment Pretreat for Polyester, Blends and Natural Fabrics. Genric Brother Inks, Generic Brother GT541 Inks. SAVE $1,000s of dollars each year by purchasing Generic Inks for you Direct To Garment Machines. Little Fibers Sticking Up Off Shirt any fix? Hello, I am new to this forum as well as DTG printing, got my Blazer Express in last week and have been working with it day and night. Everything is going well but one problem. Which is Faster – Screen Printing or DTG Printing? 

Posted by admin on October 23, 2010 in Education, New | No Comments In our effort to continue to educate our customers, we have brought forth a spreadsheet we did several years ago when digital was just hitting the market. Just another weblog. Brother GT-782 Direct-to-Garment Daily Maintenance Procedure - White Ink Retrieval. [Brother GT-782] Just got my Used Brother Gt-782. Hi Again: I do have a question about pre-treating lights. I have pretreated black shirts with no issues. [Brother GT-782] Maintenace schedule gt-782 ? Brother DTG inks, Brother 541 Inks, Brother 782 Inks, Brother Bulk Inks, Generic Inks for Brother GT-541 and GT782 Inks, 500 ml exact drop in. Nazdar Consulting Services - About CATZper. Garment Tools - Direct-to-Garment, Screen Print, Digital Transfers, Embroidery, Rhinestone, Film & Artwork for Garment Decorators. Wholesale Shirt Printing.

Direct-to-garment printer maintenance and replacement parts. PowerRIP GP DTG RIP Software for Brother GT Direct-to-Garment Printers. PRETREATING STEPS: State your steps for pretreating dark garments. Picture 19 « Viper XPT-6000. SpeedTreater Automatic Pretreatment Machine. Direct2Cap Printing. Brother GT-782 Direct2Cap printing. Worlds First Production Oriented Digital Inkjet Cap Printer. [Anajet] Getting smooth white underbase. How to price DTG printing - it's all about the vertical. [Brother GT-782] printing photos with a blur. [Brother GT-541] NaturalLink ink for GT-541? Using NaturaLink B for Brother GT-541 « SubliStuff. [Brother GT-782] Pretreat stains after printing?? Wholesale Printing & Fulfillment Services. Your Friend in the Printing Industry! Rogue Star - Direct To Garment T Shirt & Apparel Printing. [Anajet] Price per shirt? What is a Fair DTG Ink Cost? Let me know your thoughts!

GT Cap Platen for Brother GT-541, GT-782 & GT-3 DTG Printers.