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Wedding Jewellery for Winter Bride - an Idea for Wedding Jewellery Shopping. Buying wedding jewellery is one of the essential parts of shopping for Indian weddings. Perfect jewellery is significant to make the wedding attire complete. The kind of jewellery a person buys depends on the season the wedding is being held in. Winter is the wedding season in India, and it is the best time to wear heavy jewellery. Dark colours such as greens and reds are most commonly used in making these jewellery pieces. Since the winter wedding dresses are made of heavy clothing material, it is essential to wear the jewellery pieces accordingly. 1. Polki is one of the most ancient jewellery designs that has come back in fashion. 2. A necklace is one of the most crucial parts of any jewellery set for a bride. 3. Mangalsutra is the most auspicious piece of jewellery a Hindu bride can wear.

See Our Top 10 Mangalsutra Design collection 4. Wedding rings for men and women come in different designs and shapes. We’ll Tie The Knot Soon – I Promise i.e Engagement Ring 5. Save. Top 10 Most Selling Mangalsutra Designs by Velvet Case. Mangalsutra a basic strand of few threads embodied with gold and black beads; is the most beautiful and inevitable piece of jewellery, which every married Indian woman would adorn. It symbolizes the marital status of a woman. It is said that this thread is the binding source of two souls into one entity. This beautiful thread is tied around the bride’s neck on her wedding day and from that day till forever, the woman wears it. There are a number of scientific reasons associated with this thread, like that of circulation of blood in the body and also regularization of the blood pressure.

It is advisable to be kept in constant touch with the skin to gain the benefits of this wonder thread to the maximum. Here is an easy guide on how to find the most efficient Mangalsutra at your doorstep. Log into Velvetcase and find the best of the lot. 1. This is your everyday wear! 2. 3. This Mangalsutra design comes with a chain made out of dual toned beads. 5. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Save. MangalSutra - The Hindu Symbol for Matrimony - VelvetDiaries. The Mangalsutra: A sacred ornament rooted in tradition The Mangalsutra in Indian tradition, is not just a piece of jewellery that a woman wears, but it is considered to be one of the three most important “Soubagyalankar” (Soubhagya = marital status as married; alankar = ornament). It is an ornament which symbolizes that the wearer of the ornament is a married woman.The word “Mangal”means auspicious and “Sutra”means thread or cord.

The mangalsutra originally was just a basic yellow thread, dyed with turmeric paste to which the pendant or the “Tanmaniya” is tied. Later it evolved as black and gold beads are threaded on this sacred thread. The mangalsutra is placed around the woman’s neck by her husband during the marriage ceremony. This thread symbolizes the love and attachment with which the husband and wife will be tied to each other throughout their lives. A symbol of protection and a promise of eternal love Different Regions wear Different kinds of Mangalsutra MangalSutra of Rajashtan.

Why Back Beads Important in MangalSutra? Read Scientific Benefits. Most people spend a fortune on their dream wedding but the real deal is to have a quality marriage. The wedding is a week-long affair but a marriage lasts a lifetime. Just like marriages are much more meaningful, the black beads in a mangalsutra hold a deep significance. For most people, the black beads have become a fashion statement. It is important to understand the power of the black beads. The mangalsutra holds immense power and it is tied around the neck of the newly-wed bride. According to Hindus, it is not just a piece of jewellery. Nobody pays heed to the two black and gold strings in a mangalsutra. The Scientific Benefits of Black Beads in a Mangalsutra A mangalsutra is made of pure gold. The gold wire in the mangalsutra destroys the evil energies. Since the black beads form a string, there is an important significance for that as well. The Mythological Aspect As per Hindus, a mangalsutra is not just a jewellery item that you wear on special occasions.

Choose from 28,116 Certified Diamonds Buy Now Pay Later | 0% Interest on EMI. Artisans of India - Making of Temple Jewellery. Indo - Mughal jewellery making in India. Artisans of India - Temple Jewellery. Artisans of India - Making of Jadau Jewellery. Kundan jewellery making made easy - The Best of India. Tarakasi Silver Filigree Jewellery Collection from Cuttack - Filigree Earring & More - VelvetCase. Kinnari concepts Earrings, Chains & Necklaces, Pendants, Bangles, Accessories, Rings, Bracelets & more Jewellery. Kinnari Concepts is a brilliant journey of age old tradition of Gold Jewelry Manufacturing to making it available in the comfort of your home… The finest in Temple , Kundan and Jadaau jewellery , Kinnari Concepts is a Fourth generation jewellers who have always thought for and thought like a consumer.

The speciality products of Kinnari Concepts revolve around Essential Jewellery such as Mangal Sutra, Bangles, Earrings and also Elaborate Wedding Jewellery Sets and Temple Jewellery for Deities. All of the exquisite jewellery of Kinnari Concepts is manufactured in Ahmedabad by Artisans who are more artists than artisans, the sheer passion that they create the Jewelley with , each piece of jewellery is a Piece of Art… Kinnari concepts traditional gold jewellery, Shop on VelvetCase. Tsara Earrings, Rings, Bracelets & more Jewellery.


To read. Jeweled. Wedding. Mangalsutra Necklace Online | 450+Latest Designs in Gold, Diamond & Platinum for Woman - Velvet Case. Mangalsutra Necklace Online | 450+Latest Designs in Gold, Diamond & Platinum for Woman - Velvet Case. Juwelina paris Chains & Necklaces, Earrings, more Jewellery. Gemstones of December | Buy Zircon, Tanzanite and Turquoise Gemstone Jewellery Online - Velvet Case. Gemstone Diamond Jewelry Designs Online India - Earrings, Rings & more. Wedding Jewellery for Winter Bride - an Idea for Wedding Jewellery Shopping. Guide for Selecting a Solitaire Ring For Your Wife/Girlfriend. She fills up your senses and makes your heart skip a beat.

She makes your life complete just by her presence! She is your woman, your girl for life. How about surprising her with a beautiful gift? Whether it is your girlfriend or wife, who has been with you for many years, you need to make her feel special. She fills your life with immense joy and you must reciprocate the love. How about gifting her a solitaire ring? When she looks down at the ring, she would think of you. We have handpicked the latest and most beautiful solitaire rings just for your lady! Buying Guide for Novices How would you get to know that it is a solitaire ring? Did you know that the diamond colours are graded? Clarity For the clarity, the stones are graded as IF (Internally Flawless) and FL (Flawless).

Cut Women opt for neater cuts. Choosing the right metal White gold has become a popular choice! Some Solitaire Rings for Your Lady Velvet Case has some fantastic designs just for you! 1. 2. 3. 4. Save. Guide for Selecting a Solitaire Ring For Your Wife/Girlfriend. December birthstones: Read about Tanzanite, Zicon & Turquoise - December’s birthstones. Birthstones have been a part of various cultures all over the world. These stones have been said to show some positive effects on the lives of the people wearing them. There are different birthstones assigned to every month from January to December. Some months have many birthstones. Like December has assigned three birthstones. These birthstones are worn as jewellery like a ring or a necklace for their positive effects on the people that are born in the specific months. The December birthstones have blue as the predominant colour. 1. Turquoise is a blue-green coloured mineral that has been used as a birthstone for ages. 2.

The second traditional December birthstone is Zircon. 3. Tanzanite is another exquisite December birthstone which is blue in color. Jewelry made from these birthstones is available at Velvetcase. Buy Jewellery with December Birthstones. Save. Jewelry Investment : Is Jewellery Fashion Or An Investment? Jewelry has been considered as an essential component of culture and civilization for ages.

A simple piece of jewellery added to any outfit can automatically enhance its beauty. Just like any clothes and shoes, trends in jewellery also change from time to time. There are numerous options available for a person to choose from when it comes to buying jewellery. However, jewellery is even considered as an investment in many cultures. Not only does it add to a person’s overall look but also acts as an asset for future uses.

Jewellery is divided into two categories – fine jewellery and fashion jewellery. Pros of Buying Fashion Jewellery Fashion Jewelry is a must in every woman’s jewellery collection. Fashion jewellery is designed to go with the current fashion trend. Pros of Buying Fine Jewelry Fine Jewelry is a little more investment, but every woman or man should have a piece or two of fine jewellery in their collection. So, Is Jewelry Fashion Or An Investment? Save. - Quality Check Process,CEO Speaks. Jewellery. VelvetCase | Ahilya - For the woman of today, by the woman of today! VelvetCase - Sellers Meet - Sri Ram Hari Ram (Delhi) FilterCopy | Stuff Women Are Tired Of Hearing | Ft. Mithila Palkar.

4 Ways to Determine your gold jewellery is real or not by Velvet Diaries. There are several ways to determine if your gold jewellery is genuine or not. Inspection– The first step is to inspect the gold jewellery carefully. Genuine jewellery has marks to show its genuineness. It is generally certified by a particular body or so. It is the best way to determine whether the item is genuine or not.Discoloration– Jewelry that is not genuine will start losing colour. If you are concerned about the purity of your gold in India then look for the BIS hallmark on your jewellery. So, next time you buy gold jewellery, check for the BIS hallmark and the number to ensure that you exactly what you are paying for. Save. 4 Types of Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings - VelvetDiaries. Solitaire rings are found in different styles and types.

If you are a fan of the Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings and are looking for one for your own engagement then here are a few style options for you. Simple and Plain Solitaire Diamond This ring just has a single diamond- the solitaire. The rest of the ring is a gold band that holds the solitaire in place. The encasing of the solitaire is done beautifully so as to look elegant and grand. There is no further designing and no extra style.

It is a simple and attractive solitaire ring style. Solitaire with tiny Diamonds on Band In this style, the main solitaire is in the centre of the ring and the band is studded with smaller diamonds. Multiband Solitaire In this kind of ring, there are multiple (two or three) bands of the gold and diamond lines which then encase the main solitaire in between. Encased Solitaire In this style, the main solitaire diamond is encased in a whole circle of other smaller diamonds around the solitaire. Save. Types of Diamond Rings: Round, Heart, Oval & Pear Shape Diamond. Though there can be numerous designs in diamond rings as there are in all kinds of jewellery, yet to differentiate between different types of diamond rings, one can make a differentiation on the basis of shapes of diamonds.

Let us take a look at the different shapes of diamonds that can be customized into diamond rings: Round Shape Diamond Rings This is the basic and the most commonly found shape in diamond rings. It is the most popular and easily found shape that is used in a lot of jewellery pieces apart from rings. Round diamonds are fairly common yet look very beautiful and attractive which is why it is the most preferred too. Heart Shape Diamond Rings The heart shape is a tough to achieve shape and is a unique form of diamond. Oval Shape Diamond Rings Oval shaped diamonds are also very popular and look radiant in rings. Pear Shape Another unique shape is the pear shape and this too is a very lovely and stylish shape that will surely look fabulous as part of engagement rings. Untitled. Customized jewellery for your wedding - VelvetDiaries.

Buy Couple Bands Rings in Precious Gold, Diamond & Platinum Jewellery Designs - VelvetCase. Anklets Design | Silver Anklets Online for Girls & Women | Latest Design - Velvet Case. Top 10 Best Mangalsutras Designs for Wedding Season - Velvet Diaries. Wedding season is here and all the brides-to-be are busy shopping for the perfect lehenga and jewellery. Gone are those days when women wore the traditional Mangalsutras. One will still find women opting for the classic black and gold design but the women in today’s world have embraced the contemporary designs with open arms.

The classic Mangalsutras will never lose their charm but women are eyeing on the contemporary designs. Since there are many new designs in the market and women prefer contemporary designs, it gets difficult to choose the best one. Velvet Case is here to save the day! Take a quick look and get inspired! Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Designs for Mangalsutras for this wedding season 1. 18 KT Rose Gold Mangalsutra The rose gold mangalsutra has gained popularity over the years. 2.

Women in today’s world are confident and bold. 3. How about giving her a unique mangalsutra which she would cherish for the rest of her life? 4. Say hello to the most beautiful design! 5. 6. Buy Bangle & Kada Designs Online India in Gold, Diamond & Platinum - Velvet Case. Shop Pearl Earrings Designs Online in Gold or Silver. Earrings for Women | Buy Gold & Diamond Earrings Online India- VelvetCase.

22 Carat Gold Jewellery Online India - Buy 22Kt Hallmark Gold Jewellery Sets. VelvetCase - Beautiful Diamond & Gold Jewellery, Imitation Jewellery in Silver Online. Mangalsutras Designs in Gold, Diamond & Platinum | All Latest Designs Online - VelvetCase. Temple Jewellery Designs Online | Antique Temple Earrings, Pendants & Necklaces | Latest Designs - VelvetCase. Gold Mangal Sutra for India Wedding. Budget Diwali Gifts for Family & Friends By Velvet Diaries. Without a doubt, Diwali is one of the most awaited festival and holiday season in India.

Celebrated over a period of five days, Diwali signifies the triumph of light over darkness, knowledge over unawareness, good over evil and optimism over despair. Since Diwali is celebrated amongst friends and family, we understand how important it is for you to give the perfect gift to your loved ones. To make your gifting spree easier, we have curated a list of jewellery pieces that are sure to be cherished, no matter whom you gift it to.

Pair of Earrings A pair of earrings is something you can gift to any woman in your life. Be it your wife, sister, mother, girlfriend or daughter, there is nothing quite like giving her a pair of beautiful earrings! She is sure to flaunt them on every occasion possible! Diamond Rings You know what can make your wife or girlfriend more happy than a diamond ring? Dainty Necklace Is there any better way to confess your love for a woman than gifting her a dainty necklace? 22 KT Yellow Gold Mangalsutra in 11 gms By Velvet Case. Untitled. Indian Jewellery History & all historical Indian Jewellery Collection. This Independence Day, we are going back to our roots to relive the craftmanship of Indian Jewellery History. With the Artisans of India campaign, we thought of taking you back in time and showing the real beauty of Indian jewellery.

Encompassing all regions and crossing all borders, we have put together a collection that depicts India’s beauty in true sense. Right from Jadau designs of Rajasthan to Tribal trinkets of Nagaland, each cultural jewellery is beautifully showcased in this collection. The Artisans of India collection is curated to exhibit how each regional craftsmanship is different yet beautiful. The Dharohar Collection The first signs of jewellery came from the people in Africa.

Made from materials like shells, stones and bones, these pieces had a rugged and rustic appeal to it. The Mughalia Collection Originated in Persia, Meenakari was brought to India by the Mughals. The Rajputana Collection The Dakshin Allure Collection The Divyam Collection See how temple jewellery is made: Significance of jewelleries in Indian Wedding - VelvetDiaries. Wedding Jewelry – The Soul of Indian Culture India is a land of diversity and different parts of India have different customs and therefore different kinds of jewellery, which are important and customary to wear on a daily basis or on special occasions. Weddings are the biggest form of celebrations in India and they also serve as the biggest excuse to buy and indulge in jewellery. Wedding season contributes to the maximum amount of gold, silver and diamond sales since its considered both auspicious to gift these precious metals which also double up as safe and secure investments.In this blog, we have compiled the different kinds of jewellery which are worn on an Indian wedding and their significance across various cultures.

What do the different kinds of jewellery worn at a wedding signify? The Mangalsutra It is an auspicious thread which the groom ties around the neck of his wife at the wedding ceremony. View our mangalsutra designs gold collection for this wedding season. 2. 9. 3. 8. 7. Gold & Diamond Jhumka Designs | 107+ Beautiful Latest Designs Online at Best Price - Velvet Case.

Mangalsutra Necklace Online | 450+Latest Designs in Gold, Diamond & Platinum - Velvet Case. VelvetDiaries: Jewellery Fashion, Trends & Tips.