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YA Novels

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Young Adult Novels That Teach a Growth Mindset. Heroes in books and movies captivate kids, many of whom could teach a master class on these characters. The fresh perspective teachers can offer is how students themselves can and should be heroes. 7 literary heroes to inspire your human rights activism - Amnesty International Australia. Featuring central characters with a strong social conscience who stand up for a range of human rights issues, to protagonists who champion the importance of strength and courage in the face of adversity, it’s time to shake up your reading list with these inspiring novels.

7 literary heroes to inspire your human rights activism - Amnesty International Australia

The Color Purple by Alice Walker: Celie Set against a background of extreme poverty in Georgia in the 1930’s, Celie’s story is one of inner strength and ultimately survival, despite years of mental, physical and sexual abuse. Her personal struggle is mirrored throughout by the novel’s unflinching look at the obstacles women face, both in America and Africa, in gaining recognition as individuals who are deserving of equal treatment.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak: Liesel. BookMooch: trade your books with other people. A List of Picture Books with Strong Rhyme and Rhythm. A List of Picture Books with Strong Rhyme and Rhythm by Susan Stephenson, Strong rhyme and rhythm in a children’s picture books is important for good reasons: Kids respond to rhyme and rhythm, done well.

A List of Picture Books with Strong Rhyme and Rhythm

They are more likely to become engaged with a story that gets their fingers tapping and bodies jiggling.Strong rhyme and rhythm in a picture book helps kids memorise the whole or part of the book, an intermediate step along the road to reading. Your guide to classic books… Great Graphic Novels 2014. The list of 78 titles, drawn from 122 official nominations, is presented annually at the ALA Midwinter Meeting.

Great Graphic Novels 2014

The books, recommended for those ages 12-18, meet the criteria of both good quality literature and appealing reading for teens. MathFiction Homepage. A list compiled by Alex Kasman (College of Charleston) The Mathematical Fiction Homepage is my attempt to collect information about all significant references to mathematics in fiction.

MathFiction Homepage

You can see the entire list (sorted by author, title or publication date). You can browse through the database to find your favorite genre, topic, motif or medium. If you've got more specific criteria in mind, try our search page. Kids - Reading Planet Home. Millions of Free eBooks and Audio Books Online.

Introduction This is the launch page for the pages here at Gizmo's Tech Support Alert that list sites with free ebooks and audiobooks.

Millions of Free eBooks and Audio Books Online

There are well over a million free ebooks and audiobooks at the sites listed within these pages. There are 3 pages that separate sites on the format of the ebooks, Kindle, ePub and Online Reading. 24 Short Stories for Middle Schoolers. Literature of the Civil War. “The dream of humanity, the vaunted Union we thought so strong, so impregnable — lo!

Literature of the Civil War

It seems already smash’d like a china plate. One bitter, bitter hour — perhaps proud America will never again know such an hour. She must pack and fly — no time to spare.” Walt Whitman, “Battle of Bull Run, July, 1861” Walt Whitman In his early writing, Walt Whitman sets out to explore ideas universal in scope. Walt Whitman’s notebooks available through the EDSITEment-reviewed American Memory project illustrate the Poet at Work and capture wrenching images that war evoked for him. Was Whitman prescient when he declared his early ideals in Democratic Vistas (available on the EDSITEment resource American Studies at the University of Virginia)? — Back to Top — Emily Dickinson. Books Set In ... AuthorsDen. Discover a World of Unlimited Stories. Where the Writers Are. 10 Excellent Communities for Book Lovers. When I was working on the post entitled The Best 10 Places to Find and Download e-Books, I singled out some websites that were supposed to be featured in that list and sat them aside.

10 Excellent Communities for Book Lovers

I noticed that these website deserve their own post because they offer something different . These are basically platforms where there is much of social interaction to them than others. In other words, they are like the traditional book clubs where readers would meet and discuss the books they have read. However, this digital version is different in that it is asynchronous and has no temporal or geographical boundaries.

YALSA reveals 2013 Great Graphic Novels for Teens. Robot 6 by Kevin Melrose| February 1, 2013 @ 9:00 AM |No Comments| The Young Adult Library Association has unveiled the 2013 Great Graphic Novels for Teens, a list of 55 titles that cover the spectrum from biography and mythology to superheroes and science fiction.

YALSA reveals 2013 Great Graphic Novels for Teens

The finalists were selected by a committee from among 98 nominees recommended for readers ages 12 to 18. Fantasy Faction - Fantasy Book Reviews. Alex Awards. About the Alex Awards The Alex Awards are given to ten books written for adults that have special appeal to young adults, ages 12 through 18.

Alex Awards

The winning titles are selected from the previous year's publishing. 50 Best Literary Insults - Entertainment. A List of Great Audio Books for Kids. Outstanding Science Trade Books: 2013. 2012 Best-of. Teens. Home of the Book Genome Project. Bookish Pinterest Directory. The Bookish Pinterest Directory is the place to find book-related Pinterest boards and connect with libraries, librarians, authors, publishers and others using Pinterest.

Bookish Pinterest Directory

This Pinterest directory is for librarians, parents, teachers and others who love children’s books. The bulk of this Pinterest directory contains links to Pinterest boards about a variety of book-related topics, from library displays to children’s book recommendations to bookish fashion. At the bottom of the directory, find libraries, librarians, authors, publishers and others who are using Pinterest.

Contents. Pathfinders. Introduction: This pathfinder offers strategies and resources for finding half-remembered children's books; books you enjoyed reading, but cannot recall the author or title. There are many elements (besides author or title) that you can use to find an entry about the book in an index, review, encyclopedia or bibliography. The first step is to clarify everything you do remember about the book.

Kids Share Book Recommendations. Use Online Reading Logs, Find Books At Their Reading Level. Catalog your books online. Popular Young Adult Nonfiction Books. Magpies Magazine Pty Ltd. Books. Listopia. YARR-A. Australian-best-reads - home. ATN-reading-lists - Read Alikes. Skip to main content. The Greatest Books: The Best Books of All Time - 1 to 50. Children's Literature. YA Literature.