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videoANT | New ANT videoANT Terms and Conditions The following terms and conditions govern this Agreement by and between the Regents of the University of Minnesota, a constitutional corporation under the laws of the State of Minnesota, ("University") and the LICENSEE. Definitions For purposes of this agreement, the following terms have the following meanings. videoANT | New ANT
5 Excellent iPad Apps Students Can Use for Taking Audio Notes 5 Excellent iPad Apps Students Can Use for Taking Audio Notes January 29, 2014 There are times when taking a note in a written format is not a practical option. You might for instance be attending a lecture or a conference or you might simply prefer to listen to your recorded notes instead of reading them, in these cases apps such as the ones below are what you will use for audio note taking. While keeping the basic note taking features, all of these apps are fantastic for recording notes and adding audio to your notes. I invite you to check out the selection I have below and share with us what you thin about it. 1- Audio Note Besides being a basic note taking app.
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This short and fun animation video explains the CC licenses. “Have you ever wondered how to download and share digital content legally? How do you let people know that you want them to reuse your own work? Creative Commons Kiwi Creative Commons Kiwi
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Visual Note-taking - Student Projects 1. Watch excerpt Elizabeth's story (6:42) 2. What is note-taking? How do you unpack a story or article? Visual Note-taking - Student Projects
VISUAL NOTE-TAKING by Austin Kleon VISUAL NOTE-TAKING by Austin Kleon [ Watch a high-quality HD version on Vimeo ] I was invited to draw TEDxAustin this weekend. I was skeptical about an event that was so secretive about its contents beforehand, but it far exceeded my expectations. It was well-planned, well-executed, and had a stellar lineup of speakers.
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Answers Grockit Answers is just-in-time Q&A for video lectures. In Grockit Answers, interactions happen around video lectures, and participants ask and answer questions about specific points in the lecture. Since every question is attached to a specific point in time in the video, Grockit Answers displays a question and its answers at the point in the lecture that they are most relevant.


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