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Nintendo Papercraft. How To Build The World's Best Paper Airplanes. Added on Mar 12, 2011 / Category : Misc / 17 Comments Show them you still have all the skills by helping the kids make these beauties.

How To Build The World's Best Paper Airplanes

Learn how to make 12 great designs for the world's best paper planes and make them fly faster and longer. (source) Children's books. Let me google that for you. World Cup for Kids. Here are a few special World Cup colouring pages - perfect for colouring in during a football match...

World Cup for Kids

Print and fold these little booklets for each of the groups in this year's World Cup in Brazil.... For each group in this 2014 World Cup, we have a set of printable bookmarks: 4 colourful country... Each of our World Cup group kit printables details a simplified version of each team's home and... We created these "kit" worksheets during 2010 and they were hugely popular, so they are back again... Have some fun with our collection of printables for the World Cup 2014, and really get the kids... Challenge the kids with these World Cup themed puzzles! Get those young football fans working on these fun World Cup worksheets, and they won't even notice...

Family History: Get Started. MSN Namen or MSN Names: Female pirate names. Coloring Page Creator - Create unique coloring pages from your own photos in no-time! Zombie Librarian Apocalypse. Beyond Chess: Go, Shatranj, and Xiangqi. Advanced learners and chess go hand in hand.

Beyond Chess: Go, Shatranj, and Xiangqi

In the past, I’ve used chess to introduce systems, introduce depth and complexity, and discuss paradoxes. However, since so many of my students understand the basics of chess, I decided to expose them to some chess-like games from other cultures. Go Go is a great starting point because of its simplicity. There is only one type of piece, and players simply attempt to surround their opponent. Within minutes of my introduction, my students were giving it a shot and no one showed any signs of stopping after a half hour. Everyone simply used whiteboards, drawing 5×5 boards to start with. Naturally, this simple game contains incredible depth and could become a year long study for students who take an interest.

There are some beautiful Go sets available, but I’ve gone with this cheap magnetic set for students to use in the classroom. Xiangqi While researching Go, I came across the Chinese board game Xiangqi. Shatranj Fairy Chess Kriegspiel When To Use? Beyond Checkers. Photo by Golden Ribbon Even the simplest game takes on interesting new twists when we alter the rules a bit.

Beyond Checkers

Earlier, we examined chess variants. Now let’s look at ways our students can modify checkers and turn this children’s game into something new to explore. Turkish Draughts Turkish Draughts offers a simple variation: pieces move horizontally and vertically rather than diagonally. Players still jump to capture, and pieces become kings on the last row, just like in checkers. This one’s great since kids can play it with standard checkers equipment. Hexdame This variation retains the rules of checkers but is played on a hexagonal board. You’ll need to make new boards for this one, but I’ll bet an enterprising student would help you out!

Tiers Tiers is played with standard checkers equipment, but plays with the concept of kings. SLM 2012 Shelf Challenge. The # scichat Daily. Poem In Your Pocket Day. Poems for Your Pocket. Each year on national Poem in Your Pocket Day, the town of Charlottesville, Virginia, unites in a day-long celebration of poetry.

Poems for Your Pocket

The project is spearheaded by Jefferson-Madison Regional Library, whose staff recruit members of the community—students, senior citizens, local business owners, neighbors, and friends—to distribute poem scrolls throughout Charlottesville. Over 7,000 scrolls are distributed to a local hospital, a children’s museum, libraries, senior centers, nursing homes, and numerous small businesses in the downtown area. They also put together a street team that hands out poems along the Charlottesville pedestrian mall.

According to library branch manager Wendy Saz, “The very best part of the project is seeing the way people immediately respond to poetry. People call the library to say how much their poem meant to them, personally. Poetry is best when shared, and Poem in Your Pocket Day is the perfect time to surprise someone with the gift of poetry. How did you celebrate? Build Your Own 3-D Paper Bookmobile - Designed by Bob Staake.