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Resources/ideas for displays in the Library or on the website.

FLAGS OF THE GALAXY. 50 awesome posters that encourage to read. Printables - Printable Classroom Resources. Classroom HandoutsNeed a little something more to check for understanding?

Printables - Printable Classroom Resources

Browse our collection of teacher-created handouts for a variety of grade levels and subjects. Print, copy and done. Punched Out Font. Creative Library Displays. Celebrate Australia Day! Each year, when school returns we are immediately plunged into Australia Day celebrations – and at such a busy time of the year!

Celebrate Australia Day!

Below are some terrific resources that require little preparation, so you can grab and go and impress your new class with exciting and informative lessons. The ABC has a terrific page full of news and information about Australia Day, suitable for high school students, with a special focus on our Australian of the Year. Find out how Australia Day is celebrated, read about what the day means to others, and explore what it is like to be a young Aussie living in a regional area. Explore with students how they each celebrate Australia Day, and then use the Australia Day website to explore how people across the nation celebrated.

This site also features Australian history, teaching resources and digital learning objects for students to complete. Simple printable activities for early years’ students are available for download here. Text Layout. 14 Badass Banned Books Trading Cards. Last year, we celebrated Banned Books Week with a feature about the super cool and creative community art contest from our friends at the Lawrence Public Library in Lawrence, Kansas (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!).

14 Badass Banned Books Trading Cards

The library invited local artists to create small-scale works inspired by a banned book, and a jury chose seven designs–one for each day of Banned Books Week–to appear on trading cards. The project garnered national attention, and when its creator, Susan Brown, moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina (home of the KU’s long-time rivals) to become the director of Chapel Hill Public Library, she decided to do it again this year and bring the two cities together.

Artists of all ages from Lawrence and Chapel Hill submitted works inspired by banned books, and a jury in each city again selected 7 designs. The LPL and CHPL revealed one design each day throughout the last week, and we are thrilled to be able to show them to you here all at once. Spineless Classics. Vintage Printable – Science Fiction. Book Week 2013 - Mrs Mac's Library. Library Competitions - Eatons Hill State School, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Cardboard Cutouts for every event and occasion. Course: Posters. Quilt fabric, fashion fabrics for the discriminating artist from! 12 Christmas Trees Made Out Of Books. By Jill Pantozzi | 3:32 pm, December 13th, 2011 I’m a traditional kind of gal but I have to admit, seeing the creative things people do with their Christmas trees this time of year really makes me want to try something unique.

12 Christmas Trees Made Out Of Books

But did you know there’s a whole segment of people who make Christmas trees out of books? I found this top image on Facebook but hit the jump for 11 more prime examples of Christmas Book Trees. via tumblr You can learned how to make this one on Instructables. via MediaTinker via JCULibraryNews via BoingBoing via Unconsumption via Eyenstyn via Shawn Calhoun via Black Gate via Real Simple. ROWAN STOCKS-MOORE. 25 Stunning Alternate Movie Posters. A semi-recent trend to pop up in the geek-ridden terrain of the internet movie blog is that of the alternate movie poster: basically, an amateurly produced piece of artwork intended to pose as marketing material for a full-length feature.

25 Stunning Alternate Movie Posters

Effectively kick-started by the sublime works of Austin-based company Mondo, the trend has ultimately stretched to the four corners of the earth, with movie-loving artists the world over designing and presenting their very own alternative posters to the ones displayed at one time or another inside a theatre near you. Ranging from the clever to the ingenious, the simple to the intricate, the classic to the contemporary, and the funny to the utterly spell-binding, alternate movie posters really can prove that sometimes an amateur’s work can be better than a professional’s, as you shall see in the 25 stunning examples assembled below.

“The Cabin in the Woods” – Phantom City Creative “Toy Story” – Tom Whalen. The First Ads for Famous Books. By Maria Popova Because even genius needs share of voice to succeed.

The First Ads for Famous Books

In Read Me: A Century of Classic American Book Advertisements (public library), New York Times book critic Dwight Garner offers “a visual survey of book advertisements, plucked from yellowing newspapers, journals and magazines large and small, from across the United States during the twentieth century” — more than 300 of them, to be precise, including some of modern history’s most beloved literary classics by favorite authors like Susan Sontag, Kurt Vonnegut, Joan Didion, Anaïs Nin, and Ray Bradbury. What emerges is a curious alternative history of literature and its parallel evolution alongside twentieth-century communication arts and advertising. Vintage Ads for Libraries and Reading. Donating = loving Brain Pickings remains ad-free and takes hundreds of hours a month to research and write, and thousands of dollars to sustain.

Vintage Ads for Libraries and Reading

If you find any joy and value in it, please consider becoming a Member and supporting with a recurring monthly donation of your choosing, between a cup of tea and a good dinner: (If you don't have a PayPal account, no need to sign up for one – you can just use any credit or debit card.) You can also become a one-time patron with a single donation in any amount: Children's Literature Transformed Into Art. By Alanna Bennett | 2:30 pm, August 26th, 2012 <span id="am-ngg-js-warning" ><p>Enable JavaScript to check out our fancy slideshow. Book Trailers for Readers - How to make a book trailer. Always books. Never boring. » Library Display Ideas The OLD Top Shelf. Last week, someone on TLC (the Texas librarians’ listserv) requested some ideas for book displays.

» Library Display Ideas The OLD Top Shelf

Stella Gonzalez of San Antonio replied with a great and lengthy list of themes for book displays. Rita Wynn of Highland Park ISD posted some additional ideas geared specifically toward secondary libraries. I know that some of you have your student library workers create book displays each month. You might help them out and share these ideas with them. Do you have other displays that your readers enjoy? Display Ideas:Award winning books Books build brains.

Hold Ye Front Page. The Origins of Wikipedia: How It Came To Be [Geek History Lesson] These days, nearly anyone that has spent any time on the Internet has heard of Wikipedia.

The Origins of Wikipedia: How It Came To Be [Geek History Lesson]

It is nearly as well-known as Google, and just as much a common household word. For those of you that were active on the Internet prior to 2000, then you may recall what I would call the “rise of the Wikis” – a period in Internet history when a new form of content generation technology was developed. Wikipedia wasn’t the first Wiki – that honor falls upon the shoulders of Ward Cunningham, who developed the software known as WikiWikiWeb for the Portland Pattern Repository. How, what is the history of Wikipedia itself?

Wikipedia was actually born from an earlier project known as Nupedia, funded by, a company jointly owned by Jimmy Wales, Michael Davis and Tim Shell. In 2000, after hearing about the “free, collaborative encyclopedia” project, Larry contacted Jimmy to learn more about the project, and shortly thereafter, Jimmy hired Larry to lead the entire project. How Wikipedia Got Started. Inkscape. Draw Freely. Free Data Visualization Software. Beautiful Word Clouds. Draw Diagrams Online using Collaborative Diagram Tools. Online Charts Builder.

Hohli Online Charts Builder New version: Try new version of Charts Builder, it based on new Google Charts API Load From Image URL: Chart Data can't equal to original, but very similar to it.

Online Charts Builder

Only for images on Chart Type: 3D Pie charts Lines Bar charts Pie charts For Pie Charts with labels choose 1000x300 or 800x375 size. Interactive maps and visualizations. Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies. Creative Library Displays. Creative Library Displays.