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Master Teacher Projects. Debating Matters - Topic Guides. Debating Matters' acclaimed Topic Guides place debates in a social context: providing a framework for students’ thinking.

Debating Matters - Topic Guides

The Ultimate Guide to the Independent Princess - Best Of. Fairy Tales / Folktales - Fiction - Books. Implementing the Australian Curriculum in Queensland [Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority] Since 2010, Australia has been moving toward a national framework for schooling aimed at raising education standards and achieving nationally consistent curriculum, assessment and reporting.

Implementing the Australian Curriculum in Queensland [Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority]

The QCAA, and Queensland's school sectors — Education Queensland, Queensland Catholic Education Commission, and Independent Schools Queensland — have developed advice, guidelines and resources to support schools during the transition to the Australian Curriculum. Further advice is available from individual schooling sectors. The Australian Curriculum will include the 8 learning areas outlined in the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians (2008) (PDF, 977 kB). The following materials support teachers to develop their curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science and History.

Mix. Digital Badging for the Classroom and Beyond. Diversity, identity and Australian culture - History (10) - ABC Splash - Overview This teacher resource focuses on immigration and settlement patterns in Australia.

Diversity, identity and Australian culture - History (10) - ABC Splash -

Road to Refuge. Explore by Grades. First Australians - Making a Nation History Webquest and Lesson Plan. This WebQuest is one activity in an integrated History/English unit, based on the Australian Curriculum History elective: Making A Nation, for Year 9.

First Australians - Making a Nation History Webquest and Lesson Plan

This activity is only one component of a unit that will encourage students to think about different contexts, perspectives and interpretations from the past, and how people from a range of backgrounds adjusted to living together. The following are a list of curriculum references for programming purposes. Difference Differently. English for the Australian Curriculum. Poetry challenges. Here is Post 2 with some great EYE poems.

poetry challenges

Everyone used their EYES and everyone went hunting for EYE zinging words. I need to stock up on book prizes so just a handful to give away today. Some students from Golden Sands School at Papamoa sent in poems that had EYE popping detail. The juicy words made the subjects of their poems come alive. Search Results: "caricatures" - Prints & Photographs Online Catalog. 53 results containing "caricatures" Larger image available anywhere (53) | Larger image available only at the Library of Congress | Not Digitized 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Search Results: "caricatures" - Prints & Photographs Online Catalog

Search Results: "political cartoons" - Prints & Photographs Online Catalog. 538 results containing "political cartoons" Larger image available anywhere (535) | Larger image available only at the Library of Congress | Not Digitized (3) | 1. 2. 3.

Search Results: "political cartoons" - Prints & Photographs Online Catalog

The political barbecue 1834. | 1 print | Robinson, Henry R., -1850.PC/US - 1834.R661, no. 2 (A size) [P&P] | LC-USZ62-9647 (b&w film copy neg.) 4. Classroom Antarctica. Resources for educators of kids in grades 4-12. Home » Classroom Strategies Explicit strategy instruction is at the core of good comprehension instruction.

Resources for educators of kids in grades 4-12

"Before" strategies activate students' prior knowledge and set a purpose for reading. "During" strategies help students make connections, monitor their understanding, generate questions, and stay focused. "After" strategies provide students an opportunity to summarize, question, reflect, discuss, and respond to text. Teachers should help students to understand why a strategy is useful, how it is used, and when it is appropriate. Pacific Stories Learning - Teachers Guide. To search for curriculum specific resource worksheets and lesson plans written by experienced teachers and FREE video clips for download.

Pacific Stories Learning - Teachers Guide

Pacific Stories Featured Films Find out more about the Pacific Stories featured films click here. Pacific Stories Further Resources For further resources on Pacific Stories click here. For surprising `Did you know?' Facts about the region, as available on the Interactive Map page. Some facts have Digital Resources associated with them. FREE - Federal Registry for Educational Excellence. Browse By Subject Browse By Standard What is FREE?

FREE - Federal Registry for Educational Excellence

The Federal Registry for Educational Excellence (FREE) makes it easier to find digital teaching and learning resources created and maintained by the federal government and public and private organizations. Read more > Disclaimer The U.S. Ceremony - The Djungguwan of Northeast Arnhem Land. Australian Curriculum Books, Australian Curriculum Online Books, #1 Australian online bookstore. Buy discount Australian Curriculum Books. Share My Lesson - Free K-12 Resources By Teachers, For Teachers.

Unit Study - Antarctica. Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance. TV Web Markers: Quest for the pole | Meet Shackleton's team | Kingdom of ice | More from Orde-Lees' diary | Other polar survival stories | Danger on the ice | Navigating the open seas | Interview with Alexandra Shackleton | Explore South Georgia | Expedition timeline 1914 to 1916 In October and November 1999, NOVA journeyed into ice-choked Antarctic waters and onto the shores of rugged Elephant and South Georgia Islands as we followed in the footsteps of Sir Ernest Shackleton. This legendary explorer's 1914-1916 Endurance expedition is one of the greatest survival stories of all time. Then, in April 2000, we returned to document Shackleton's final trial—the crossing of South Georgia—by three of the world's most distinguished mountaineers, Reinhold Messner, Conrad Anker and Stephen Venables. Seized in the grip of the Weddell Sea pack ice, the Endurance enters her seventh month of captivity in August 1915.

The Antarctic. The Antarctic is probably the most desolate continent on the planet. It is a continually changing area, especially now with global warning. Australia has had a long connection with it, not only through exploration but also through scientific research. Australia has laid claim to the largest part of the continent, though other countries also have claims to significant areas. The Antarctic has now become a tourist venue as well. 8ways - home. Calendar. Traditional knowledge can tell us much about the ecology of northern Australia. CSIRO, as part of the Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge program, worked with six language groups - the Gooniyandi and Walmajarri from the Fitzroy River area in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, the Ngan’gi, Malakmalak and Wagiman from the Daly River region in the Northern Territory, and the Gulumoerrgin/Larrakia from the Darwin region - over five years to develop a series of calendars representing Aboriginal seasonal knowledge.

Calendar. Resources 12-month Seasonal Calendar TemplateMake your own Seasonal CalendarFood chain cut out pageFood chainsWhat is an ecosystemAdaptations and climate For teachers A seasonal calendar is a method for passing on information that is important to a particular group of people. Indigenous Australians pass on knowledge and information through storytelling and artwork, and people learn by observing and imitating family and friends.

Student’s understanding of these learning styles will give them the freedom to explore the seasonal calendar and complete these classroom activities. Prior to introducing the students to the online seasonal calendar, ensure that you start a class discussion about the way indigenous people from around the world pass on information. Calendar. In the classroom showcase. AC History Units. The Australian Curriculum: History introduces a discipline-based approach to teaching history in primary and secondary classrooms. This marks a shift away from more integrated approaches associated with Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE). A discipline-based approach to teaching history requires teachers to have an understanding of the fundamentals of the discipline.

All disciplines have distinctive ways of thinking and doing things. These are encapsulated in the key concepts, skills and methods of the discipline. Indigenous Australia - Aboriginal Art, History and Culture. 109 Common Core Resources For Teachers By Category. 109 Common Core Resources For Teachers By Content Area. Primary School Year 5 & 6 Free Lesson Plans, Links and Resources. Secondary — Years 7 to 10 « English for the Australian Curriculum. A List of Great Websites for your Kids. 10 Wonderful Virtual Field Trips for your Students. Resources for the Australian Curriculum.

Here is a selection of digital curriculum resources from the thousands of items available through the National Digital Learning Resources Network (NDLRN). Media College - Video, Audio and Multimedia Resources. Lessons. 50 Activities To Promote Digital Media Literacy In Students. Learn about Teach Kids To Program on instaGrok, the research engine. How to tell if a “shark in flooded city streets after a storm” photo is a fake in 5 easy steps.

BLOSSOMS. Channel | updated July 01, 2013. Center on Instruction. Six Teens Dropping Out To Fix Education - Ed Zed Omega. The Differentiator. Welcome to the School of You. Online Multimedia Educational Games for Kids in Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary Grades. 5 Video Projects to Try With Your Students. TedEd: Series search. Top 10 TED ED Lessons for Teachers. Lesson Plan Search – Google in Education.

Here are your Virtual Field Trip Resources! Internet History Sourcebooks Project. Teach21 Project Based Learning. Discover remarkable treasures from Australian history & share your own! Lesson plans. HIGH SCHOOL LESSON PLANS (Teachers.Net) Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything - iPad in College.

K-12 & Higher Ed. Media Literacy Lesson Plans. FACES. CASES Online: Creating Active Student Engagement in the Sciences. The Literacy Shed - The Literacy Shed Home. Videos. Teaching Videos. Lessons Worth Sharing. Teaching Channel: Videos, Lesson Plans and Other Resources for Teachers. For Schools. UDLStrategies - Make Learning Visual. Web Inquiry Projects - Welcome Page. Project Based Learning Lesson Plans, Examples & Templates for Teachers.

Lesson Plans, Classroom Activities and Games for Teachers Teaching in Australia. Australian Curriculum Lessons.