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10 Things Every Small Business Should Automate - PomoDoneApp. One of the main difficulties in running a small business is the fact that there are countless small tasks you need to perform on a regular basis.

10 Things Every Small Business Should Automate - PomoDoneApp

Such tasks are usually not difficult, but repetition makes them tedious to perform. One way to solve the issue is by dividing the labor and hiring additional staff. AI Facts Every Business Person Should Know About – Business blog for small business owners and entrepreneurs. [This article was written by Olivia Diaz.]

AI Facts Every Business Person Should Know About – Business blog for small business owners and entrepreneurs

Artificial intelligence has been buzzing around the globe due to its faster progress by gaining a ubiquitous presence in present lives. In the past years, Amazon has come up with the Echo smart speakers and Apple has introduced an AI chip with the alluring features of facial recognition and understanding voice commands. Although artificial intelligence is not as pervasive for automating and enhancing business processes. Many study reports claim AI to automate most of the jobs over the upcoming decades but perhaps the media hype and misinformation there is no doubt in how AI is potentially going to impact the businesses. In this post, we will be having a look at the latest AI trends along with the implications for enterprise automation. Know about the risks and challenges associated with Geolocation.

Geolocation technology is becoming a mainstay in society after being utilized from navigation tools to social media platforms and even online gaming.

Know about the risks and challenges associated with Geolocation

Mainly, two types of data are collected – active and passive which are related to the device-based information and server-based lookup. With the assistance of geolocation, it is caused conceivable to associate with the web from any device so as to acquire every one of the kinds of data progressively and find the client with pinpoint precision at some random purpose of time. The data accessed with the help of Geolocation serves a variety of uses where it can be tailored according to the particular applications, enterprises or environment. What are the Impacts of Geolocation? Live Chat Plugin for WordPress: 8 Ways It Can Power up Your Customer Service Game. How Data Strategy and Machine Learning Intersect. Are you worried about the security of your valuable data?

How Data Strategy and Machine Learning Intersect

Well, with the massive growth of business data in terms of complexity, volume and size, it is basic for worldwide associations to build up a strong data technique to address the main business needs. If you are working in an IT vertical then it is nearly impossible to escape the huge impact of big data analytics and artificial intelligence. In the same context that is thrown across the times, it is tough to figure out where one technology begins and the other gets slowed down.

Exploring The Future With VR and PwC. Immersion in a virtual future gives businesses a taste of disruption The recent spread of Virtual Reality (VR) technology into diverse sectors is testament to its incredible business potential.

Exploring The Future With VR and PwC

VR makes it possible for us to visualise data, simulate training experiences, and explore new buildings without laying a single brick. These possibilities – and more – are expressed in a global VR sector which is expected to grow at a rate of 54 per cent over the next few years, reaching a market value of nearly $27bn by 2022. Creative Ways of Using Forms to Enhance UX in WordPress. Imagine a situation where a tree fells nearby in the forest.

Creative Ways of Using Forms to Enhance UX in WordPress

Have you wondered why did it fell? It's because you lacked in some aspect. Similarly, when a website fails, somewhere we as website owners are responsible for it. Well, while reading the following blog post brace yourself for some brutal honesty as I'm not going to sugar coat anything here. How to get published - 6 steps to a traditional publishing deal - Publishing Talk. To build a career as an author you need to know how to get published as well as how to write.

How to get published - 6 steps to a traditional publishing deal - Publishing Talk

Jon Reed shares some pointers to help you navigate the process – and know what to expect. 17–20 minutes to read You’ve written a book. Now what? To take the next step and get published, your main options are to go down the traditional route of getting an agent and landing a publishing deal; or to self-publish. Certain Aspects to Consider Before Outsourcing Software Testing. With software releases gaining momentum than ever before, due to which previous techniques and methods of doing things are not relevant anymore.

Certain Aspects to Consider Before Outsourcing Software Testing

Speaking about the present digital scenario, businesses are forced to enter the battlefield of competition where they are striving hard to have the edge. To stand ahead in the crowd of the competitors, a business needs a high-quality software which is possible to ensure only with software testing. The following post emphasizes on certain aspects to consider before outsourcing software testing. Mistakes, unintentional errors, defects are the basic part and parcel of any software development process.

In addition to this, developers many times fail to notice shortcomings or bugs while developing and that’s the prime reason for outsourcing quality assurance of software and software testing with the help of a third-party. Search Intent: How to Effectively Use it for Your Business. Debunking common myths about Virtual Reality. In the world of digital technology, there are few things which are capturing the human imagination such as virtual reality and probably it is bringing us closer to the world of dreams.

Debunking common myths about Virtual Reality

We are surprised how disruptive VR has become a technology due to its impact on the industries across the globe in various verticals from social media to gaming and architecture to healthcare. In this article, we will be looking at some scariest VR misconceptions to get you to work with VR without worrying about any issues occurring on the way. VR reduces Manpower This is one of the most common myths surrounding the whole gaming industry for many years. The people have never been fully accepting the idea that a person playing the video game on a couch for long hours is nothing more than a stereotype. Location based Services in Android Tutorial. Augmented Reality And UX Is The Shiny New Toy Syndrome! Preload Angular Bundles When Good Network Connectivity is Detected. Users want fast apps.

Preload Angular Bundles When Good Network Connectivity is Detected

Getting your JavaScript bundles to your browser as quickly as possible and before your user needs them can make a huge and positive impact on their user experience. Knowing how you can improve that experience is important. 8 Essential Skills for Web Developer From Programming Languages to Technologies - ThemeREX. Are you thinking to jump into the savvy and innovative world of web development? When it comes to web app development skills, the scope is a bit progressive in nature and there is always a chance to upgrade. Similar is the case with the programming languages and other skills. Microsoft open sources Bing's AI algorithm in another huge policy shift.

Beware of these 6 app security issues. Ensuring first class mobile applications security for your business application is essential to save and improve your business notoriety. Clients need guarantee that their information is verified legitimately in your application. On account of inability to give great security your client’s valuable information can be stolen or controlled, your application can be infused with an infection, it tends to be cloned, and a doppelganger brand can develop for your organization.

Regardless of what your job in your mobile app development for your business is, you have to recognize what the most well-known security issues are—and how to keep away from them. Mobile security involves a considerable amount of the difficulties that include fast improvement, various mixes and clients that normally work outside of conventional undertaking IT controls and limits. #1 Low Server Controls The communication between the app and the user outside the mobile phones usually happens through the server. Content Development Tips to Improve your Website. Content is one of the most important parts of website development. Top Social Media Strategies for B2B Brands to Attract More Leads.

When you think of the brands that are killing it on social media, the very first thing that comes to your mind is probably Business-2-Business (B2B) companies. Though it is seen frequently how B2B marketing plays a role in establishing a social media presence as it is important for B2B marketers. No matter whatever the type of business you have, social media is essential to your marketing strategy. For many reasons, multiple B2B companies have struggled to grasp social media marketing or flattered out by ignoring it. Despite the success that the B2B companies are achieving with social media, these companies will rely on traditional tactics by calling or attending some business networks. Drive Real Content Marketing Results with These Expert Tips - Small Business Trends.

Your business needs a content marketing strategy. This holds true if you don’t create any online content. Or if your content is not getting the results you hoped for. So here are some tips from members of the online small business community for creating a strategy that actually works for your business goals. Create a Successful Native Advertising Campaign Native advertising allows you to reach potential customers online in a way that feels natural and organic. Use Facebook Engagement Strategies for Promotion. Things to Consider When Choosing A PHP Framework. Solve for "X" but, take your brand to why. Ultimate Tips to Enhance Cooperation between Web Developer and Designers.

Enhance your Mobile Ecosystem with Cloud Computing. Cloud computing has deeply revolutionized the way entrepreneurs and developers are viewing successful mobile app development. The Future of Artificial Intelligence for Small Businesses. Click to learn more about author Olivia Diaz. Many businesses are now turning towards the buzz of ‘artificial intelligence’ (AI) as they strive harder to put their specific needs into valuable output. Personalized Video Marketing: The Next Revolution in Content Marketing - Planable. Is Laravel a Perfect Framework for Business Web App Development? How do Biometric Scans Work? Simple Content Management with Node.js and Markdown - Modern Web.

By Krasimir Tsonev on May 5, 2014 The modern web is always changing, and this article is more than two years old. By Krasimir Tsonev Recently, I released a project named Techy. It’s a flat CMS based on Node.js and Markdown. I made it because I wanted to write my articles in Markdown format and avoid the time-consuming publishing workflow which I’ve been using. The idea. AR and VR Set to Revolutionize E-Commerce. It is obvious that any technology that helps to attract more customer engagement and increases the sale is likely to be more selected by the e-commerce companies.

Most of the technology innovations which drive incremental improvements will be packaged and sold as a niche product. Can Businesses Rely on Blockchain Driven Supply Financing? A typical supply chain process constitutes the processing of the flow of trade document using the Blockchain as the underlying database layer. 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Social Media Manager. To build better customer relationships, start with better data. Chances are you’ve been told, taught or trained that the act of listening is one of the most important things you can do.

In fact, you’ve probably heard this countless times in both your personal and professional lives. Mobile App Marketing Is Witnessing a Major Change — All Thanks to AI. Using CodePen to Show Prototypes to Clients. Is Your WordPress Website Legal? Here’s You Should Know. Making sure your Android game is ready for 64-bit. How the IoT is redefining retail. How Do You Build a Software Company? Ultimate guide To Outsourcing Software Development - The Web Tier. Top 5 Security plugins for Securing your Wordpress Website. Joomla 3.9's Privacy Tools Drive GDPR and Regulatory Compliance. What is an Epic in Agile—Scrum Epic Definition. How to Write Optimized Content with Yoast SEO. Ultimate guide to use animation in User Experience (UX) - Web3Canvas. The Google Assistant is coming to Android Messages. Key Elements of User Experience (UX) in E-commerce. Harold Bowman-Trayford's Blog - Phaser to iOS without PhoneGap or Cordova - Touch & Sound.

WordPress Design Flaw + WooCommerce Vulnerability Leads to Site Takeover. A Quick Guide on Technology Stack for Mobile App Development. Android Dev Ruins Google I/O 2019 Riddle Before It Starts, Reveals Dates. Top 8 WordPress Security Hacks You Should Try On. EU launches bug bounties on free and open source software. Google partnering with WordPress to create ‘Newspack’ for local journalism. UX Design and Code Generation for Angular Apps. Angular Version 7.2: What’s New in the Store?